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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-42)

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Chapter- 42

At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

At Study:-

At 9 pm:-

All boys were in study discussing something while all girls were in their rooms

Vansh- Kabir Cars?

Kabir- Vansh Cars are arranged we will leave at 2 pm tomorrow but…..

Vansh- But what?

Aryan- Bhai won’t you come with us?

Vansh- Aryan we discussed about it right? And listen last time I’m not coming…. Get that in your minds

Angre- Then what will we tell to mom. She will get worried

Vansh- Tell her that I have gone for some business deals

Angre- Dad?

Vansh- I will talk to him after you reach now no more questions go and take rest before long journey

Vansh leaves

Aryan- Who will tell bhai It’s indeed a long journey but not for us but for him….

Angre- Exactly let’s go we have to (mocking Vansh) take rest before long journey

Kabir- Let’s go

In Riddhima’s room:-

Riddhima’s POV:-

Here I’m packing my bag Oops… whom am I kidding I’m looking at my door waiting for Vansh to come and ask me to stop but he and his ego both are huge as “Great wall of China”. Vansh Please stop me….. Please…. But I know he won’t come Idiot, Duffer, Egoistic, and Arrogant Vansh. From last night this Mr. Duffer haven’t shown me his face. Wait a second, why the hell on earth am I packing my bags I came here without suitcase where the hell will I keep them. This Idiot will turn me insane…. Bappa… I don’t want to go to mental asylum. Forget it If he won’t come who cares I’m going to sleep. Good Night Vansh…. I love you… Hope we meet tomorrow for the last time

Riddhima’s POV ends-:

Thinking so Riddhima laid on the bed and slept while hugging Vansh’s photo

In RV Mansion:-

Veer’s POV starts:-

You know what I just need to book a bed in mental asylum yaa exactly, either this life will make me mad or who knows which person On one side none of my BIL’s are picking my phone there isn’t any fault of them but On the other hand My dad got to know there location and we are going to leave Tomorrow at 9 am in the morning from our private helicopters. My whole plan will go in vain and everything will be destroyed again. I will kill my dad this time if he did something to any of them.

Veer’s POV ends-:

Veer thoughts were broken by Ruchi’s voice

Ruchi- Veer, Take rest

Veer- Ruchi when is their surgery?

Ruchi- after 3 days from now I thought it will be done from their only but who will know that nothing will go according to our plan

Veer- Have you tried their landline number?

Ruchi- Veer have you turn mad in tension…. How will we call when no connections are there No means no

Veer- I think so

Ruchi- What?

Veer- Take me to mental asylum before I kill someone

Ruchi (shouting) – Shut up and sleep Idiot, All idiots are in my relations only…

Veer laid down and was about to say something

Ruchi- I will kill you if you said a letter I swear….

Veer- Wait… Good Night

Ruchi- Awl… Good Night

Veer (mumbling) – Girls and their mood swings

Ruchi- You said something?

Veer- I don’t think so

Ruchi- Ok sleep

Veer and Ruchi slept praying for next day

Next Morning:-

At 12 pm:-

All were in the hall while Sejal and Riddhima were in Kitchen making something for everyone while Vansh have locked him in his room.

Sejal- Riddhima think for last time

Riddhima- Sejal I know but if he don’t want to even meet me how the hell will I say sorry to him

Sejal (shocked) – What you said?

Riddhima- If he won’t come out how will I say sorry to him?

Sejal- Are you going to propose him?

Riddhima- Who said? I will meet him for last time

Sejal (sad) – Ok….. I’m outside come

Riddhima- I won’t you all eat I’m not the mood I’m going to my room Call me when we will leave

Without waiting for Sejal’s reply, Riddhima left to her running ignoring everyone in the hall.

In Vansh’s room:-

Vansh was laid on the couch while hugging Riddhima’s photo his eyes were still wet from outside he was showing he don’t care, but he was the only one knowing how hurt he was.

Vansh- Today you will leave me….. I don’t know how will I live without you, How will I even take care of myself In this one month you were the only one who took care of me properly, I love you Riddhima please stay with me… Please…. I can’t lose you….

He was crying bitterly waiting if Riddhima will come or not

In Riddhima’s room:-

Riddhima entered her room and after latching the door sat on the floor crying, she suddenly stood up and took Vansh’s photo from the drawer hugging it and crying

Riddhima- Vansh please come t0 me last time…. Please Vansh, Please hug me for last time, I can’t stay without you for even a second…. Please Vansh…. I love you………..Please Vansh…..

Riddhima sat beside bed on the floor hugging the photo and crying

At 1:30 pm:-

Time had finally arrived for the last card which will be played by destiny…. And now everyone just had to wait to see will it cause destruction or not

Everyone came to the hall except Riddhima

Kabir- Sejal where is Riddhima?

Sejal- I called her she will be coming

While Riddhima was in her room

In Riddhima’s room:-

Riddhima was sitting on the couch writing something on the piece of paper, after writing she took it and kiss on the paper leaving her lips mark….. She took and went near Vansh’s door and slid it from beneath the door and prayed to god and waited for 15 minutes but when the door didn’t open she left for hall

Who was aware that it was destiny’s play, Vansh was in washroom at that time

Riddhima came to hall

Angre- All set Riddhima

Riddhima just hummed while she looked at Vansh

Aryan- Bhai won’t come di

Riddhima- I know let’s go

All left and sat in the car, and Kabir started the car while rest all were looking at Riddhima who was looking outside the window trying her best to hide her tears, Sejal kept her hand on her and Riddhima looked at her she just blinked her eyes and Riddhima broke down and started crying causing Kabir to stop the car at that moment only

Kabir- Riddhima why are you not understanding?

Angre- Don’t give so much pain to yourself

Siya- Di you love Vansh bhai, why don’t you go and say this to him

Riddhima (between her sob) – I can’t Siya, he don’t want to even see me I asked him to open the door but he even didn’t said a word forget about opening the door…. Mr. Idiotic Vansh

All were shocked but seeing the situation composed themselves

Ishani- Are you sure he was inside?

Riddhima (between her sob) – Door was closed from Inside…Anyway It’s all over…….. Kabir start the car

Kabir- But….

Riddhima- Kabir please start…….

Kabir started the car

In Vansh’s room:-

Vansh came out of the Washroom drying his hair from towel and sat on the couch after few seconds, he saw a piece of paper and took it and when he read he was shocked

“Vansh, I know you are angry from me that’s the reason you haven’t shown me your face even I know you are angry but someone said na that when a person loves someone then that person only had the right to stay angry from other person….. And that’s the reason I was angry from you …. I’m sorry for my behavior………. But if you forgive me now please open the door I’m waiting for you…….

-Your Riddhima 💋

Vansh opened the door immediately after reading the letter and shouted for her name but she wasn’t there he came running to her room, but she had it was empty, he came to hall and saw no one was there, he came t0 kitchen and searched in whole Mansion but as it was clear they all had left

He rushed out from Mansion but saw that car wasn’t even there. He was in guilt and in then made his way back to Mansion and sat on the sofa in hall keeping his hand on his head and tears made his way from his eyes

He sat there then after a while he heard a voice

“Hey Bhagwan, You are indeed a loser I mean seriously this early you accepted that you have lost at least you could have run after the car like a lover to catch it, If you will sit in this position car won’t come back for you…. You can’t be a hero… Idiot and Stupid Vansh”

Vansh opened his eyes and saw Kabir and Aryan sitting on the table in front of him while rest all were sitting on the sofa except Riddhima

He raised his eyebrow asking “who said”

All looked at each other and then pointed towards the staircase, he turned there and as he saw Riddhima standing their he smiled widely and ran to her and took her in his embrace

Vansh- Where the hell were you I was searching for you like a mad person?

Riddhima- Was this your madness… I mean can’t you even run after the car

Vansh- I haven’t seen the car

Riddhima (sarcastically) – You are saying as if, if you have seen you would have ran after it

Vansh- Why not?

Riddhima- I know you very well and see you proved it

Vansh- Still why won’t I

Riddhima- You are idiot…..

Vansh- Am I?

Riddhima- Any doubt

Vansh- No…….

Riddhima- Idiot

They hugged each other more tightly

Riddhima- I love you Vansh

Vansh broke the hug and looked at her smiling but the next word he said

Vansh (shocked) – What you said?…..

Riddhima’s smiling face turned into Angry one and

Riddhima- I won’t say again you are not only Mr. Idiot and dumb you are deaf also

Vansh- Last time

She hugged him

Riddhima- I love you

Vansh hugged her more tightly

Vansh- I love you too….

Riddhima- Won’t you ask how we came here?

Vansh- No why will I? …. I don’t care you are here na…..

Riddhima- Please…Please Vansh….

Vansh- Ok…Ok….. How you all came back here again?

Riddhima- Now if you are asking this much so listen actually….

Flashback starts:-

Kabir- But………

Riddhima- Kabir start the car…. Back to Mansion

All smiled and Kabir started the car

Flashback ends-:

They stayed in the same position for a while when a voice broke there embrace

Voice- Ohh Hello…. Mr. & Mrs Lover’s

They looked and saw Kabir and everyone

Kabir- Just because of this confession of yours we have to struggle a lot

Vansh- How?

Voice- We will tell you later

All looked in the direction and was shocked to see Veer, Riddhima ran to him and hugged him

Riddhima- I missed you Bhai, I love you bhai

Veer- I missed you too Riddhu… Love you baby

Sejal- Bhai you here?

Veer- yaa… Shit I forgot Kabir Dad has got the location

Riddhima and Vansh was confused while rest were shocked

Kabir- What? How?

Veer- Because these idiots fought with some goons in dhaba dad got to know from there God knows how and he is about to come here I left early from there so that I can inform you all

Vansh- What’s happening here?

Veer- Still?

Kabir- Still Bhai….

Veer- These two…. God….

Riddhima- Bhai Tell na….

Veer- Afterwards just run from here….

All didn’t said anything and made their way to their car and while Veer left from there to not let anyone saw him but to everyone’s one bad luck Sooraj saw the car and from his car he moved after it but wasn’t letting anyone to shoot as his daughters were even inside

In Vansh’s car:-

Kabir was driving and all were sitting

Vansh- Will anyone tell us what’s happening here?

Aryan- Don’t worry bhai our life is full of adventure you will enjoy till last moment

Vansh- Shut up Aryan and tell what’s happening here?

Riddhima- Sejal, Why are we running from Dad?

Sejal- Riddhima when we will reach to god na, then we he will tell you everything in detail do you want to go reach to him, then just move out from car

Vansh- No sit here…. Tell na yr….what’s happening here?

Angre- Let us……

Kabir (shouting) – Aray shut up and let me drive already my hands are shaking in fear

Kabir started driving trying his best to distract Sooraj who was being followed by Veer

After a while there came a Y- intersection point, he took a route another route to distract them but to his disgrace as he reached more further, petrol was finished

Car stopped in the middle of the road, all looked at him while he turned his face

Sejal- Don’t stare at us… why you stopped the car?

Kabir- Ac……..Actually….. Petrol is over……

Sejal (shouted) – Just get in love sick mode with your petrol……

Kabir- What shall I do?

Sejal- Are you serious Kabir?

Kabir- Yaa… I’m

Ishani- Aryan, Call bhai yr….

Aryan- Yaa…..

Aryan looked at his pocket and said

Aryan- Sorry

Ishani- Don’t tell me, Aryan…..

Aryan- Thank god you got that

Ishani- Great you don’t have phone even….

Aryan- No…. No… I have but it’s not recharged…..

Sejal- Kabir call bhai…..

Kabir- My phone is dead……

Sejal- You…..

Angre- Guys…. Wait….

Siya- Your phone must be at the mansion

Angre- No no…. I have everything…….

While Riansh was sitting quietly in full on confused mode…..He called Veer

Veer- Yes Angre…..

Angre- Bhai, Petrol is over

Veer- So, should I call someone there to take out an auspicious time for your wedding…. Just run towards jungle guys……

He hanged up the phone and all ran towards the jungle…….

While As they left Sooraj came there with his men’s, he saw the car empty and was disappointed and said

Sooraj- They must be in jungle….. Let’s go and search……

Veer (to himself) – Who the hell will say he is an IG officer? Let’s act…..

All were running in jungle and soon they reached in the middle of the jungle…..

Riddhima (panting) – Guys…. I can’t run more please…. And why are we running from Dad….

Vansh- Let’s part and hide some where

All nodded and went with their pairs

Riddhima and Vansh hid behind bushes

Riddhima- Vansh, why are we hiding from dad?

Vansh- As if I know everything even I’m confused…..

Riddhima- He is my dad Vansh, Let’s go to him

She stood and was about to go, but Vansh held her and pulled her towards him and her front collided with his chest

Vansh- Riddhima, Veer said na to hide…. Don’t you trust your bhai?

Riddhima- I do…..

Vansh- Then just hide here….

He just hugged her while Sooraj was searching for them

Veer- Dad they aren’t here may be they have moved in straight way or to confuse us they might have gone from some other vehicle

Sooraj- May be you are right….Let’s go from here

Everyone took a sign of relief and he made his way. All stood up from their position but was still hiding at their place.

In happiness, Riddhima hugged Vansh and he moved a bit back causing his foot to strike at a dry wooden stick causing it to make a sound which was heard only by Sooraj

He turned back and was shocked to see Vansh

Sooraj- Vansh here?

He without thinking anything shot at him but as Riddhima was hugging him and due to her short height she wasn’t visible, the bullet hit at her back and a large gasp was heard

All were shocked, Veer turned back to listen bullet’s sound but saw Riddhima shot he rushed to her and patted her cheeks…All came out from there place and….. Vansh was numb as today only he got his love his Riddhima…..He patted her cheeks

Vansh (crying) – Riddhima.. Riddhima…. Open your eyes… please…. Riddhu

Riddhima (crying) – Vansh…. Vansh….

Vansh (crying) – Riddhima I’m here…. Open your eyes nothing will happen to you…..

Riddhima (crying) – I love you Vansh….. I love you

Vansh- I love you Riddhima…..Let’s go

She fainted

Sooraj was shocked to see Riddhima’s condition and he shot Vansh at his stomach

Vansh gasp and after a while fainted beside Riddhima

All were numb and was shocked with sudden incident as just a moment before they were at the highest peak of happiness and at once everything went in vain…

Episode ends

Precap- Flashback start…..

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