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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandini expects to meet Mauli in the conference

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mauli was upset and asks Kunal if he is also unhappy with her. She is also very busy, and couldn’t even be the first one to wish him on the night of their anniversary. Kunal sits with Mauli, he says Mauli must also remember that when he is tensed after leaving his job, she is the one to hold his hand. When he has fallen ill, she is the one who cares for him. She understands his dreams and ambitions first. He has seen the ups and downs for the last three years. Mauli says even Neha must have done all this for Nilesh, Raaj says Nilesh isn’t the man of rules. He, Mauli and Neha are true to their work and their personal lives. Mauli asks true? Raaj questions if there is an ‘idiot’ written on his forehead? He then teases that he even got her name written on his finger, no other girl would

accept him with that. Mauli gets defensive. Kunal was happy that he got his Mauli back. He asks Mauli to get him a romantic lunch at a good place now.
The next morning, Mauli packs the lunch box. then hurriedly packs her luggage bag. Kunal asks for his socks and tie. Dida calls Mauli for her bottle, she hurries there. There was a bell at the door. It was Mumma outside, Mauli cheers watching her and takes her blessings. Dida was curt hearing her voice, Mauli suggests mumma to ignore her. Mumma shows her an ear piece as a preparation. Kunal comes to cheerfully greet mumma and notices she was weaker, Mumma says it’s because of viral infection. Both were concerned and says there are two doctors at home. Mumma says she took medicine by herself. Dida comes out and mocks that she can’t take care of herself, how would she look after her ROFL!. Kunal explains to Mummy that Dida is laughing, Rolling on the Floor Laughing! Mummy murmurs that Bee ji has gone a lot entertaining. She tells Kunal and Mauli to leave else they might get late. Kunal tells Mauli to help him with packing. Mumma scolds Kunal for being spoilt by his wife. Kunal butters Mauli and takes her inside.
Raaj was scrolling down photos of girls on his cell phone when Nandini comes out of bath. He looks at her bare neck and asks for her permission. Nandini was afraid as he calls her closer. He asks her to turn around, she abides by him. He then asks her to walk a few steps, then walk towards him again. He then instructs her to bend down and pinches the buldging fat. He says he married her only for her beauty, he won’t bear her if she gets fat. Her parents aren’t alive either. Nandini promises to reduce. Nandini goes to get ready, but Raaj tries to get intimate to her. Nandini was unhappy.
Kunal was singing in the car. He asks if he sings well, Mauli says he has actually chosen a wrong profession. Kunal suggests about staying here for some good romance. Mauli convinces Kunal that it’s important to go to conference. Kunal agrees. He at once stops the car with a jerk as there was an accident behind. A lady and a child were stuck in the car. Kunal climbs the car and tries to save the lady and the child inside. The car begins to move because of the weight. Rohit, the child was afraid and didn’t give his hand to Kunal. Kunal finally holds Rohit’s hand and pulls him out of the car. The crowd claps for Kunal appreciatively. They take Rohit and the lady aside.
Raaj comes to the conference lunch room. He stops a waiter and asks why the guest isn’t ready. The waiter says salad bar is getting ready. Raaj asks if there is some chicken, mutton ready. The waiter asks for ten more minutes. Raaj tells him to bring his manager and complains the food isn’t yet ready. The manager boasts he got a special salad decoration ready for all doctors. Raaj tells Nandini to sit here while he goes out to smoke a cigarette. Nandini watches some fruit decorative being set on the table. A waiter then drops the vase. He was worried that he would now lose his job. Nandini thinks about helping him. She decides to help the waiter and tells him to set another table. She makes decorative of various fruits. Everyone was attracted where she worked. Raaj comes to the hotel with the investor, the doctor was attracted towards the crowd and goes towards it. Raaj wonders where Nandini has gone. The waiter tells him the crowd is attracted towards his wife. Nandini only looks towards the crowd when everyone claps. The table was filled with the fruits decorations. People appreciates her talents and takes selfies with her. Raaj comes forward to kiss her forehead and introduces her as his wife. He introduces Nandini to Dr Mehta, a cardiologist. Nandini goes to wash her hands.
Mauli was dressing the forehead of the lady. Kunal placed bandages over the child’s forehead. The ambulance arrive. Rohit asks Kunal not to forgive his name, Rohit Kumar! Rohit wish him luck. Mauli compliments Kunal is hit among kids, their kid would be very lucky. Kunal asks if she is pregnant and was happy. Mauli says there is nothing like this, they will talk about it when there is such news.
Nandini was walking across the hotel when she hits a banner of the conference. She turns around and was happy to see Mauli’s photo on the banner as young leaders. She was happy that Mauli has turned to be a successful doctor. She was elated to think that Mauli is coming to the conference and wonders how she would face her after so many years and meet her. She thinks about an idea how she will apologize Mauli for her past mistake. Mauli and Kunal reach the hotel, Mauli calls Kunal behind to bring her bag. Nandini was happy to hear her voice. She turns around to face Mauli.
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