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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman and Ishita travel to Jaipur

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pihu saying when Raman and Ishita took me to doctor once, Ishita slept on his shoulder and he didn’t move her away. Ruhi says I hope this happens today also. Raman asks the taxi driver to take him to Jaipur. The man refuses. Ishita talks to another driver. Raman comes there and asks the man to come, they need to go to Jaipur. They sit in the taxi and argue. She says I have talked about the fare also, I will go. Raman says I have sat first. She says the driver will decide, I approached the taxi first. The driver says madam will go. Raman says I have sat inside the taxi, so I will go. The driver asks them to stop it and attends a call. He asks what, its a daughter, I will just come. He says listen, I can’t drop you both, I have to go home, my wife gave birth to a daughter.

They say congrats. Raman says I also have two daughters, can’t this happen that you go to your wife and I take your car, I drive well, this is my card, I will give you money, if the car is damaged, you can take double money, for the sake of your daughter, you can accept a father’s request. The man says okay Sir, the keys are inside the car.

Raman says so the car is mine now. The man goes. Raman says I will go Jaipur in six hours. She asks the driver to take her to Jaipur. The man says sure, keep your bags. Raman scolds the man for agreeing on seeing the woman. He says I will send you to jail, I will count down, run, I will call police. The man says sorry and goes. She says you are so selfish. She stops another taxi. The driver says this taxi is already booked. Raman says how can someone reach Jaipur without a taxi, I m leaving. He sees her and says I can’t leave her alone here. He says its late, its not safe, sit in the car. She asks why, I don’t board taxis hired by others. He says I m not taking you for free, I will take money. She says I m grateful, I m agreeing as I have no option. He asks her to sit in front seat, he isn’t the driver. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….

Roshni says baby was active and pushed much, what happened now, I can’t call Ishita, she maybe in flight. Ruhi gets Ishita’s message. She reads Raman and Ishita are going Jaipur by road, everything is fine. She smiles and thanks Lord. She gets Roshni’s call. Roshni says sorry to call you this time, I m just scared as I m alone, I m feeling uneasy, baby stays active every night, but baby is quiet today, so I m scared. Ruhi says I will come there, give me your gynac number. Ruhi talks to doctor and asks what, will the baby react if Roshni eats something sweet, thanks. She ends call and says its Adi’s baby, he will react on having sweets. She cries seeing Adi’s pic. She thinks to have halwa for Roshni.

Raman asks why are you staring at me. Ishita says person driving should look ahead. She plays radio. Aaj rapat jaiyyo…. plays…. Raman thinks of their rain dance. He says turn off the music, I get distracted. She says I want to listen to music, I have paid half rent. He says radio can’t play half, I won’t drive till you play the song. She says music won’t stop. He says no. She says I will drive the car. He says I m too young to die. She laughs on his words. They argue. She says move away if your comedy is over. He says see a storm has occurred because you wanted to drive, sit in the car. Roshni eats sweets and says baby just kicked. Ruhi says your gynac is good, she told me about this, after all its Adi’s baby, he will react on halwa. Ruhi feels the baby kick and says wow, this is amazing. Roshni says sorry to bother you. Ruhi says its fine, I was thinking to stay here at night. She sees the stormy weather and hopes that Raman and Ishita stay fine. Raman says I m going to drive now. Ishita asks him to hear the radio message. The man asks them not to go out of homes, the storm is severe. Raman says I won’t stop. She stops him. They sleep in the car. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….

Its morning, Raman wakes up and sees her sleeping over his shoulder. He says I got a good sleep after a long time. He recalls Adi and says why am I being so nice towards her. She says let me sleep. He says wake up, we are not here to sleep. He goes to see. Ruhi tries to call them. She sees the clear sky and says thunderstorm has stopped, I should stop worrying, I feel they would be together, they may come more closer because of this natural calamity. Ishita says it was a big storm. Raman says we will try to move off this tree. She says no, your back is injured. He says we can’t waste time, we will find some way. The car doesn’t start. He says we won’t get a mechanic here. She says there is no signal in mobile. They get down the car. She asks now what. He says we are trapped, we had to go to Jaipur.

The man asks can you ride a cycle. Raman says no, we can go by walk. Ishita says he can ride a bicycle really well. They go on a bicycle. Raman likes the tea and talks to a lady. Ishita gets shocked finding him tied up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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