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The episode begins with Dhaani and Shaalu bringing refreshments for everyone in the garden area. Raj and Viplav are chasing kids while the kids are running to their mommy dear.Some one is clicking their pic…The person is revealed to be none other that Deven…Dhaani’s so called brother…. He says “It would be so much fun to see you and your family ruining my dear sister… I thought marrying you to Suhaan would make you miserable…but that man loved you and you went on to lead a lavish life…Damn!! We wanted to see you suffer…Suhaan is gone…but you found this new man..Everytime you cannot be the one who would enjoy all the money.Wait and watch”He reminisces the days Dhaani was tortured by them… He reminisces her pleading voice asking not to beat her anymore. He reminisces the goody good act they put up before Dhaani.He thinks “You failed my plan of making money..Now see what happens.” He smirks evilly….

Scene changes….Dhaani then feeds the kids and Viplav glances her while eating…. His trance gets broken by whistling of Raj… Raj does a high-five with Shaalu and they laugh while Viplav begins to eat with embarrassment…Kanak too smiles seeing her son happy… Dhaani gets busy in feeding her little ones not really bothering what Raj and Shaalu were laughing at making Raj and Shaalu giggle inwardly….

Sensing that kids were tired,Dhaani says she will come making them sleep..Viplav looks at Dhaani and hurriedly says he will come as well…Dhaani looks on .Viplav clarifies…He will accompany her in holding either Su or Rishi…Dhaani says okay… and looks at Shaalu giggling… Viplav pats Shaalu on her head…and goes saying Chup chap khale Fatso..(Eat quietly fatso) making Shaalu fake anger ..And he hurriedly goes carrying Su on his shoulder…Rishi hides his face and falls asleep on Dhaani’s shoulder…She kisses him and ruffles her hair…. Viplav and Dhaani head to the kids’ room holding their babies…Soon they make them sleep in their room…. Dhaani ruffles their hair..and kisses them in their forehead once again while a lone tear escapes from her eyes thinking about her brother and his evil eye on her kids..… Viplav moves towards her and she hurriedly wipes her tear sensing that Viplav is watching her…Before Viplav could talk to her,she slightly smiles at him and goes out hurriedly… Viplav sighs in disappointment…. He then looks at kids and kisses them in forehead… He straightens up himself and says he will not let any harm reach them or …He stops for a moment and completes the sentence saying …..their mommy…and goes out ruffling their hair…..

Moments later…… Dhaani is seen working on sketching designs for SuRish Fashion House. Viplav comes talking on the phone and Dhaani looks at him … Viplav mouths a sorry but Dhaani smiles and gestures that’s okay…. Viplav gets busy with his files and Dhaani immerses herself in completing those designs… Viplav glances at Dhaani and watches her busy in her designs… He smiles…Dheere dheere love tune plays in the background… Dhaani then lifts her head only to find Viplav gawking at her and looks around…She then looks back at Viplav and says Viplav….Viplav’s trance gets broken again…And he hurriedly manages to cover up saying he was thinking of something…. Dhaani smiles and gets back to work…         Viplav pats his head and mumbles something… He realizes he had been gawking at Dhaani most of the times lately….He keeps his laptop aside and gets up from the bed to go near Dhaani… He gets astonished seeing the sketches of the designs Dhaani prepared…and says Amazing!!! Dhaani looks at him…and Viplav says Designs!!! Dhaani looks at the designs and then back to Viplav…She mouths a Thank you …with a smile on her face… Viplav too smiles…They talk about designs,then Shaalu’s work…and random things..Before they could talk further, Viplav gets a call and he walks to take his phone.He watches the caller’s name and sees the Private Investigator calling…

He takes up the call. The caller on the other side(Private Investigator) greets him. Viplav asks “Any news?” The man replies “Yes sir,this man Deven was in Mumbai since last month. His home is in Delhi.He lives with his parents.His wife left him after 2 months of marriage as she was tortured for dowry. Many years back,they brought one girl to their home from orphanage.The girl’s name was Dhaani. Their neighbors said that for few years,they were so good to that kid.They treated her as her daughter.But later,when the girl was in her 20’s,they forced her to agree to get married to an old man.The old man had promised them to give quite a fortune if they could make Dhaani agree. Since Dhaani did not agree,they showed their true colors and tortured her. Amidst all these things,she stood strong.They used to torment her but she used to bear all the tortures as she had no other place to go.”

Viplav clenches his fist and thinks Dhaani had to go through all these things.. He realizes the private investigator is still in line.Viplav pinched the bridge of his nose and asked the PI to continue… The man says “Neighbors said that Dhaani got married to someone named Suhan Khanna and went abroad.It was assumed that she would permanently settle in London,but after some months they came back. Suhaan,Dhaani met in college and Suhaan’s brother Suhaas was also in the same college.The younger brother was batchmate of Dhaani while the elder one was the one she got married to.Deven was promised a large sum of money for making Dhaani marry him.”The man says “Sir,I got the information that this Deven fixed Suhaan’s and Dhaani’s marriage thinking that Suhaan is a beast who would torture Dhaani. Suhaan’s plan was to bring Dhaani out of that hell.In their greed,family members got her married to Suhaan. Suhaan took Dhaani to London and these people were kept away from Dhaani.Later,Suhaan met with accident and died.” Viplav flinches hearing it…Viplav knew the rest so he asked the PI about Deven and his whereabouts now…The man says “Sir,Deven was last seen around the location of your house.”Viplav gets shocked and asks if he is sure. The man replies he is sure.The man continues “Deven has been seen in locations around your house,office,ABC International School,a fashion house named SuRish Fashion House and is constantly seen keeping tabs in these places Sir,you need to be careful Sir…”

Viplav is shocked to hear that this Deven fellow is keeping tabs on everyone….He asks the PI to keep tab on this man constantly. He will tell him later what he needs to do.The man asks if he can ask one question.Viplav realizes the man wanted to know why he wanted to know about Deven. Viplav replies “Dhaani is my wife,Saahil..She is the mother of my kids.. Its my duty to safeguard her and my whole family as well.” The man asks him not to worry .Viplav hangs up the call.

When Viplav turns to go,he sees Dhaani looking at him. He smiles…and says Office work… Dhaani stops him and says “ Viplav…in all these months of our marriage,I have known you much to sense that you are thinking about something and you are tensed…I know I might not have the right to ask you as a wife..but rememember,we are friends…you can share with me.”

Viplav sighs…Dhaani keeps looking at him..He then says he was talking to his private investigator to keep tabs on…Dhaani says… Deven.. Viplav nods… Before they could say anything to each other,kids call Viplav and he says he is coming…. Before going,he cups Dhaani’s face and says he will manage everything…and goes wiping the tears rolling down Dhaani’s cheeks… Dhaani touches her cheeks…and smiles with tears in her eyes….

Precap: FACE OFF

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