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Chandrashekhar 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra plans to target Hamilton

Chandrashekhar 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rudra getting the bad news for Bhagat and Chandra. They get shocked reading the news. Chandra says this is impossible, what did they publish. He cries and says Bismil can’t get hanged. Bhagat asks him not to fall weak. Rudra says now you have to manage HRA and think what to do. Bhagat says we have to keep the courage. Chandra says the plans and punishments will change, their decision will change. He thinks to target Hamilton. John asks Hamilton to leave for England, as there is a serious threat on his life, there can be attack on him any time. Hamilton checks the legal order and asks John to leave.

Chandra makes a plan and tells them that they have to catch Hamilton by attacking on his car, they have to explain the Britishers, that they have taken enmity with them, they

will be scared and then stop the punishment for Bismil. Rudra says we need to think well. Chandra says we should wait till Bismil gets free. Bhagat tells them that he will apply for a mercy plea, they should file the plea legally, they can put the pressure on the law, and tell them that their friends didn’t do any serious crime. Rudra says Bhagat is saying right, we should fail them by the way of law. Chandra says I don’t believe in law. Bismil taught me to snatch the rights if we don’t get the rights. Bhagat says we have to use the law in the right way and stop them, when the judge changes the decision, then the news will become headlines, the British govt will fail, public will be with us.

Chandra asks if the public is not with us, if Bismil gets hanged, is the plea is rejected then, I will hate myself, trusting the Britishers is like a cheat Bhagat, you are very innocent. Bhagat says you are just seeing one side, that too wrong. Rudra says Chandra, just think about mercy plea once. Chandra folds hands and says do anything you want, I just know it will be a big mistake, they will hang Bismil and others, I will not let this happen. He leaves. Bismi, Lehri and others laugh on the cops and crack jokes. They don’t look tensed that they are going to die. Bismil does shayari. Chandra gives a chance to Veer to prove his loyalty. He asks Veer to do his work. Veer agrees. Chandra asks for the address of Hamilton’s house. He threatens of killing Veer if he cheats. Veer says I won’t cheat you. Chandra says Rajguru, leave him at the station, he will find the way. Bhagat asks Rudra to file the mercy plea. Chandra gets Hamilton’s address. Veer does the work to win his trust. He says Hamilton will be leaving the country tomorrow.

Chandra says I will make him leave the world. John asks the man about Azad. Tikaram says freedom fighters have filed a mercy plea. John checks it and asks how did they do this. Cop says they will try everything they can, we have to find their agenda. John says Azad is no different, their agenda is to prove that they have taken the weapons to scare us, they want to prove that they didn’t do any big crime. Cop says this is their way to have a good image in public. John says we have to think well. Bismil inspires everything. They all chant Vande Mataram and dance. Sarforoshi ki tamanna….plays…… Cops asks them to get ready. Bakshi says let us stay with our friends for some time. Roshan scolds the cop. Bismil hugs his friends. They all regret that they didn’t get a chance to walk together on their journey. Bismil asks them to have this passion always, they will never bend down in front of anyone. They sing Sarforoshi ki tamanna…. and join hands. John asks Hamilton is he ready to leave. Hamilton says yes, we may proceed. John says sorry for this deportation. Cop says Hamilton is leaving forever, he will take time. Tikaram says we may lose our jobs. John gets Hamilton out. Hamilton asks the constable to drive. Chandra is in disguise of the constable.

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