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The requisites of an angry love…. (kkb) Part 7

Pragya was looking through the window and was lost in her own thoughts when Bulbul came inside her room.

Bulbul “Di! I need to tell you something important.”

Pragya said “What is it? Did your boyfriend came to your college?”

Bulbul “Di!! Please be serious. This is not the time to talk about him.”

Pragya smiled and Bulbul said “It’s about Abhi!”

Pragya “Mr Abhi?”

Bulbul “You still respect him?”

Pragya “Wo…. He is elder to us. In that case, he have to be called Mr Abhi.”

Bulbul “Yes I agree but does he deserve?”

Pragya “Bulbul! What’s the matter now that you are angry at him?”

Bulbul in response tells everything and Pragya looks amazed of his gesture.

Bulbul “I don’t get it why does he have to do all this when he dislikes you!”

Pragya “Maybe he never dislikes me.”

Bulbul gasped and asked “Then you think he likes you?”

Pragya “Maybe he neither dislikes me nor likes me.”

Bulbul “You are crazy Di! Either it should be dislike or like! Not the way you are saying!”

Pragya “Whatever it is Bulbul, he did a favour for us without our request to him. Isn’t it a great thing? You know that not many people are as generous as him. He is unique in that way!”

Bulbul “I told him you listen to me and never think about him but seeing the way you support him, I think he is still in your mind.”

Pragya “He is not in my mind Bulbul. I only spoke highly of him as I know about him due to my work. How can I easily forget what I had done during my work? You very well know that my work is my passion and I never forget anything regarding to it.”

Bulbul “Haan…..”

Pragya “Apart from that, he is not in my mind. It’s all related to work only…..”

Bulbul “Okay!”

Pragya “Don’t look like this Bulbul. I am telling the truth.”

Bulbul “I believe you Di.” She says holding her hand and Pragya “Thank you!”

Bulbul thought at the moment definitely her sister was lying. Does this means her sister have feelings for Abhi? The way she speaks and reacts all shows he still think about him.

From that day, whenever possible Bulbul had an eye on her sister at home. Observing her behaviour and who she speaks to. All seems to be normal and mostly work related. Nothing related to Abhi.

Days passed and Bulbul was somewhat convinced that her sister was not in contact with Abhi.

Meanwhile, for Pragya it was difficult day by day.

On a particular night, she woke up after Bulbul was sleeping and went up to the terrace to get some fresh air.

Standing on the terrace by sensing the cool breeze her emotions calm down and thoughts think of Abhi and his recent actions towards her.

An unknown smile turns up on her face. But her smile only last for few seconds as she was also getting confused of his actions.

A few days back, Pragya was at a house to interview the mother of a child who had went through child abuse. After interviewing her, she came out of the house and was shocked to see Abhi in his car. She thought he might be there for something else and she walked ahead but was stopped by Abhi.

Pragya “Why are you on my way?”

Abhi “I don’t like to be on your way too.”

Pragya “Then move! I have lots of work to do.”

Abhi suddenly holds her hand and Pragya irked “What are you doing Mr Abhi?”

Abhi “Ms Pragya, just hold on. I need your help again and please help me.”

Pragya looks shocked as Abhi carries her in his arms.

Abhi smiles inwardly while Pragya gets confused at his actions. He then carries her into his cad. The drive was a long one with Pragya scolding him for his audacity towards her.

She couldn’t believe his actions. After a point of time she was tired when he was not trying to explain himself. He remained silent throughout the drive which annoyed her.

Finally, he reached a place and Abhi asked her to get down. She gave a intense stare before getting out of the car.

Pragya “Old age home?”

Abhi “This is your new assignment. Considering your safety, your boss has changed your assignment to have an article on aged people from old age home.”

Pragya “What are you blabbering? My boss won’t change my assignment like this! He will always ask my permission before any changes!”

Abhi “You don’t belive me right? Wait a few seconds and you will receive a call from him. Then you will know!”

She decides to go off as he was being very unrealistic.

Just then, she receives the call and answers the call from her boss.

She was speechless as it was unbelievable that her boss changed the assignment of hers without her permission.

Abhi” Now you know that I was telling the truth.”

Pragya” Did you ask him to change?”

Abhi” No! Never! I don’t have a need to cross your way.”

Pragya” Then why do you have to bring me here? And anyways did my boss discuss with you about my change of assignment?”

Abhi stammered as” Yes…. I meant no…. Actually… In fact it’s…. “

Pragya” What happen Mr Abhi? I never see you stammering before. Or are you nervous by chance? I have heard when people are nervous they stammer.”

Abhi in a stern tone ” I am leaving! I just brought you here to inform you. That’s all!”

He left abruptly while Pragya looked at him driving away his car.

Back to present, Pragya was in deep thoughts.

Pragya’s POV:
Was he concerned about my safety until he discussed with my boss to change my assignment? If that is so why does he need to do it! It’s overwhelming to feel that he cares for my safety but why does he cares for my safety? We are not friends or lovers! We know each other as disturbances. Isn’t it strange to help someone whom you feel as a disturbance?

I asked my boss for this change of assignment without my permission and he simply said it’s all for my safety. I tried to ask about Abhi’s involvement in this but he refused to tell anything further.

I have to find out what’s running in his mind! For that I need to do something if not I will go mad thinking that he loves me!

End of POV

As for Abhi he was questioned by her Dadi for his involvement at Pragya’s work.

Abhi “I have said it thousand times! I just told him  casually that it won’t be safe for her to handle this kind of issues! There will be a lot of bad people who will be after her when her article gets published.”

Dadi “For that you made him change her work? I don’t understand Abhi. First you said to me that I misunderstood her as Geeta then you told she is a disturbance! And now you are talking about her safety!”

Abhi firmly said  “Look Dadi! It was all coincidence and I have nothing else to explain about all this!”

Dadi “Then what about helping her sister in study loan?”

Abhi “It’s not help! It was a normal thing that I does to students. You know that! Wait a moment. Who was telling all this to you??”

He was looking raged now and Dadi “That doesn’t matter now Abhi. I need answers for your concern towards Pragya and her well-being!”

Abhi never says anything and leaves by slamming the door.

Dadi finds all this suspicious and plans to find out was he loving Pragya by any chance.

Abhi thinks all his actions are being explicitly known to Dadi. In this rate, he feels he might get caught one day!

Pragya “Why are you after me?” Abhi “I am not after you! Stop assuming nonsensical things!”

Pragya “Oh nonsensical things then why the hell are you at the washroom I am in?”

Abhi looks around and realised he was at the washroom and sees through the mirror that Pragya was looking furious.

She demands an answer for his recent actions towards her and threatened to make a fuss by calling for help if he doesn’t tell the truth now.

For the first time, he was scared. He was scared of her threat! And he decides to tell the truth!

What is the truth?

Thank you for the wonderful comments Vidhushi, Saranya sis, Mokshi sis, Abhi fan and all those who are reading it silently. Very sorry for not staying up to my words. I did told that I will post on Sundays. Unfortunately, due to problems as a result of ageing issues, it’s impossible for me to think or write fast. Plz forgive me and hope it was a good read. Tata bye bye! 

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