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Hello guys I’m back with 6th os of mine.


So the Os starts from where Riddhima was shot second time by Anupriya. No revenge game of Vansh .

So let’s begin without wasting time:

Anupriya was shocked her truth was out now. She was arrested by her own son Kabir.
But she was not from them who accept their defeat so easily.

So she took the gun of Kabir from his pocket and shot the bullet towards Vansh but Riddhima stands between them and bullet hit her in her shoulder she winced in pain.

Vansh took her in his arms. She was loosing her senses.

RIDDHIMA: Thank you Vihaan for saving my only family. But I can just take a bullet for my Vansh. Bu…t…. I don’t know how….

VANSH: Shhhh…. don’t say anything. I’m Vansh your Vansh.

She smiled listening this but before she could say anything she got unconscious.

Vansh shouted Angre’s name and told him to get the car.

And he rushed towards the car and took her to the hospital.


Riddhima was lying on the bed lifelessely, her treatment was going on. Vansh was standing on the gate praying for his SWEETHEART.

He rushed towards the temple of the hospital and prayed for her.

VANSH: My sweetheart believes in you a lot. She told me that I will come to you to pray and look here I’m. I love my Riddhima more than you I want her at any cost you can’t take her from me. She is mine. You will not take decision of her life. I want her, I want her with me all good. Please!! Please.

And he cried and lightened a diya in his hand and prayed for her safety.

Just then Angre came.

ANGRE: Boss doctor is asking for you.

Listening this he ran towards the room of Riddhima.

VANSH: How is riddhima doctor.

DOCTOR: Don’t worry Mr. Raisinghania she is absolutely fine now. Her state was critical but your prayers worked and now she is fine. She will get conscious in 2 hours.

Saying this the doctor went and Vansh thanked god for saving her.

VANSH: Angre you go home. Dadi will be tensed tell them that Riddhima is safe now. And tell them that we will come home day after tomorrow.

ANGRE: Ok boss.

Saying this Angre went to VR MANSION. And Vansh went inside to Riddhima and hugged her tightly as his life depends on her.

VANSH: Why you always do this Riddhima? Why you always come between the way of my and my death?? WHY?? WHY??

Saying this he fell on his knees and started crying like a kid.  And Slept there itself.


Riddhima waked up and sees her life, her love, her everything sleeping beside her keeping his head on the bed. She smiled with teary eyes and stand up and went towards him. Vansh waked up with a jerk and sees his wife standing in front of him. She hugged him tightly.

And asked him.

RIDDHIMA: WHY VANSH WHY!! Why you left me all alone. If you were with me all the time why didn’t you told me huh??!!

She cried in his arms making his shirt all wet.

Vansh: It was needed Riddhima to punish our culprit. I’m sorry my dollar biwi or mrs. Pretty Raisinghania.

He said playfully but get a slight slap on his chest from her. He fakely winced in pain.

Riddhima rubbed his chest and said sorry to him. He hugged her tightly as if there is no tomorrow.

VANSH: Let’s go Sweetheart. I have done every formalities.

Riddhima nodded her head in yes. And they both went to their car.

Vansh took the left turn instead of right which was going to an isolated area. So Riddhima asked him.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh where are you going?? VR MANSION is in right direction why you took left??

VANSH: Riddhima it’s been long we spent quality time with each other. So thought to spend it today.

RIDDHIMA: But dadi.

VANSH: SWEETHEART manna ki I love dadi. Par Iska matlab yeh to nhi ki mai unhe apne honeymoon par leke jaunga.

He said jokingly. She slapped her shoulder playfully. They reach there destination.

Riddhima was memorized by the beauty of the glass house.

VANSH: Riddhima you go and wear this dress. And meet in 10 minutes.

She nodded but she wanted to tell him about her past before starting their relationship.

So she started writing everything in a letter.

And give it to Vansh and told him to read this till the end. He nodded his head and she went inside to get ready.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh I don’t know how you will react after reading this letter but I want to tell you everything about my past before starting our relationship. Vansh I was an orphan. I always craved for the love and then kabir came in my life. Yes Kabir sharma CBI officer he showered me with the love I craved for. I wanted to marry him, and one day I proposed him. And that day he revealed that he is a CBI officer. He asked me the price of my love and that was spying you. He wanted me to collect evidence against you and send you behind the bar. And I was madly in love with him so i agreed. I came in your life and VR MANSION as siya’s physiotherapist. Then you forcefully marry me. Kabir again told me to marry you because he wanted to complete his mission. Again I agreed and married you. For me you were a monster, devil.

But slowly I started knowing you were very caring towards me. And I started loving you and I want to tell you that I love you. When you jumped from the cliff. I went to Ragini to save her. But kabir killed her. I was very shocked. And then I went to you to save you but you jumped from cliff. I was all shattered and when I came to the mansion. I got to know that siya went to coma.

After 2 to 3 days I heard Anupriya and Kabir’s conversation. They tortured me and told their truth. Anupriya told me that how she killed Uma maa, Mrs. Dsouza and tried to kill siya but she got saved and went into coma. Kabir told me that he KILLED Ragini and many more.

He threatened me if I didn’t marry him he will kill ishani and her child. So I agreed to marry him. And then you came in my life as vihaan. Rest of the story you knew Vansh. It was my past Vansh please forgive me. And present me GUN if you didn’t forgave but if you forgave me then ROSES. I will be waiting for you Vansh.

Vansh was in tear because of his foolishness and Anupriya and kabir’s planning his Sweetheart suffered so much.

He promised himself that he will make this mother son duo’s life worse then hell.

He went inside and back hugged Riddhima who was standing facing the balcony. He make her face her and sat on his knees and presented a ROSE to her.

She looked him with teary eyed and smile on her lips.

VANSH: Thank you for telling me the truth sweetheart. I want to spend my whole life with you. I LOVE YOU RIDDHIMA.

Riddhima also sat on her knees and hugged him tightly and said.

RIDDHIMA: I LOVE YOU TOO Vansh. Please never leave me. I will die….

VANSH: Don’t talk about death. And I will never leave you.

Saying this he kissed her showing all the love, care and affection he have for him.

He took her in his arms.

and layed her on the bed carefully as if she is a doll who will break if he will don’t be gentle with her.

Riansh was very happy being that close to each other. And they made their night more beautiful. And thanked Bappa for sending him/her in their lives…❤


End of this os also hope you liked it. My hands are literally paining. I’m writing this from almost 2 hour. So comment in the comment section guys.


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