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Kasam 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pummy asks Kritika about Arun’s past

Kasam 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jiana stopping Akki from throwing water on Ranbir. Kritika realizes that it was Ranbir’s plan and says it was so disgusting. Jiana says it was not Ranbir, but Akki’s mistake. Kritika says it is disgusted and calls him goon, player etc. Ranbir says I am a player. Kritika says you play mind and cheap games. Akki calls her bhabhi ji and tell that it was his conspiracy. Jiana scolds Akki. Kritika asks Akki if he walks on his brother’s footsteps then he will become useless. Akki and Jiana start fighting. Jiana says she tried to save her Ranbir. Kritika says my innocent sister is fighting because of you. Ranbir says my brother is tight-lipped, but now have an argument. Kritika blames Ranbir.

Jiana shouts save me and then says sorry. Kritika asks her to come with her and calls them mad etc. Jiana and Kritika come out of house. Kritika tells Jiana that Ranbir and his parents have been forcefully staying in Mr. Batra and Malishka’s house. Ranbir tells Akki that Jiana will work for them, but Kritika is on their enemy side. Arun comes home and tells that Ashok came and threatened me. Pummy asks why did you take big amount loan from him. Arun asks her to respect him. She says you have lost my father’s shops. They argue.

Kritika and Jiana come home. Pummy says your punjaban came. She tells that she is transparent and not like him. She asks what is your history and says sometimes I doubt if you have other wife in village. Pummy says maybe she is happy to get rid of you and asks if she died. Arun says you are taking matter to some other way. She asks him to say if he got married in village. He asks what is the nonsense? Pummy says your tongue is shaking and asks did you have any son or daughter with your second wife, then says you can’t give birth to a son and asks do you have a daughter. She asks if Kritika is his daughter?

Ranbir tells Balraj that Batra sent a legal notice to us. He says Batra is claiming that it is their’s property. He says it is ours and says we will win the case. Pummy asks Kritika if Arun had a wife in Punjab and gives her mother’s promise. Kritika says yes, he got married there.

Ranbir is walking in the lane when he sees Kritika crying and signs her to wipe her tears. Kritika smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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