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Swara The Heartbeat of Family -intro

Maheshwari family

Dp:head of the family same as serial.. Father of adrlakh. bt not conservative

Ap:wife of dp same as serial

Rp:brother of dp ..father is sanutt

Sujata: wife  ofrp same as serial

Adarsh maheshwari :elder son of dp sanme as serial

Parineeta:adarsh wife  elder dil same as serial

Sanskar: son of rp and sujata.. Fun loving guy ..handsome hunk girl drool over him. .currently studying.

Laksh: dp and ap son fun loving.. Lil flirty .studying in same class with sanskar.

Uttra: rp suju daughter..love his brothers lot crime partner of laksh..love his sanskar bro more than anything

Maheshwari family is same as serial.

Gadodia family
Deenday gadodia(dd): head of the family strict ..sarpanch of village love his younger granddaughter swara …

Parvati gadodia:wife of dd love her family ..specially love her younger granddaughter  swara..

Sashank gadodia:elder son dd …business man ..love his family lot ..specially his princess swara ..his brother daughter  …she is his lucky charm

Janki gadodia: shashank wife …love her family lot ..treat swara as own daughter..treat all children equal bt love swara more..mother I’d naina and shivam and rajat

Shekar gadodia: second son of dd… Love his family lot specially swara.she is his lucky charm
Sharmishta gadodia: love her family lot treat all children equal .love swara.more and pamper her lot .mother of sahil and saniya

Ishan gadodia(dead) : younger son of dd ..love his family lot father of swara ..loved his princess more than anything she is bundle of joys .
Urmi gadodia(dead) : wife of ishan .mother of swara ..treat all children equal ..love swara lot bcz she is the reason of her smile.

Naina gadodia urf niana veer ahuja
.daughter I’d shashnk and janki elder granddaughter of dd and parvati wife of veer ahuja ..love her family specially her lil sis

Veer ahuja: naina husband ..businessmen .leave in America with wife ..treat swara as his lil sis .

Shivam gadodia: son of shashak and janki ..business man .love his family lot .engaged to his lady love riya mathur .love his lil sis lot .treat her as baby .over possessive abt swara .

Saniya gadodia elder daughrt of shamish .
Love her family lot ..specially her lil sis

Sahil gadodia: son of shekar and shomi..love his family naughty always play prank on siblings .love swara lot he is protective brother ..studying one year elder to swara.

Rajat gadodia: son of shashank and janki ..angry young man .all fear to him studying .over protective to his princess..2 month elder than swara

Swara gadodia: simple bubbly girl..morden yet traditional daughter of ishan and urmi.love her family lot apply the family ..she is heart beat if everyone.her family fulfill her wish bt still miss her parents

ittal family
Sanjay mittal:strict love his family lot specially his daughters businesses man ..
Rekha mittal: sajay wife love her husband and daughers..

Ragini mittal: elder daughter of sanjay and rekha ..lover her fily lot…morfen yet mature cover up sister mistake

Kavita mittal: un identical twin of ragini ..morden ..selfish and egostic .
Spoil girl..love his sis(this is the big thing)

Addition character will be revel soon .
Kavya jaiswal : ragini and kavita friend ..spoil brat …

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