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A day with Anshika – SHIVIKA shots by Shraddha-DBO

“Shivay…..Shivay….” Anika shouted at the top of her voice. But she was angry that she didn’t get a reply.

“Shivay….” he was startled hearing Anika screaming his name near his ears. The papers from his file spilled down, trembled by her voice.

As he turned back he saw a furious Anika, holding their 3 year old Anshika in her hand.

“Kya hua Anika, kuch gadbad hai?” asked a worried Shivay.

“Ha..shivay..bohot kuch gadbad hain yahan..” she told by smiling  but the next moment she was back to her angry avatar.

“What is this shivShi, do you have some problem with your ears?” Hearing this SSO just poked his ears with a finger & checked, nodding his head negatively

“HA..HA..Shivay I know your ears are fine, but I have been screaming around this whole mansion for you & you didn’t hear that?? Fine leave that….”

“Woh actually Anika I was busy with these papers for tomorrow’s meeting …”

He couldn’t complete the sentence as Anika broke it in middle

“Oh bete ki…so tomorrow you’ve meeting ?? Can you postpone that shivay?” asked a tensed Anika.

“Kyun , kuch emergency hai kya??” Shivay was being worried

“Woh kya hai ki shivay, tomorrow me & chutki are going to our home for the puja. We’ll come back only day after tomorrow. If I take Anshi along with me I wouldn’t be able to take care of her during the work there. So I thought to give her to you until I come back..”

Shivay was shocked….” Anika, I can take care of her at night..But morning ..I can’t take her to office. ItsItok anyway there are other ladies here right? So don’t be tensed..”

Anika made Anshika to sit on his chair & turned him to her side holding his shoulder.

“Tumhara dimag kharab hai kya?? Pinky ma & jhanvi anty & dadi went to Banaras, bhavBhawill come back after 2 days only…then about which lady are you talking about? Only you & OmRu would be there Na? Om would go to gallery & Rudra to gym in the morning. So you’ve to take a leave tomorrow for Anshika , OK??”

“Anika…this is not possible … actually ..”

“No actually, wactually shivay…she is your daughter too, so you have her responsibility. I do manage her & event management company together for such a long time. So as a dad can’t you do it for one day??”

“But still….can can’t you take her with you?”

“Bada chantomayi hai tu Shivay. Tumhara asli problem kya hai? Just ek din, you can manage office programs in your home itself or ask Mishraji to manage for one day. There’s no use of being business man Shivay, family is important , beti is important. Samjha??”

Little Anshika was rolling her eyes at both her mom & dad seeing their chota sa fight. She was used to this little tashans of her parents…She slowly started clapping her hands seeing this & smiled softly ..

Finally shivay had to accept failure in front of Anika….  “OK Ani, I will do it…haan..”

And her face brightened hearing this. She took Anshi from the chai.

“Suna beta, tumhari papa tumhe itna pyaar karti hein?? Bohot sweet papa hai na…haan..Accha, give a kiss to your papa…”

Anshika began smiling & she immediately gave a sweet kiss to her papa, followed by Anika who also gave a cheek kiss to Shivay.

As both of them went out, Shivay began smiling thinking of Anika & he was excited about the next day with his lovely daughter ….


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