this chapter starts with naira getting  conscious . this was a sign of relief for kartik . After 5 minutes, naira got fully conscious .

kartik: naira what happened  ?you okay right  ?yeh kya hua ? tum bhaag kyun rahi thee? dance academy main kuch hua hain i am sure . tell me naira

naira: vohh…


after your call , i was waiting for you in the dance academy . i was on my phone but suddenly the lights went off. i went to check the lights in the electricity room . but then i heard footsteps .

naira: who is it? watchman ??

person: haww.. watchman toh aayega nahi par main aagaya baby ..guess who

the person was coming closer to naira

naira: dekho jo bhi hain vahhen rok jao . shayad tumne mera naam nahi suna , if you dared to come close to me then you will be gone .

person: haww,bilkul sherni ki tarah right ?

naira was shocked to hear sherni from the person , as only kartik and the family members knew about it .

naira: how did you know this? who are you ?

person: that doesn’t matter just come close to me baby

naira : stay away from me

that person pins naira to the wall. naira tries hard to get away from the grip , the person tries coming close to naira’s lip. naira hits him and runs from that room . she runs on the road and then got hit by kartik’s car. she fell unconscious because she was scared and tensed.


naira : haan kartik this is what had happened .kartik that person who can he be  ?

kartik(hugging her): naira nothing will happen.  you okay right ?

  you okay na ? tum theek hona ?

naira(stammering) : haan main..theek hoon…kartik voh..voh insaan voh kaun hoga?

kartik(side hugging): calm down naira..kuch nahi hoga, i am here na for you . i am sorry naira i wasn’t able to protect you na . and that person i will surely kill him. you come lets go to the hospital , i can feel it you are not alright chalo .

naira: nahi kartik i am fine, there is no need for going to hospital.

kartik: nahi naira, we will go. i won’t listen a thing

naira: kartik but

kartik: nahi naira i want you to be fine perfectly.

kartik pov(while driving)

i am sorry naira, i wasn’t able to protect you na , i know you are still scared and i promise naira i will take this fear out from you and that person i will find about him and kill him.  that person is coming near to you, i bet he will try it again and that time you won’t be alone.he knows you a lot naira. he called you a sherni that leads me that he is near you , he is living with us .  i am so sorry naira , just because of me you are in this situation. i am so sorry. i don’t know why i am feeling that something is missing out . i am soo sorry naira.

kartik pov ends

naira pov

who might be that person ? he knows me very well Kartik but the point is it’s s much on . me knowing about my birth reality , dance academy , my accident in the singhania sadan , aditya’s weird behavior and now this stalker . i am scared , much more than uncomfortable and stressed . i just hope that everything gets fine soon.

naira pov ends

naira pov ends

they reached the hospital . naira went through a check up . she was fine but the doctors advised her not to take stress as it can led her to re-occurring of clot. after the check up , naira asked kartik if they can go to singhania sadan . kartik reluctantly agreed. he wanted naira to take rest that’s why.

naira : kartik what if that person is a..di..tya aditya

kartik suddenly stopped the car, he looked at naira . naira was teary-eyed . he wiped naira’s tears . and caressed her cheeks and told her

kartik:  naira calm down na . please calm down. don’t cry bachaa, i am here with you and vaise bhi you are a sherni na and sherni don’t cry . chalo wipe your tears

naira : par kartik what if it’s that aditya ?

kartik: naira i know you have that question roaming in your mind that who is that person and i don’t deny that even i feel that it can be aditya and i swear if he is the one i will kill him ,but for now you have to calm youself down bacha . naira lets not tell anyone in the singhania sadan about this. see don’t take me wrong but papa is already guilty of you know what and i don’t wanna make him more stressed .

naira: why will i take you wrong . you are saying the correct thing . chalo let’s go

kartik: hmm

they both reached singhania sadan. they were just coming out of the car when kartik recieved the call, kartik signalled naira to go and he will come after attending the call . naira was on the doorstep but what she heard made her shocked to the core ………

To be continued in the next chapter !


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