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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 70- Aarohi decision for Anu

It’s a suprise for Nati di friends because today episode is written by her only her😊😊😊

Except posting and note which linu drop 👇

So don’t miss any of the scene and word read it carefully and by heart.

Ignore spelling , typo and grammatical mistakes.


Next day

Anika pov” what the hell is it? That Shallu again came back… doing cutiepie… cutiepie.. Anika makes funny faces.

And baba also doing dora cake… it’s was good that before it got late i made Shivaay his beheniya…. hahahaaa she claps brust out 😂😂😂😂 Shallu Aloo ki behen Shivaay Singh Oberoi… she flick her hairs like Shivaay.

“Raja say bana Raja beheniya”… she rofl  on ground…. acha huwa k Shallu Shivaay ka bhai aur Shivaay un ki behen agar hum eisa na kartey to humara kya

( from king i made him sister. It’s good shallu is Shivaay brother if i didn’t do it like that then what about…..) Anika gets quiet a  tin layer of tear slips from her brownish orbs

O jaanaa plays

“Bhavya scream” Anikaaa di

“Anilka turns her face wiping her tear” what happened doll? Why you are screaming?

Bhavya” Bhallu!!… Bhavya whispers in Anika ear”

“Anika turns her face to Bhavya” whole red 😠😠..

Scene shifts to Shivaay room


“Shivaay looking for water” uff my tongue is burning. Why i tasted these crackers they are too spicy….. it’s all because of Rudy…. he runs out to get water

Scene shifts to Hall


Shivaay” runs to dinning table quickly pouring water in glass and about to drink…… some storm came towards him and snatch glass from him…… Shivaay blowing his mouth shouts…..Anikaaaaa

“Anika fumming ” today i won’t leave them…..

Gayu” running after Anika”

“Shivaay holds Gauri hand” what happened to Anika

Gauri” first drink water and come with us”

Shivaay ” quickly drinks and join Gayu… “

Scene shifts to Yard


Dev” helping Shallu how to ride bike”

Aarohi calls him” Dev!! Listen to me”

Dev” Dora cake!! You just wait… my lovers is missing me”

Shallu” cutepie!! Come soon “

Dev” Yes!! Darling😚”

Aarohi” what you are doing? You know if Anu saw you with Shallu like this. She will get upset and then she won’t talk no it’s far away but then she won’t even see you”

“Dev laughs” Dora cake is my….. he turns……. whole screen gets blur

“Anika splash water on Dev and throws glass back”😡😡

“All cup their mouth” Ho!! Phail gaya raita

“Dev staring Anika and wiping his face”😐😐

Anika” staright looking in his orbs”

All made circle around them bends a little gazing both frequently

“Dev in  stern tone” what you did? He narrow his eyes

“Anika step forward place her feet on his keep staring him” aaj news may aya tha k aaj bohat garmi ho ge aur tapman bhi zayad ho ga. To kehi ap ko loo na lag jaye is liye pani ka zayad say zayad upayog karey… … she speaks with same stern tone….samajh me aya Cutiepie….

( today in news they where telling that weather will be hot. So before you get sunstroke use water more)

She steps down with both hands pushes Shivaay and Bhavya aside walk off with full Tashan and Tadi

Dev” what??”

Shivaay” yeh tha Anika ka gusa jab us ko gusa ata hai to woh khud per nahe us per pani phenkti hai jis may bohat garmi hoti hai k woh is dabang tadibaaz  k aagaye apni 2rs tadi dekhaye”…. he forward his hankerchief to him.( that was Anika anger. And to cool her anger down she instead of having chilled water herself she splash on those who think they have guts to fuss with her and show her 2 rupees attitude)

“Rudra from behind pat him” hota hai hota…. Shivaay bhaiya k sath bhi bohat baar ho chukha hai… he wipes Dev face with his hands.( it happens…. it happenend with SB too many times)

“Dev pushes Rudra” shut up

“Bhavya giggles” dad too said shut up Rudra😂😂😂

Gayu” doing hi-fi… “😆😆

Rudra” i’m going to my Anika bhabhi”🙁

Om in dramatic tone ” Dev uncle!! Jab bhi kehi dor yeh huwa hai to maaye apney bacho ko kehti hai so ja mere laal so ja warna….. Tadibaaz Anika aa jaye ge aur sarey mohalay ka pani tujh per phenk de gayi. Kyu Shivaay…. he winks Shivaay

( whenever far child don’t listen to there mother…. she says sleep my child if Anika came then she will throw water of whole society on you)

Shivaay” playfully nods…. yes uncle”

Dev” gazing Aarohi with anger”

“Aarohi hiding her smile” aaj blue hai cutepie… bye Cutie…. she pull Dev cheeks and walk away

Gayu” peck him….. aur din bhi bohat sunny”

” Om take out his fone”wasey to yeh khanna ka deparment hai to capture moment but today i’ll do….. he peck Dev and sings……  aaj jao in my fone with a just single click with a cheezee😁😁😁

“Gauri calls Om” come here otherwise…….

 Phooti Kismat Hogi Teri Gar Tune  Baat Na Maani.

Om” coming my barfi”😚

Dev shouts ” i’m coming Anu…..(Shivaay cuts)😤😤

“Shivaay extend his arms and stop Dev”😉

Dev” leave my way Shivaay”

“Shivaay caresses Dev”

Ek Tu Ho, Main Hoon
Aur pool Side Pe Shallu bhai Ka Shor

“Dev hits Shivaay” you…..              ( Shivaay cuts)

Shivaay hugs him from back….
Aaja Meri Baahon Mein
Cutie What You Waiting For

Dev free himself” let me tell Anu about this you cheap”

Shivaay giggles” not cheap but cheapde….😋😋😋😚😚

After few hours

“Dadi addressing to Devi g” where’s Aarohi ?

Devi g” preeto is everything alright? You didn’t inform us too”

Dadi” Yes!! Everything is perfect but today i’ve came for some purpose. “

Devi g” purpose??”

Dadi” Yes!! Purpose”

Aarohi” what purpose? Maa g…. she comes and sit next to her”

Dadi” Puttar!! Main tujhse kuch manganey i hoon. Aur main sadi sadi baat karu ge( child i came here to get something from you. I won’t twist more)

 I know for parents it’s not so easy to handover their heart to other. But don’t you think we should now think about our kids future also.

Bohat soch nay  k baad main yeha i hoon. Aur Anika, Gauri aur Bhavya k liya apney pote  ka hath manganey i hoon…( After thinking much i came here and i want your daughters for  my grandsons)

Aarohi” gazes devi g with shock”

Devi g” Preeto!! What so hurry?”

Dadi” Devi aaj ye kaal to yeh hona hai .

Aarohi pov” Maa g theek he keha rahe hai agar Anu humare jitna kareeb aye ge utha he us ko woh sab yaad aa jaye ga jo hum kabhi bhi nahe chahtey k Anu k samney aye.

( mother is right the more Anu will get close to me the more it will help her to regain what i don’t want she should know)

“Dadi put hand on Aarohi shoulder” Are you fine?

“Aarohi smiles” yes maa g i’m fine. I was just thinking times files so quickly that i forget that my daughters have grown up so quickly that now they have to go to their own house.

Infact my daughters where always yours.

Devi g” Aarohi beta but you….      ( Aarohi cuts)

Aarohi” No !! Maa g i’m very  happy that my daughters got such a nice life partners not only soulmates but family too i’m much thankful to gods that they give my daughters such a good family but i’ve only one  carp with gods that they didn’t let me see my daughters childhood…. she wipes her tears……..

“Aarohi hugs Dadi” my daughters cried alot maa g please don’t let them cry again

“Dadi consoling Aarohi” Aarohi i promise your daughters specially your Anu will never have tears in their eyes.

Devi g” let Dev come then we will let you know”

Aarohi” maa g you both talk… let me call Dev…..

Scene shifts to Devohi room

“Dev protesting”  Aarohi what so hurry? Why you want this marriage to held so soon?

Aarohi” Dev! You try to understand. Ok fine forget about Gayu but what about Anu  the more she will stay here the more risk will increase for her.

Vanhi is alive what if she again stab her.

And what jeet said Anu should never no what happened with me and Shivaay.

Dev” I understand but Anu didn’t call you Maa in her full senses. And for days what we all are trying that Anu infront of all shouts that you are only hers. And we are so near to that now but at this srage you what that Anu should stay away from you.

“Aarohi shouts” Yes!! I want this because i don’t want to give her the same pain which i give her twenty years back.

And you know what Dev!! Yesterday Anu was telling Shivaay that whenever she touch my hand after that threater incident flashes but images are not clear.

“Dev with shock” what?

Aarohi” Yes!! That’s why i want this wedding to be held in this week because the day Anu regain what we don’t want her to gain if she get it back….





Dev” but Anu won’t agree and we don’t know Anu has forgiven Shivaay or not”

Aarohi” Anu was never annoyed with Shivaay so for what he’s  seek for her forgiveness. Anu just love her it’s just she’s showing Tadi to Shivaay

“Dev wipes her tears” Anu k bina jee pao ge( will be able to live without Anu)

Aarohi” ab woh Shivaay ki jeevan sathi hai aur rehi humari baat. Hum to sirf us ki khushi chahtey hai aur Anu ki khushi Shivaay hai agar hum us ki dharkan hai to Shivaay us ki saasein hai. Aur jab Shivika ek ho gay to Anu ki rooh bhi Shivaay ki ho gayi.

(Now Anu is Shivaay’s soulmate. And what about me. I only wants her happiness and her happiness is only shivaay if i’m her heartbeat then Shivaay is her breath and the day both will get unite Anu’s soul be Shivaay’s)

Dev” have you talk to Anu”

Aarohi” i couldn’t gain strenght to talk to hear… but i’ll talk to her after all from  tomorrow onwords wedding has to take place but first i’ve to talk to princess and doll. You too come along with me”

Scene shifts to garden


“Aarohi gazing white rose” 


Socha tha k hum tumhein khud say kabhi dor nahe honey dey gay. Per dekho  hum tum say itney dor ho gay k lakhon jatan karey k baad bhi hum tum tak pouch he na paye aur jab laut to……

( i’ve thought that i’ll never let you go far from me but look i’m myself got so far from you that doing much struggle i couldn’t never return back to you and when i came back…..)


“Shivaay calls her” Maa!! I’ve talk to dadi we can wait and if it so we can first held Gayu and Omru wedding. 



“Aarohi caressing rose reporting to Shivaay”


Jis Phool Ki Parvarish Hum Ne Apni Mohabbat Se Ki


Jab Wo Khushbu K Qabil Hua To Oron K Liye Mehkne Laga…



Shivaay” Maa!! Yeh phool bhi ap ka hai aur is ki mekhne bhi”


( mother this flower and it’s fragrances too is only yours)


Aarohi” Nahe !! Shivaay beta yeh phool aur is ki mekhne sirf ap ki hai. Bas itna is phool k maali per esaan ki jeya bohat nazukh hai isay aur khuch nahe bas naarm hawaon ki aur sooraj ki kirnaon ki zaroorat hai. 


( Not both are yours. But just only one mercy on this gardner. This flower of my garden is really soft. She don’t need anything else just cool breeze and sun rays)


Agar abhi ko tufaan is say takarya aur sooraj kehi chup gaya to humara phool phir say kisi pathar per jaa giraye ga.


( if again an storm came in her life and sun hides himself then my flower will again fall and get hit with stone)


Shivaay ” agar ab kisi nay is phool ko chuha bhi to yeh sooraj us ko bhasam kar dey ga… yeh Anika ke  Shivaay ka ap say waada hai… Maa”


( if again someone tried to touch this flower this sun will burn them. This is Anika’s Shivaay vow to a mother)


Aarohi” Shivaay !! I’ve a request”


Shivaay” Maa!! Don’t request but give order to child… just order your son”


Aarohi” i’ve talked to Gauri but i’m falling weak to talk to Anu please go and tell her…. 





( Now it’s a long time that you were surfing in sea. Look your seafarer have came to take you back  )

Aarohi cries vigrously…. apni kashti ko ley jao. 

( take your boat along with you)

Scene shifts to Shivaay room


Anika” Shivaay!!  Some  official letters came check them and…… (Shivaay cuts)

“Shivaay takes letters from Anika place it on  table and makes her sit close to him”

“Anika nervously ” what are you doing Shivaay?

“Shivaay peck her head” Anika i’m Shivaay your Shivaay only yours…  and you know Shivaay more then he knows himself.

“Anika feel comfortable close her eyes”

Shivaay hides Anika in his embrace close his eyes ” Anika i don’t no how to express my feeling…. i’m not that guy who take her lady on suprise dinner date. When he reaches inside the hotel he showing a gentleman gesture pulls out chair for his lady and with smile ask her to sit and then push it in and then settle himself. After few moment a beautiful  violin   is played at the back and that guy listening it’s notes holds his lady hand and smiles….. he with his gesture wants to tell his lady that he wants her in his life. Seeing this his lady gets shies and take her hand back… guy then comes out of his position and bends on one knee and takes ring out of his inner pocket opens the box of ring and extend it to his lady and with huge smile on his face in  polite manner ask his lady…….. ” will you marry me” and the story beings of two people.

But your Shivaay is different or you can say i’m weird guy on this planet….. who when for the first time when met his mate his body got his soul… the day i’ve broken you in rain a storm rose in me. 


“Om questioned me”…… if you have crack a great deal then why you are not looking happy.


“I replied”…. now how happiness is expressed???  


But how can i express my happiness when my real happiness( Anika) was sad not sad but broken and when some rare is broken then it’s cracks appear here…… Shivaay holds Anika hand kept it on heart.


It hurts alot Anika it hurts….. but Anika today i want to say sometime will you listen me?


“Anika with close eyes nods” hmm


“Shivaay kiss her eyes”


Main tumhara dar dard nahe humdard  bana chata hoon…  main janta hoon tumhein na phel na ab kisay k sath ki zaroorat thi aur na ho gayi per main tumhara sath is liya nahe magata k mujhe tumhari zaroorat hai. Tum Shivaay ki zaroorat nahe ho…. zaroorat to cheezay puri karti hai per zindagi ko tumhare jesa sath nibhaye wala saathi chahiey…

( i don’t want to become your pain but i want to share your pain. I know not before nor tomorrow you need anybody support.

I don’t want you in my life because i need you. You are not Shivaay’s need because needs of life are fulfilled by worldly things. But my life will be perfect and will be called complete when Anika will became my life partner)..


Anika main jata hoon jab tumhein apney Shivaay ka saath chahiey tha to tab main kis aur ka hath thamnay jaa raha tha. Anika main agar kisi aur ko tham bhi lo to mere jeenay ka sahar sirf yeh dil hai jo kehlta to mera dil hai per yeh dil , dil nahe ek name hai jo sirf tumhara hai.


( i know why you need the most instead of holding you i extend my hand to hold someone else. Anika if i hold someone else still than only you will be my doze of living. This is my heart is mine but it’s not a heart it’s a name and it’s yours name)


Yeh meri saasein nahe tumhari rooh hai jis nay is bejaan jism ko jeena sika diya hai. 

( these are not my breaths but it’s your soul who taugh this rock how to live)


Per ab to yeh jeevan bhi tujh may he jeena chata hai…. yeh sab rehatey to mujh may he hai per pukartey sirf tumhein hai…… Anika.. Shivaay while talking makes Anika touch and feel her… his eyes, ears, heart, heartbeat breath and soul…


( but now this life only wants to live in you. They all stays in me but they only calls…..ANIKA)



“Anika slowly open her eyes gets lost in Shivaay eyes”


Shivaay” Anika kuch kahao ge nahe??( won’t you say simething)

Anika” Shivaay mujhe jana hai”( i’ve to go)

“Shivaay brushing her faces”  laut k ana…… he helps Anika to stand.( but yet back to me)

Screen freezes on both


Precape   what will be Anika decision will she agree or not?



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Linu Note


From now onwards you have to mention your favorite moment and dialogue too. It got compulsory in our ff. Do write that too otherwise run from there😊



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