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Daddy’s little girl- Riansh OS

Daddy’s little girl-Riansh OS

Hello guys I’m back with another OS on Vansh with his baby girl. I’ve always wanted him to have a girl-lol I don’t know why but yea. So I’m here with that and please do let me know how you find it in the comments section. I hope you all like this.

I’m really glad that I received  41 comments (excluding mine) in my previous OS (The diamond that cost a life) I’m really thankful to all of you for loving me so much and also I request you all (silent readers as well) to keep commenting, it encourages us more.


Their hands departed forcefully while tears continuously rolled down their eyes. He knew he had to let her go but his heart wouldn’t just accept it. Her hand left his hand, forever, never coming back to him. She was with her love now who would take care of her and protect her and love her endlessly but he wouldn’t become her first love. Her first love was him.

27 years back

The nurse came and handed over a tiny, cute soul to Vansh. It is a baby girl; she announced to him and the entire family who was waiting outside the delivery room. Their faces beamed with happiness while Vansh, with tears and pride glowing from his face took the tiny angel in to his arms. Tears made their way down his cheeks while he adored and smiled while looking at his baby who had her eyes closed and her tiny fists towards her chest. He touched her face with his finger while she moved at his touch, a smile crept over her face on which he chuckled. She knew her father’s touch. He held her hand gently and put his finger in her fist and her tiny fingers fisted around his finger.

Vansh carefully took her closer to himself and gave a soft peck on her forehead. The entire family adored their bond and smiled watching them. They surrounded him to take a glimpse of the angel. They all took turns to have a look at her and congratulated Vansh.

Ishani: She’s so cute!! Bhai congrats!!

Aryan: I’m telling you my niece is going to be the most beautiful girl! How lovely is she??

Dadi: Haaye kisiki nazar na lage! (no one casts an evil eye) You’re blessed with a goddess Vansh! (smiling)

Vansh: She’s my princess! (pecking her forehead again) I will always protect her from everything and every evil, so dadi don’t worry (dadi chuckled) Riddhima, I’ll go meet her!

Vansh went to her room and entered inside with their bundle of joy. She was awake, looking weak and pale after all the struggle in the delivery. He went beside her and sat down while she smiled at him and their girl. He thanked her for filling his life with a lot of happiness. He couldn’t have imagined his life without his lady love and now his princess. Riddhima took her in her arms and kissed her gently.

Riddhima: She’s absolutely like you! (giggling)

Vansh: But as beautiful as you (smiling) From today I promise Riddhima, you both are going to be my first priority and everything else later. I promise to protect you from all dangers and for our baby I’m leaving the underworld, just going to continue with our business. I don’t want her to face anything from my underworld. (they held their hands together and spent some time)

Soon she was discharged and they went home with their angel. Vansh was really careful about her, he hardly let anyone touch her in the first few months. He was very particular about her feeding times, he made sure everything around her was fully hygienic and made sure she nor Riddhima lacked anything. He used to roam around Riddhima and his baby all day, taking care of them. He didn’t even let the family members meet her that much fearing if she got uncomfortable with them. After a few months dadi decided for a naming ceremony for her. Vansh agreed for it. The day of her naming, Riddhima dressed her in a beautiful purple frock, she looked as pretty as ever. Vansh stopped in his tracks when he entered the room and saw his baby girl dressed so beautifully. She was irresistibly cute, her big round, brown eyes had pure innocence while her face with deep dimples in her cheeks when she smiled; just like her father. He took her in her arms and played with her for a bit while Riddhima got decked up and the trio descended the stairs together, hand In hand. After a lot of discussion Riddhima and Vansh chose a name for their baby girl; Vanya.

Vansh: My princess’s name would Vanya! (smiling and hugging) Love you!

Riddhima: Our Vanya! (smiling, Riansh hugged)


Vansh: Say daddy! (playing with Vanya)

Riddhima: No say mommy!

Vanya: a laa lally (giggling)

Vansh: See she sad daddy! Oh my baby (kissing her)

Riddhima: When did she say that?

Vansh: She said lally! Daddy! (proud)

Vanya: Mommy!

Riddhima: She said mommy!! (hugging her)


Vansh: Vanya, look what daddy brought for you, toys! Dolls, doll houses, teddy bears, cars, and lots of clothes

Vanya: Ank you

Vansh: It’s thank you baby but my princess doesn’t need to say thank you! I have even got chocolates for you

Vanya: Choco!! (clapping her hands playfully)


Vansh: Princess, you don’t need to eat this (worried)

Riddhima: Vansh! It’s just porridge!

Vansh: Riddhima, Vanya hates it so no means no!


Vansh: Vanya I told you not to come for a walk, we could have used a car. Stay on this side of the pavement (inside) I can’t let any car come and hurt you!

Vanya: Daddy I’m fine.


Vansh: Mission done! (hi fiving each other)

Riddhima: Ahh!!! Who put this skeleton here! (terrified)

Vansh and Vanya: US!! (laughing)

Riddhima: Why did you do this!! (anger)

Vansh: Riddhu don’t get upset at Vanya! It was my idea


Vansh: Why are you crying? (wiping her tears) Who dared to make my princess cry? (anger)

Vanya: (sobbing) The doggy barked at me!!

Vansh: I won’t leave that dog!! Doggy tumhari himmat kaise hui!!

Riddhima: Vansh, threatening a dog! (laughing)

Vanya: It’s okie daddy, don’t beat the doggy! (pleading)

Vansh: Okay, princess says no means no! (cupping her face) Sorry doggy


Vansh: Vanya this is for you! (gift) from us

Vanya: Gift!! Thank you mommy, daddy!! Love you. You’re the best (hugging and kissing)


Vanya: Mommy a trophy for you and one for you daddy! Best mommy and best daddy in the world! (clapping and laughing)

Vansh: aww my princess! You are the best daughter (kissing her cheeks)

Riddhima: Love you sweety! (hugged)


Vansh: Take care of yourself in the trip. If anything then tell your teacher to call me, I will come there.

Riddhima: Vansh, it’s just a day trip

Vansh: So what

Vanya: Don’t worry daddy, I will be fine. Bye!

Vansh: It’s been 2 hours Riddhima, the teachers haven’t called! (worry)

Riddhima: Relax, they must be reaching.

Vansh: I’m going there Riddhima, what if something happened to Vanya! No I’m going (receives a call) Yes

Teacher: Mr Vansh, we have reached and your daughter is absolutely fine.

Vansh: Thank you for informing! (relief) She’s fine Riddhima.

Riddhima: I wonder what will happen when she gets married! (giggling)

Vansh: I won’t let her go away and…and before marriage that boy who even thinks of proposing her will face a blow on his jaw from me. How dare he do that!

Riddhima: Vansh seriously! (laughing)

Vansh: I will fully be prepared with all the questions

Riddhima: Which questions?

Vansh: when the time comes I will tell you! (smirking)


Her school days had started becoming hectic for her as she grew with lots of workload. But she always found Vansh beside her, making her mood lighter. They played games in between or he pampered her. Every night he made sure that he would tuck in her into her bed and made sure she was asleep before leaving her room.

She had the same attitude, behaviour, temper, features like her dad, a photocopy of him. Vansh made sure in school no one had the guts to tease or trouble his princess, he couldn’t see tears and worry on her face. She was very intelligent in studies and topped most of the time. Pride used to beam from Vansh face whenever she was called as “Vanya Vansh Rai Singhania” on the stage whenever she won something. She was equally sporty, creative and an all-rounder. As time flew their bong strengthened more, becoming best friends. He used to check on every friend she made, their background history so they wouldn’t hurt her in any manner.

She was soon a teenager and he enjoyed with her, as if his youth days had returned. Things got different and she soon started getting closer to her mum as much as her dad. All three were blessed to have each other. Her college and further studies started keeping her busy. She was entangled in studies that she hardly had time to spend with her parents however Vansh left no opportunity, he planned dinners, he planned small get together to spend time with her.

Vansh: So here’s our dinner! At the beach

Vanya: Aww that’s so pretty Dad! Loved it (hugging him)

Riddhima: Vansh love you!

Vansh: Love you both my lifelines! (hugging both)

As an adult now, she made many friends including boys. Vansh being an overprotective father, hated when she had to work with boys for assignments. He used to try pull her away from the boys and come in between. He used to interrogate her fully before he allowed her to work with him.

Vansh: Your name?

Siddharth: I’m Siddharth

Vansh: Your age? Your family members? Your career choice? Your house? (throwing questions at him)

Riddhima: Vansh! (remembering the time when he talked about the questions)

Vanya: Dad come on, he’s just a friend.


Vanya: Sid so you know you need to include the…..

Sid: Yea I know that so I was saying…..

Vansh: (peeking inside the room) What is this guy doing?

Vanya: (saw him through the mirror) Dad!

Vansh: Huh? Umm I’m here because I wanted to (stammering)

Vanya: Dad come on, we are just studying!


Vanya: I got a job!! My dream job!! (laughing and smiling)

Vansh: I told you, you would get it!! I’m so happy for you princess! (hugging)

Riddhima: Vanu I’m so proud of you! (kissing her)


Siddharth: Will you marry me?

Vansh: You proposed her? (anger) I told you this guy…

Vanya: Dad, I also love him!

Vansh: But princess

Siddharth: Uncle please I know you are really protective about Vanya but now she’s my life and love. I will take over that job now

Vanya: Dad? (hopeful)

Riddhima: Vansh, she’s found her prince charming, like the way I had!

Vansh: (smiling) Anything for my princess! But Sid, I need to know your entire background!

Siddharth: Yes sir! (everyone laughed)

And now it was her marriage. She was leaving her dad. Their hands departed forcefully while tears continuously rolled down their eyes. He knew he had to let her go but his heart wouldn’t just accept it. Her hand left his hand, forever, never coming back to him. She was with her love now who would take care of her and protect her and love her endlessly but he wouldn’t become her first love. Her first love was him. His princess had gone to her prince. She took a few steps and came back crying to her dad.

Vansh: (crying and laughing) Daddy’s girl!

The end

So this was it, I just wanted to show the transition and Vansh’s feelings and emotions towards his girl. Do let me know how you found it. I tried creating different scenarios in which I tried showing different shades of their relationship, comment on how you liked it. Please keep supporting and commenting.


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