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Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-63

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He hurts me

All the three O’bros’ were asleep. But Ishanya couldn’t. She was sad and upset and angry because of Omkara’s behavior. She is in her room writing her diary with tears as it is her way of letting out the emotions.

‘Aaj bahut kuch hua. Pehle priyanka ki rishthe ki baat phir aadhi se baat aur akhir mein Omkara se jagda.’

‘aadhi ka chapter close karne ki sukoon jyada der tak nahi raha. Like always when something good happens to me immediately it gets snatched away by something bad.’

‘I came home in happiness but it got vanished as soon as I saw Omkara in that condition. Usski aankhen, woh aasu, joh dard mein ne uski aankhon mein dekha, who mujhe khud mehsoos hua. Who mujhe itna affect kyun karta hai?’

‘I should feel bad for myself not him! In fact, I am feeling bad because of his behavior towards me. Who kaise mere saath uss tarah barthaav kar saktha hai? Akhir usse ho kya gaya hai?’

‘I thought he knows me well enough to understand that it is not easy for me to trust someone soon. I am really sad! But I am sadder seeing his condition.’

‘How can he let all these insecurities creep into him? From how many days did he harboring all these negative feelings? And why am I so concerned for him? He have misbehaved with me, I shouldn’t care for him. But I am not able to stop myself caring for him, why?’

‘Wait a sec why am I feeling bad? Haven’t I decided that I won’t let others hurt me, I won’t give them that right by keeping expectations from them!! But I am hurt because I have not expected this from Omkara.’

‘He has always showed care respect and understanding towards me and I started expecting only them from him. This is wrong I shouldn’t expect anything from anyone otherwise I will feel only pain like now.’

‘Why didn’t I stop myself from this? Why did I let him come that close to me that he can hurt me? Why?’ she wandered for a second and stopped writing and then her mind voice said to her, “Because you trust him.”

‘Yeah I do trust him and that’s my mistake.’ She thought to herself and wrote that in diary.

“Really? Then why do you feel Omkara’s pain is more than yours?” Her mind voice asked her making her blank.

‘Do I really feel that his pain is more than mine?’ she asked herself and read what she have written till now.

She stopped at a line and stared at it, ‘But I am sadder seeing his condition.’

“Why? Why am I feeling his pain?” She said out loud in frustration.

Taking a deep breath she calmed herself and closed her eyes trying to look at the situation in another angle.

‘Ok let’s see it in this way, is Omkara’s frustration justified?’ she thought to herself.

‘That brings back the first question why did he behave this way? What had forced him to lose his cool?’ she thought to herself.

She was remembering all the moments of the day to pin point at one situation to know his cause for frustration. She realized all the time he was caring and understanding to her and she knows well that if someone gives something to you they’ll expect something in return too however good they are!

“Usne jo care aur apnapan jataya who bina kisi expectations kit oh ho nahi sakthi. And he expected things from me as a friend in return of his care but I failed to fulfill his expectations and never expressed my gratitude openly because of my insecurities which might have hurt him and made him feel unimportant.” She said to herself suddenly feeling guilty as she understood the reason of his behavior.

The guilt had made her restless and unknowingly she started to look for his mistakes just to make herself feel better.

‘Isn’t it his fault to keep expectations from me? It’s his fault to care for me even after I told him not to!’ as soon as she thought this her mind taunted her saying, ‘It was you, who told him that you are his friend and you were enjoy the care he was showering on you.’

“Ok, I got it that his frustration is justified. But…….” She thought for any of his mistake and remembered him forcing to hug him, “yeah! How can he force me to hug him? It’s really not a way to show his frustration. It is unacceptable. I won’t forgive him for this!!Yes, I won’t!” she thought out loud making herself feel better.

She finished her writing and looked determined more than before and went to sleep.

In the morning at Oberoi kitchen:-

Shivaay and Omkara are discussing the way to make Ishanya forget about last night’s incident and forgive Omkara. Just then Rudra arrived there in style and said, “Whatever plans you are making won’t work to melt Slapping fairy’s anger. You know she was going to leave the house in the night!” shocking both of them.

“What she left?” Omkara asked in shock.

“No, O! She stayed, because I convinced her to.” Rudra replied raising his collar, proudly.

“What’s the big deal in it? I would have convinced her too if I had known. She always accepts my words.” Shivaay said getting a bit possessive about her.

“She used to accept, bhaiyya but not now!” Rudra said smirking at him.

“What do you mean?” Omkara asked Shivaay’s question.

“I mean that she doesn’t consider both of you as her friends now.” Rudra said pointing at both of them.

“What the wuck?!!” Shivaay exclaimed in shock.

“Whatever happened last night, it was all done by Omkara then why will she break friendship with me?!” Shivaay asked Rudra.

“Exactly!!” Omkara said agreeing with him.

“That, I don’t know. But she said that she doesn’t consider you both as her friends.” Rudra repeated stressing each word to irritate them.

“Now, you both get to side, I need to take breakfast to my friend.” He said stressing the word friend ignoring the glares from his brothers and started to set the tray for her and took it to the dining table while Shivaay and Omkara followed him frowning.

“Here is the breakfast, my beautiful lady.” Rudra said to Ishanya placing the tray on the table trying to behave gentle manly which made Ishanya laugh hard.

“Rudy, be yourself. I like the flirty naughty Rudy more.” She said ruffling his hair making him blush which made his brothers fume.

Shivaay signaled Omkara to be normal and they both went in front of Ishanya.

“Hi Ishanya.” Shivaay said.

“Good morning Ishanya.” Omkara said.

“Hi Mr. Oberoi.” She greeted Shivaay formally while ignoring Omkara completely.

Shivaay frowned at her and asked, “Mr. Oberoi?” raising his one eyebrow.

“Yes, any problem Mr. Oberoi?” she asked in the same tone.

“Why are you behaving in a formal way?” he asked her.

“Then how should I behave?” She asked.

“Ishanya we are friends, aren’t we?” Shivaay finally asked her directly.

“Did you asked forgiveness from Annika?” she asked surprising him.

“Ah….! I……..I………!! Shivaay stammered remembering her warning to ask forgiveness from Annika for manhandling her if he wants to keep their friendship intact which he completely forgot.

“Until you do that, you are Mr. Oberoi for me. Not my friend, Shivaay. Hope I am clear.” She said in her professional tone shocking him.

Omkara thought to not talk with her now seeing her mood and kept mum. But he lost it when she behaving friendly with Rudra and professionally with Shivaay but chose to ignore him as if he doesn’t exist at all throughout the breakfast.

When she was leaving the table he chose to talk to her, “Ishanya, listen to me once.” He said not trying to hide his desperateness. But she ignored it and tried to walk away.

Omkara held her hand surprising her and said, “Ishanya please I am sorry, I regret what…….” He was cut in the middle by Ishanya saying, “and you expect everything will be back to normal with this sorry of yours?” in anger.

“I know but……” he was saying but again got stopped by her in middle saying, “Keep your sorry to yourself it is not enough to mend the damage.” And took her hand back from his hold and walked from there.

Omkara followed her calling, “Ishanya, listen…….Ishu……” he said without realizing.

Ishanya turned hearing it and went to him, “Never ever dare to call me that again!” she said warning him. It made Omkara lost his control over his feelings and said, “Why? You were okay with aadhi calling you that then why not me?” looking straight into her eyes.

But Ishanya hadn’t put her gaze down. She too looked into his eyes and said, “You should remember that you are not aadhi! You are Omkara. Remember it!” and went from there leaving stunned Omkara behind.

He came back to reality when Shivaay and Rudra came to him.

“O! What was that?” Rudra exclaimed.

“Were you trying to persuade her or make her angrier at you?”Shivaay asked him.

“But what should I do? Haven’t you listened how she was saying me off for bringing aadhi! What does she mean by I am not aadhi! Why can’t I be?!” Omkara said out loud making his brothers look at him as if he had grown horns on his head.

“Do you even know what are you saying Omkara?!” Shivaay exclaimed.

“You are comparing yourself with her ex? You want her to consider you as she considers her ex?” Shivaay asked implying the meaning of what Omkara said making him understand.

“No, I don’t mean in that way! God! It came out in a very different way! I didn’t mean that!” Omkara said explaining himself.

“But it’s a good sign that Ishanya had not let yourself compare with aadhi.” Shivaay said making him smile.

“Yeah!” Omkara said and smiled widely. This made his brothers tease him.

After his teasing session Rudra said, “But seriously O! I am seeing new dimensions in you. I mean, look at you. Who would have imagined that you will behave this way?!”

“What do you mean by this way?” Omkara asked

“I mean the cool Omkara talking rudely with a girl and demand her to hug him and now want to be some other person just for a girl’s attention?!” Rudra explained.

“Yeah! I know. I crossed the limits last night. But I am also surprised by the intensity of my emotions. I never thought that I would behave that way. But it made realize how much I love her.” He said to them.

“That’s why I was saying to end it all as soon as possible.” Shivaay said.

“Shivaay, pursuing her doesn’t mean the end of my feelings it will be a beautiful beginning of a new relation.” Omkara replied dreamily and his brothers looked at him as if saying ‘you are a gone case, bro!’

“pyaar kya kya karvata hai!” said Rudra.

“Correction, pyaar kya kya mehssos karvata hai!” Omkara said.

“Ab chale, usse kaise manana hai yeh sochthe hai!” Shivaay said and the trio went to kitchen.

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