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Complicated (Ragsan ff) shot 25

Let’s begin…

Dp smiles widely :Ragini beta.. You are absolutely right absolutely correct

All claps for Ragini

Monali was embarrassed other than gol gumbaz she haven’t answered anything..

Shahveer:can i? If laado agrees only

Ragini:laado ok sansii friend!

Shahveer:tell me Sanskar’s different names?

Rag:laado sansii santra

All laughs except the 3..

Rp:laado you forgot the other name…

Rag:laado sansii sanki…

Dp:time for Ragini’s rewards

He gives her the book which was in his hand…

Ragini smiles getting the book….

Sujatha:sanskar what got want to prove?

Sanskar :that Ragini is better then all of us and she will never include in any planning or plottings like other’s…

Ragini held Sanskar’s hands :sansii… She points her hand to monali

Aliya:monali… She just then remembers monali was somewhere looking like the girl who has left Ragini in the middle road

Sanskar looks at monali

Ragini:sansii ask laado

He wasn’t understanding

Ragini:laado cry road

Then he gets what she was telling him.. He himself said to Ragini if she sees the person who left her in the middle of the road…
His gaze shift to monali…

All were not understanding….

Monali shivers seeing Sanskar’s angry glare

Sanskar moves to Monali…by holding Ragini’s palm

Monali acting unknown :sanskar what happened? Rag.. Ragini congratulations…

Sanskar slaps her hard

(thoko thaali👏👏😜)

Monali stumbles back

Dasi covers her mouth being shocked

Shahveer and aliya understood the situation

While everyone are confused

Monali keeps her hand on her cheek:san……

Sanskar slaps her again

(again thoko thaali😝😝😝)

Sanskar angrily:shahveer.. Call the police now!!

Monali cries and acts unknown:but tell me what did i do? I don’t talk much that doesn’t mean you will do whatever you want?!

This worsened sanskar more :you want to know what you did?

Again slaps her.. The firce was so hard this time monali fell on the floor

Sanskar:may be you got the answer now!

Monali:i didn’t…… (his glare was enough this time)

Dp:sanskar what are you doing? You hit a girl…
Dasi makes monali stand

Dasi:arey wah durga.. What you taught to sanskar.. To raise the hand on a girl…

Rp:sanskar why? What did monali do?

Sanskar:monali tried to kill Ragini…

All are shocked including sujatha

Sanskar:she have fell soo low that she left ragini in the mid road in my absense

Dasi:but how can you say it’s monali..?? It happened in your absence

Sanskar:because I believe my Ragini

Dasi:you believed the words of an abnorm……… (sanskar gave a strong glare to her.. Hence the result made dasi to zip her big mouth.. Actually she was scared of sanskar because his anger level has reached so high that he would not see her age too.. So its better to stay silent)

Sanskar:now say… Why did you do this?

Monali was crying

Sanskar angrily:come on now say!

Sahil interrupts:because she wanted to break this relation

Swara looks at sahil…

Sanskar looks at him

Sahil:2 days back she called me.. And he tells about the incident

Swara:even she showed it to me…

Sanskar turns to Monali :now would you say the truth or not…

Monali:i was not alo..

She gets one more slap

This time dasi have slapped her…. She was geared that Monali would take her name

Police comes there and they arrest monali

After some melodramas of dasi


Sujatha looks other side

Rp goes to him and hugs him

Sanskar:dad…i am gonna marry Ragini now!

All looks at him

Rp nods with a small smile

Sanskar moves to Sujatha :you would be not happy… But sorry mom!!! Now i am scared to be away from Ragini….

He goes to shekar and janki :would you bless us in this relation

Shekar hugs him

Sujatha couldn’t take it:sanskar.. You are so confident because you have your dad’s name with you.. You established because us….

Rp:sujatha what are you talking? Have you lost it

Sanskar smiles sadly :thankyou so much mom… And from this moment i would prove myself without dad’s name… Along with Ragini

Sanskar moves to home temple and takes the vermilion and applies it on Ragini’s forehead!!!

Sujatha was shocked because she thought he may back off

Sanskar goes to study room… And brings some file and handovers it to Rp

Sanskar:this is all yours dad.. It was his karma industries papers

Rp:sanskar what is this? Your mom is just angry at you

Dp:don’t take such decisions in sudden

San:bade papa i have decided…

He held Ragini’s hands…

And leaves

While shahveer and aliya follows them….

End of the first phase…….

From next part it would be a new beginning!!

Hope you all would support me like this in phase 2!

Do you think i have justified every characters?

Which character you loved the most?

Other than Ragsan who is your favourite character in this story?

It’s the silver jubilee!!!

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