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Doctor and nurse lovestory : shivika os last part

Anika went to washroom and feel very sad. Then something strikes her mind and she went to the ward. She start her duty. She is very caring and funny personality. Patients like her so much. Then she start with her file work. There are somemany nurses they talking about shivaay.
One nurses: the only doctor who respect nurses is shivaay
Other all agree with her except anika. Hearing this anika went from there and came to parient side. Anjali, friend of anika saw this. She came to anikas unit.
Anjali: come for tea break
Anika:I’m coming
Anjali: why u were angry when they talk about dr.shivaay.
Anika: nothing
Anjali: from my 3 month experience the only doctor who respect nurses and he know the suffering of a nurse.
Anika: how
Anjali: his mother is nurse. So he became a doctor just to respect them
Anika: what?
Anjali: yes his mother told him if u became a doctor plz respect nurses rather than shout and blaming.
Anika(in mind): oh god really his such kind man then why he shout at me. Sometimes some reson will be there. But what would be that reason. Any way i wouldn’t be angry with him.
In other ward
Shivaay is going through a file but he was thinking about the incident.
Shivaay pov
How can i shout at a girl that too a nurse. she doesn’t done any mistake. Because of her i got such a appreciation. Tocthank her i shouted. Yes i should ask sorry to her.
Anika was talking with patients that time shivaay came to the anika’s unit but dhe didn’t see him she was keep on talking the patients were throughout laugh at her words. See this shivaay smile. Shivaay went to nurses station where all nurses were there except anika.
After her handing over to call anjali she came to nurses station where she saw shivaay was talking with nurses very friendly. Then she ho near to anjali.
Anika: my work is over any help you need.
Anjali: just wait only we can ho together after this file work.
Anika: okay but do fast im so hungry.
Shivaay was hearing this
Shivaay: anjali sister can u come for dressing.
Anjali turn to anika
Anika: Nooooo with an expression
Shivaay was laughing at her facial expression.
Anjali: plz anika otherwise again we will late.
Anika: god where u put me.
Shivaay: anjali sister coming ?
Anjali: doctor anika will come
Shivaay: okay then anika sister bed no: 305 patient. shivaay start walking behind him anika mock at him and said his word again.
Shivaay: do u tell something
Anika: no doctor.
Shivaay smile and walk to treatment room
Anika come with patient. Shivaay was again taking wrong medicine but this he take it with his knowledge. Seeing this…
Anika: doctor what r u doing the medicine is wrong.
Shivaay: you again start.
Anika: what?? Always taking wrong medicine and telling that again started.
Shivaay start to apply medicine but anika took it and turn away from his side and hold her ears with her hands. Shivaay took crt medicine and apply it and ask other nurse to take the patient to room. Shivaay make anika to face him and take off her hand hand from her ears.
Shivaay: open ur eyes anika
Anika open the eyes and seeing smiling face of shivaay.
Shivaay: i was just checking you.
Anika: what?
Shivaay: when again i apply wrong medicine i want to know whethere you resist me or not after the morning incident.
Anika: no doctor i wouldn’t do that because of such nurse i lost my sister.
Shivaay: what?
Anika: my sister had a surgery. During the surgery doctor took a wrong medicine mistakly the nurse who was there know that but didnt tell because of the fear.
Shivaay: im sryy for morning incident and again for now.
Anika had tears on her eyes thinkibg about her sister.she rub it and tell
No doctor no need of sry. She start to leave the place but shivaay stop her.
Shivaay: plz sister dont be angry
Anika: doctor really im not angry with you
Shivaay: so can be a frnds. He forward his hand
Anika: okay. Both of then shake their hands.
Anjali: come anika we can go
Then bothvof them leave. Shivaay was smiling at her.
Next day onwards whenever dressing is there shivaay calling anika only they became best frnds no they feel for each other but they didnt confess it.
Anika took leave for 2 weeks for her cousins wedding. Knowing this shivaay also took the leave but anika didn’t know that shivaay took leave.
Anika took a bus at 10:00pm on that same bus shivaay also get in.
Around 11:45pm bus stop but anika was not aware it because she was sleeping. 12:00am a some girl in the bus come near to anika and wake her up and give a rose flower and wish her ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIDI” anika got utter shock and surprised. Then everyone start to sing bday song with there hands a lighted candle was there. A big smile come on her face really anika was surprised.
Anika: how u know my bday ….i dont understand anything
Then she see someone coming near to her. Yeah it is our shivaay
Anika: doctor aap???
Shivaay: again doctor ….anika call me shivaay. Leave that
Shivaay bent in his knee with a ring in his hand
” will u be able to assist in my life forever”
Anika was shocked and to the hell she is surprised. She is not able to believe it that it is true. She is pinching her hand to check whethere it is true.
Shivaay: anika tell fast my leg is paining
Anika smile and tell ” yes doctor”
Shivaay hug her and she hug him back.
Shivaay ” i love you my dear nurse”
Anika ” i love you my doctor sir”
Both of them laugh.

The end.

Hope u all like it. Tell your opinion.thank you …. kindly ignore the mistakes

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