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A Bond Of Unique Love – RIANSH Love Story (Episode 9)

I really appreciate that you all are liking the episodes. Thank you so much for all the love and support and I hope you enjoy this episode as well. 

Episode 9:

It was a cloudy Saturday morning and it could rain at any moment today. Vansh was still sleeping in his cozy bed, while Riddhima got up early and decided to call Vansh. She dials his number.

Riddhima (on call): Hello Vansh, do you think we should meet today and complete the project?

Vansh (on call and sleepy voice): What project? Who are you?

Riddhima (on call): Wow, you forgot me so easily. I am Riddhima, your buddy.

Vansh checks the name of person on his phone and realizes that it was Riddhima only.

Vansh (on call): Oh, I didn’t know that it was you. Actually I was sleeping, so I didn’t recognise your voice.

Riddhima (on call): I knew that you would be sleeping. So should I come or not?

Vansh (on call): Yeah, you can come to my house and I also need some help.

Riddhima (on call): Ok, what time should I come?

Vansh (on call): I think 2 pm should be fine.

Riddhima (on call): Fine, I’ll reach. Bye!

Vansh (on call): Bye Riddhima!

Vansh gets ready and went downstairs to have breakfast. Meanwhile, he gets Angre’s call. (I forgot he was also in my FF)

Angre (on call): Hi bro, hope you haven’t forgotten that we are meeting today.

Vansh (on call): Oops, I totally forgot. Actually on the first week of school I got a project to do. That’s why I forgot you. (Lol…even I forgot him)

Angre (on call): First week would have been hectic. So where should we meet? Your house? Café?

Vansh (on call): I think we can meet at my house and you can also meet my parents after a long time.

Angre (on call): Great, I’ll reach my 1 pm and have lunch with you.

Vansh (on call): See you soon!

Angre (on call): Bye!

Vansh: Mom, today Angre is coming for lunch today and to meet me. So please prepare lunch accordingly.

Anurpriya: Ok beta.

It was almost 1 pm. Vansh was eagerly waiting to meet his friend, he couldn’t wait anymore. The doorbell rang and he hurriedly opened the door.

Vansh (hugging Angre): I can’t believe I finally got to see you after a very long time.

Angre (hugging Vansh): Me too, we met like 10 years ago and you haven’t even changed a bit.

Vansh: Come inside now and let’s go to my room.

Vansh & Angre went upstairs. They chatted and really enjoyed each other accompany.

Vansh: You know what, I met a girl in my school and she is even my buddy. Her name is Riddhima. At first, I didn’t like her at all, but now as we have become friends, I have started to like her now. She is really friendly and sweet.

Angre (excitedly): Someone is falling in love…

Vansh (cutting his words): No, it’s nothing like that. We are only friends and I don’t even know how it feels like to be in love.

Angre: Yeah, first you need to know that do you feel anything for her or not.

It had almost been an hour since Vansh & Angre were talking. It was 2 pm. Riddhima came to Vansh’s house.

Anupriya: Riddhima, you here?

Riddhima: Actually, today we just have to finalise the project and get everything ready, so that’s why I came.

Anurpriya: Ok, Vansh is in his room and you can directly go there.

Riddhima went upstairs and knocked on Vansh’s door.

Vansh (surprised): You here Riddhima?

Riddhima: Why is everyone being so surprised to see me, first your mom and now you. Have you forgotten you are the one who told me to come at 2 pm.

Vansh: I…I totally forgot that I have called you too?

Riddhima: What do you mean “you too”? Anyone else is also here?

Angre comes out.

Vansh: Meet me childhood best friend – Angre. And Angre she is Riddhima – my buddy. Actually I had also called him, so I forgot about you.

Riddhima & Angre handshake.

Angre (thinking): So she is Riddhima, she looks so beautiful. Anyone could fall for her.

Vansh: Sorry Angre, I have to go and finish the project. Can you please wait for some time?

Angre: Yeah sure. Enjoy!

Angre leaves.

Riddhima: How can you be so forgetful that you called two people at the same timings?

Vansh (to himself): I am always lost in your thoughts, so how can I remember anything else.

Riddhima: I think you are not fine today, where are you lost now?

Vansh: Sorry…I was being absent-minded today, so that’s why I forgot about it.

Riddhima started laughing very hardly. While, Vansh was just adoring her laughing face. He was so lost that he forgot everything.

Vansh: By the way, why are laughing so much today?

Riddhima (still laughing): Your face expression were really funny and you look so funny, so that’s why I was laughing. Sorry!

Vansh: At least you found my face so funny, I am glad you laughed so much today. This even made me happy.

Riddhima: Can we start the project?

Vansh: Sure.

As Riddhima to about to move, her foot got tangled in the carpet and she was about to fall. Luckily, Vansh held her waist and saved her. They both share an eye lock.

Vansh (to himself): Every time I hold Riddhima I get a unique and different emotions and feelings. I always feel pleasant around her. When she is around I feel amazed and cheerful and she is the one who makes me feel better. But why am I not sure about those feelings. Have I really fallen in love with Riddhima?

Riddhima breaks the eye lock and both come back from their fantasy world to reality.

Vansh (worried): Are you fine? Did it hurt anywhere?

Riddhima (smiles): If you wouldn’t have held me, then I would be hurt. How do you always manage to hold me before I fall?

Vansh: Because I can’t see you in pain.

Precap: The winner of the “Buddy Project” is…

Do you think Vansh is falling for Riddhima? Who will be the winner of the “Buddy Project”? Sorry, if you found this episode boring, I promise the next episode will be more interesting. Please tell your views in the comments section below.

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