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Her school crush- Riansh school love story by attractiveuser one shot(part-2)

Let’s start:


Khatam kaha kiya tha pichla part? Ruko abi padke aati hu fir likhungi!


Hn to ab shuru karte hain.


Riddhima was on cloud nine seeing that her crush is messaging her. She replied his message. Days passed and they started chit-chatting on whatsapp also. One night they both were talking till 3am.


Next morning:


Riddhima was yawning in class.


Teacher: what were you doing last night Riddhima?


Vansh starts laughing while she looks at him.


Sejal(whispering from behind): tell tell…you were chatting with your crush.


Riddhima hits on her hand. The period ends. Vansh goes to someone. Riddhima gets shocked.


Riddhima: he is talking to Ahana.


Sejal: hmm..


Riddhima: what hmm..I hate Ahana! Why is he talking to her(jealous)


Sejal starts laughing. After a while vansh comes to the seat.


Vansh: Riddhima!


No response.


Vansh: Riddhima.


No response.


Sejal: she is jealous.


Vansh: what..why!


Sejal: because you were talking to that Ahana.


Vansh (laughing): are yaar riddhi I had some work from her.


Riddhima makes an angry face.


Vansh: acha sorry (puppy face)


Riddhima smiles and nods. The period ends. The next period was free. Riddhima,Sejal and some of her other friends decided to play truth and dare. They were playing for sometime and now it was Riddhima’s turn.


Sejal: truth or dare?


Riddhima: um..dare!


Sejal: dedicate a song for vansh.


Riddhima blushes.


Riddhima: Mere Khayalo Mein Jo Tu Ho

Ton Baate Hu Main Achchi Achchi Karta


Ho Dekhu Subah Subah To

Saara Din Acha Hai Gujarta


Ye Kaisi Teri Aarzoo

Ye Kaisi Teri Khahishein

Tujhi Se Dekho Main Karu

Teri Hi Farmaishein


Vansh blushes.


Sejal and Riddhima’s other friends: ohho..


Next day:


Riddhima comes to school and sits at her seat but vansh was ignoring her.


Riddhima: hello..


No response.


Riddhima: can’t you see I am here!


Vansh(angry): can’t you see I am busy.


Riddhima: sorry.


Next day when Riddhima came to class she saw him sitting with someone else so she decided to sit with Sejal.


Sejal(laughing): what happened today! Had a fight?


Riddhima: don’t know! He is avoiding me since I have dedicated that song.


Sejal: that day toh he was blushing very much!


Riddhima: don’t know what happened!


Sejal: I will talk to his friend.


Riddhima nods. Sejal goes to vansh’s friend angre.


Sejal: what happened to vansh! Why is he ignoring Riddhima!


Angre: don’t know he was saying he don’t want to do all this.


Sejal(angry): is he mad. He will say anything like this.


Sejal leaves.


Riddhima: what happened why are you angry!


Sejal: he don’t deserve you! Leave him! Don’t go behind him(angry)


Riddhima: what happened but!


Sejal narrates the whole incident and asks Riddhima to stay away from vansh. Riddhima was happy to see caring side of her bestfriend.


Next day Riddhima decided to sit alone. Vansh entered and went directly to Riddhima.


Vansh: what happened (sad)


Riddhima: I think I should ask this from you!


Vansh: I know I was behaving weird from many days! But I am sorry! I know you feel special about me and honestly I also feel something special about you.


Riddhima was shocked.


Vansh: I wanted to just be sure about your feelings and now I am.


Riddhima was blushing hard. He leaves.


Next day vansh and Riddhima were sitting together and talking like normal.


Sejal: riddhu come ! It’s games period.


Vansh: leave her here only.


Sejal: why!


Vansh blushes.


Sejal: I understood (laughing)


She goes.


Vansh: Riddhima there is no one in class so I want to say something!


Riddhima: hmm..


Vansh sits on his knees and forwards his hand to her.


Vansh: I love you Riddhima! I don’t know how to tell long paragraphs but I can just say I love you.


Riddhima was shocked and was blushing while vansh goes out. At night Riddhima tells Sejal about his proposal. Vansh messages Riddhima and asks if his proposal is rejected? Riddhima replies that she would tell in school. Next day Riddhima sits beside vansh.


Vansh: answer?


Riddhima: what??


Vansh: don’t act innocent ok!!


Riddhima: hmm..


Vansh: Riddhima!!


Riddhima: I love you too! (Blushing)


Vansh hugs Riddhima. After they both completed their studies they married and became one.


.                   THE END!! 


Hope you all like it! I have written this last part with empty mind because I am fed up with my holiday homework! (5 marks ke liye pura jahaan sajana padta hai🤧🤧).








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