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Love ka hai intzaar Twinj episode 89

 Episode 89 

Started from continued part.

Kunj entered in room and see ansh and twinkle sitting together while twinkle feeding him apple. Smile appears on kunj face.Kunj moved towards them and sit beside Ansh.Twinkle hair strands coming on her she pinned up her hairs.

Twinkle:ansh now just sit here only don’t do anywhere okay.

Ansh: mamma where is Aayat.

Kunj: she went Chandigarh Ansh with other’s.

Ansh: hoo. Twinkle look at Kunj with narrow eyes.

Twinkle: Kunj didn’t you went with them haa. Kunj look at her and give her drastic look on her question.

Kunj: really I’ll go with them haa.

Twinkle:why you getting  hyper Kunj I just asked you normally.

Kunj:first see your question then asked menwhy I m getting hyper. It’s quite normal if you can’t go due to Ansh how can I go and leave you both here.

Twinkle:you can go I can manage itself. Why you miss your sister wedding.

Kunj:you can’t improve twinkle never.Kunj about to get up while Ansh held his hands gestured him to sit back beside him. Kunj didn’t say anything just sit beside him.

Ansh: Papa he cuddles him tightly around his neck. Don’t go anywhere okay. He kissed on kunj cheeks while twinkle seeing them and making faces.They both teasing her.

Twinkle:huhu continued you both.She gets up take out Ansh medicines. She Back to them.

Ansh: mamma I’ll not take this bitter medicine making puppy faces.

Twinkle:acha now don’t do drama if you not take medicine how you’ll get fine haa

Without taking medicines.Last night you tease us lot didn’t let us sleep now don’t do drama. Kunj looking at Ansh face who hiding behind kunj back.While twinkle is twinkle.She takes out medicines and held Ansh hand. Ansh didn’t come near twinkle just saying no.While twinkle hold him forcefully give him medicine.Kunj were enjoying it.

Ansh:mamma yuck 🤢.

Twinkle:medicines kab se achi hoti hai haa. Twinkle done with medicines.Twinkle leave him. Kunj pulled him near him give him hug.

Ansh: next time I’ll not take any medicines get it (in angry tone).Twinkle keep his medicines in drawer back.

Twinkle:ansh I’m doing downstairs don’t move okay. Kunj sense she ignores him. Twinkle went downstairs.She come in hall nobody is in all feeling so empty.

Next [email protected] after sometime later whole families all relatives reached Chandigarh at wedding venue. They all come out of Their cars ahead to hotel take their rooms keys. Kunj booked whole resort for Riya wedding groom side families to arrived.They all rest for sometime later mehendi and sangeet function arrangements done perfectly.Yuvi and Mahi sitting talking with each other’s. They don’t know about twinj they didn’t come in wedding.

Mahi: Yuvraj see this outfit it’s good for tonight haa.

Yuvi: great jaan wear it. I’ll come see kunj.

Yuvi searching Kunj everywhere at last he bumped with om and asked him about twinj he told him that they didn’t come. Yuvi get confused and get sad too without him no fun.

Yuvi: shit he didn’t come.

Om: yeah Yuvi. Ansh is ill na.

Yuvi: okay.

Scene Sarna Mansion.

Twinkle working in kitchen making lunch for them she made healthy food for Ansh and while she missed Aayat like hell.

Twinkle:don’t know how she is.Hope she enjoyed it. If I near her Maya Bhabhi will do scene it’s good we didn’t go at least they will enjoy it. But I didn’t understand about her why she told that she will open everything what does mean it.I try my level best to keep Aayat away from me.Twinkle come out of her thoughts. She did with her cooking session she gives leave to meena that she will Handel everything.Twinkle went back in her room.She found Ansh and Kunj were sleeping twinkle tap on her forehead in annoying way.

Twinkle:see this they both slept. Here I’m hungry huhu leave it I’ll have with them till than I’ll do my work.She went near them covered them with blanket. She got busy in work.After sometime later both father and son wake up look at twinkle who sitting and folding their clothes.Kunj stretch his arms and take yawn. Get up sit there only. He looks at twinkle with love desire but break it due to Ansh it would be difficult to control on himself.

Ansh: mammaaaaaaa. Twinkle raise her eyes look at him.

Twinkle: what?

Ansh: I’m hungry.

Twinkle:acha. Now you are hungry. He started making crying faces. Twinkle get up look at Kunj.

Twinkle: tell to your father that go and get freshen up I’ll bring food here. She went downstairs while Kunj looking at Ansh.

Ansh: Papa mamma is angry with you.

Kunj: hmm it’s her birth right beta 😝😝. They both laugh out.just than twinkle entered in room see kunj still is here. She placed the food tray on the bed while kunj quickly run inside the washroom. He got freshen up come out. Ansh sitting on twinkle lap while she feeds him food. Kunj wiped his face with towel he come sit beside twinkle. He about takes his food plated just than interpreted by Ansh.

Ansh:Papa you to don’t eat mamma will feed like me.Twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s.Twinkle don’t know what To say in front of Ansh.While Kunj smirked 🤨.He immediately left the food plated look at twinkle.Kunj take his face near him.Twinkle took small morsel. And kunj open his mouth.Twinkle feed him while having morsel Kunj licked her fingers twinkle look at he wink at her in a naughty way. Now it’s Ansh turned she feed him too kunj sense that twinkle is too hungry she didn’t have her food which clearly seeing on her face.Kunj break small morsel and take near twinkle lips. Twinkle look at him in a surprising way. Kunj gesturing her.

Ansh: ale mamma have it. She didn’t say anything just simply open her mouth while

Kunj put in her mouth. Like this they three of them feeding each other they had gala time. Enjoying it like hell. After this twinkle took all things In kitchen wash it.

After this kunj sit checking his office some files.While twinkle come and sit beside him.She Looks at Ansh who playing with kunj phone just than they head door bell ring. Twinkle get up and went downstairs to open the door.

Twinkel come downstairs she went near main door which locked she open the door and found danish with his parents. They were looking at Twinkle. While she too look at them back. Twinkle give them smile in return. Danish mom named Mira.

Mira: hi twinkle she hold her 5 month old daughter in her hands.

Twinkle: hi Mira. Come they entered moved towards couch twinkle greet with them. They sit.

Mira: sorry we just come without informed you people.

Twinkle: it’s okay Mira I’m happy that you come after so many days laters. Afzal danish father.

Afzal: he looks at everywhere. Where is everyone’s seemed like nobody is at home today.

Twinkle: yes everyone went Chandigarh due to riya wedding.

Mira: hmm. How’s is ansh now danish tell me that Ansh is not well, so we come here to meet with.

Twinkle: just because of him we to didn’t attend the wedding as well.

Mira: what did doctor said.

Twinkle: till now everything is fine just depends on of final reports. You wait I’ll come she went in kitchen fill water glass and make tea for them. She come back to them served them tea and snacks. Twinkle called kunj.He to come along with ansh and sit beside them.

Mira: ale Ansh you were looking so dull in one day. Twinkle caress his hairs while Kunj looking at little girl looking at Kunj giving him smile.

Twinkle: look at her she look so cute I’m feeling like eat her😍. Twinkle take her from her mother. Take her in her embrace.

Mira: I’m quite surprised that today she didn’t cry first time when she went near to others whom she don’t know never seen she started crying immediately see with you how nicely she happy with you twinkle. Twinkle pulling her chubby cheeks.

Afzal: Mira is right.

Kunj: hoo. Kunj give her his finger she holds it tightly. Want to go near kunj doing at like that moved her face to kunj.

Ansh: ale Papa Amira. Wanna come to you hehe.

Kunj: haa.

Danish: ansh see my sister is so good with you all but when with me just pulling my hairs and pee on my clothes all laugh.

Kunj take her from twinkle.

Twinkle: danish acha 😂.

Ansh: you know how is Aayat. Always behind me like enemies.

Danish: yeah 😝😝. While Their parents face like omg. Kunj lifting baby in air while she enjoys it nicely.

Ansh: hehe Papa. I’ll to do.

Kunj: you are very small my champ.Just see I’ll do it. He did more.Little baby just laughing loudly as much as she can do it.

Ansh come and sit beside kunj and pulled baby chubby cheeks. She makes puppy faces in returns.

Ansh: see Papa she is so cute.He kissed on her cheeks. Kunj raise his eyes. First time he sees ansh were happy with girl otherwise not good.

Afzal: ansh be careful if she holds your hairs she will not leave it asked danish.

Danish: yeah.

Ansh: it’s okay. I’m happy with that too. Between I love her. Mamma take her.

Twinkle: acha. Why? How will misa aunty will give her baby to me haa. Misa were laughing.

Ansh: huhh😭😭.Twinkle admire kunj and Ansh with little baby.They both get so happy with her just forget everything. After sometime later.

Afzal: misa lets take leave now.

Kunj: Arey sit still mera dil nahi bara hai baby se.

Misa: hoo tell to your wife😝♥️.Which make Twinkle blushed. They get up and misa taking baby from kunj while she was crying. This makes everyone shocked.

Afzal: OMG 😮 first she didn’t want come to her mother.What have you done on her.

Kunj: it’s just my magic bro😂😂..Kunj kissed on her forehead. She looks at Kunj back. Want to go to him.Her mother take her.Twinkle kissed on her cheeks say bye to her. They go towards door while baby looking at Kunj from back.Kunj give her flying kiss kiss. She did pouty lips. Twinkle just nodded her head in happiness.Kunj went and locked the door.

Kunj look at Ansh who lost in his thought kunj see this he just lifted him and take him upstairs.

At Chandigarh taj [email protected]

Everyone is all set for mehndi and sangeet function.They all Get ready perfectly looking extremely good all in dress code. In dark green in combination of orange shimmery.Riya come along with her sister and bhabhi from upstairs while Shaan look at her and get lost in her beauty. She look really beautiful after everything is kunj choice he selected all dresses for her wedding function. All accessories are specially designed by famous jewellery designer. Their eyes meet with each other’s. Both give smile to each other’s. Riya blushed.She come and sits on the flower decorated chair.even Shaan to comes sit beside her.

In maya room.She getting ready in front of mirror.While Aayat sitting warping bathrobe around her body she sit in side. Looking at maya who didn’t give her shit. Aayat eyes get moist.

Aayat: mamma please first get me ready.

Maya: wait me first let me get ready I’ll do you afterwards you do one thing go to Mahi tell her she will make you ready. After hearing this tears comes in her eyes. She missed twinkle really at that moment. Always when she tells to twinkle always she got her ready leave herself.

In very low voice with painful sound.

Aayat: where are you twinkle chachi I missed you so much. She got up and take her clothes went from there.She about to going to down in hall.

Yuvi see her and stop her too. Aayat look at Yuvi. Yuvi see tears in her eyes. Yuvi went near her and sit down match with her height.

Yuvi:what happened princess? Cupped her face. Tears escaped from her eyes very big big which falls down on Yuvi hands.Yuvi wiped her tears. Cupped her face.

Aayat: chachi ki yaad aarahi hai. In crying voice Yuvi smile.

Yuvi: aww mere baby ko chachi ki yaad aarahi hai why. We all are here na. Yuvi look at her from head to toe Aayat still in her small bathrobe. Yuvi winked at her.

Yuvi: hoo whom you wanna kill? 😝. Aayat about to wiped her nosey Yuvi held her hand while Aayat wipes with his hands 😝. Yuvi make puppy faces while enjoying it. Yuvi in his heart.

Yuvi: uff finally she laughs. In kunj and twinkle absence I can’t leave her at her cry alone. I have to see her till wedding.

Yuvi: chal drama queen till now you didn’t get ready your makeup is waiting for you when you will come paint your face with makeup 😂😝😝. Aayat pulled Yuvi hairs.

Aayat: everyone forgot me. Maya didn’t make me ready. So I’m like this.

Yuvi: don’t worry your half chachi half massi Is here 😝. Come with me my princess.Yuvi lifted her take her in his room. While he called Mahi from hall.she see Yuvi message and immediately come in her room. Aayat standing on the bed while Yuvi handling her tantrums. Mahi entered in room and see them Mahi looking really cute in her baby bumped.

She went near her. What’s going on here mahi said. Yuvi turned and see her.

Yuvi: nothing come get ready to your niece.

Mahi: Hoo. Okay. Come I’ll do it. Mahi first make her wear dress and while Yuvi helping Mahi in Aayat hair style giving her hairs pins. Later she all get ready looking perfect.

Aayat: apply lipgloss too. Mahi and yuvi were looking at each other face remember twinkle she too like this without lipstick and all’s her makeup is incomplete 😂.

Mahi take baby lipgloss and applied on her lips.Aayat does pouty lips. And give flying kiss to them.

Yuvi: wait your shoes. Aayat sits. Yuvi make her wear shoes and tie too. They click some selfies. After they hold each other hands and went in hall. Function going on full in swings. Riya and other’s sitting while Heena girls applying heena on their hands. Maya looks at Aayat and see mahi and yuvi. And get burned to see Aayat get ready. Aayat didn’t look at maya. She just went near soham and stand beside him. Dance girls comes and performed. One by one everyone dances on Many songs.All enjoying very much. Aayat see maya Almost forget her that she exist for her. Aayat eyes get wet. And fill pain.

Aayat wiped her eyes itself. She really missed twinkle and Kunj at that moment.

Aayat leave the function hall and sit beside pool area alone looking at stars talking with them.

Other [email protected] twinkle working just than Kunj call her that.

Kunj: twinkle where is that nurse number.

Twinkle: Docter gives you na. Twinkle give nurse number. Kunj called nurse later nurse comes Ansh started get panic he knows that nurse comes and give him injections.Ansh going in corner in fear.

Nurse open her bag and take out injections Ansh just looking at injections.

Twinkle and Kunj see Ansh fear on his face.

Nurse: come I don’t have time I have to go other place too. Kunj went near Ansh while he goes in backwards. Kunj hold his hands taking him near bed while Ansh started crying. Kunj forcefully laid him on the bed. Nurse fills medicines in the injection. She come near Ansh while he started flying his legs.

Nurse: hold him. Kunj hold his both legs while twinkle come and sit beside hold his both hands tightly. Nurse give him injection. As soon as injection entered in ansh body he immediately screamed in very sharp voice which shocked kunj and twinkle. Nurse gesturing to twinj that will give little bit pain. Nurse give second infection too fastly. Nurse done with this. Twinkle started rubbing that part.

Kunj: thanks. Nurse take his bag shake their hands. Nurse went from there. Twinkle cuddles Ansh tightly in her embrace let at him cry. Ansh cry for sometimes.Later Ansh sleep due to injection dozing effects.Twinkle look at him and tears dry marks printed on his face.Kunj come sit beside twinkle.Kunj takes Ansh hands in his hands. Kunj kissed on his forehead.While twinkle caressing his hairs.She too kiss.Twinkle and Kunj hands touch with each other’s. Twinkle take her hands back.She places Ansh on the bed perfectly and covered him. Kunj look at twinkle. She didn’t care. Twinkle went downstairs just than chinki calls comes twinkle get busy with her on call. Kunj standing in balcony.

Kunj: huhu siyappa Queen still angry with me. What I’ll do for her I know this time I have to apologize to her. Kunj think something. Kunj act like he thinks something but nothing isn’t coming in his mind. Kunj went downstairs searching twinkle in everywhere while sound coming from kitchen Kunj heard his moved towards kitchen and find twinkle there and see she get in cooking.Twinkle back facing to him. Kunj take step towards her in very slow way without any voice.

Kunj hugged her from back.Twinkle shocked due to this sudden act.Twinkle see kunj hands around her waist. Twinkle try to come out from his embrace. But Kunj didn’t let her go.

Kunj: Arey Twinkle don’t move see na I’m sorry. For everything please. Twinkle act like coughing. Kunj laugh on her antics.

Twinkle forcefully come out from kunj grip.

Doing her work. Kunj went near and make her face him. Kunj held her chin. Kunj see flour he takes little bit and spreads on twinkle cheeks Kunj give her smile. She looks at him with anger eyes.

Kunj: ufff this anger doesn’t suit on your chubby cheeks. 😝. Twinkle about to wipe her face while Kunj held her hands.

Kunj:he says your new facepack is good, you can make rotis on cheeks as you are hot, he says let me wipe it, he comes closer and caresses her cheeks to wipe flour.

Twinkle: don’t come near me huhu.I’ll not forgive you this time. You hurt me lot.

Kunj: uff. What I’ll do for you haa. Kunj started doing sit-ups. He held his ears too.Twinkle see him and smiled Kunj get tired. Still he does it. Kunj see twinkle while she turned her face. Kunj make puppy face. Twinkle went near him and held his hands.

Twinkle: don’t do this okay I forgive you.

Kunj get super happy full teeth smile. Kunj hugged her tightly. Twinkle push him.

Twinkle: bas bas now don’t do this go in room and see my son.

Kunj:he is sleeping peacefully. Kunj pulled her near him. Twinkle stop this cooking let’s go out for dinner.

Twinkle: acha ji why so sudden this goodness.

Kunj: don’t worry 😉. Just normally nobody is here so let’s go. What’s say.

Twinkle: hmm not today tomorrow ansh is not well. And he can’t have anything if he goes with us. Tomorrow we will go okay. Pulled his cheeks.

Kunj: aata😍

Twinkle: okay😘.

she applies it on his face instead of hers, he sternly looks at her.Twinkle lovingly wipes flour off his cheeks with her dupatta.they share love eye-lock.

Kunj: what you make in dinner haa.

Twinkle: nothing now go let me do my work kunj. She went near gas stove. Kunj to come behind her cuddles her tightly. Twinkle just nodding her head iss ka kuch nahi ho shakta hai. Kunj resting his chin on twinkle shoulder while twinkle still busy in her work. Kunj tucked her hairs behind her ears and kiss on her earlobe.Twinkle knows if she tries to stop him he doesn’t.

Kunj slide twinkle duppta and place his lips and give her wet kisses.Twinkle body shivered due to kunj touch. Twinkle just ignore him.After kunj side her hairs moving his hairs on twinkle back. Kunj observed twinkle expressions Kunj were enjoying it.

Kunj give her love bite and kiss on her nape. His hand went to twinkle back dori. While twinkle understand he about to open her dori. Before him twinkle turned around him.

Twinkle: kunjjjjj. Stop doing this here.

Kunj: you tell me where I’ll do it if not here 😛😂.

Twinkle: shut up 🤐 just go na.

Kunj: okay I’ll go just one kiss. See ansh is too not here please please.

Twinkle: no means no.We are not here for romance go.Twinkle push him. Send him out of the kitchen. Kunj take his puppy face and went in his room back. Twinkle done with her cooking. Later she takes food went in her room. Find Ansh still sleeping. Kunj changed his night dress. Twinkle place food on the table.

Twinkle: Kunj come have your breakfast.

Kunj: hmm.

Twinkle: still he didn’t wake up.

Kunj: yeah. Twinkle went near Ansh and wake up after so much struggles he open his eyes. Twinkle take him in washroom before he pee there. Twinkle changed his clothes and wash his face. Come back in her room. Kunj were already sitting and having his food. Twinkle take Ansh too. And sit beside kunj. Twinkle feed Ansh. While Kunj to feed him.After dinner twinkle get ansh medicines. Kunj see Amira pics on his phone.

Ansh: Papa she is so cute.

Kunj: hmm😍.

Twinkle: she loved you kunj hmm.

Kunj: I love her she is really adorable. Kunj and twinkle together just like Aayat. Even she was too like her. 😍. They laugh.

Twinkle: heheheh. While seeing photos some old pictures’ comes. Ansh play the video in that video Aayat playing with her feeding bottle and Sleeping near Twinkle.

Ansh: ale mamma who is she? Twinkle and Kunj see the video recalled their old memories. Which make them sad they too

Missing her so much right now. Kunj read twinkle face and change the topic.

Kunj: she is Aayat Ansh.

Ansh: hoo. But why she is with mamma. Instead of MAA. Kunj and twinkle don’t know what to say. They just simply looking at each other’s. Just than Yuvi call comes.

Kunj: ansh give me phone Yuvi Chachu.

They three is them lay down. Ansh in middle. Kunj received Yuvi call.

Yuvi: hi Kutte.

Kunj: bol saale..Twinkle gestures him Ansh is here.

Yuvi: haa. Why don’t You come here I’m got bored without.

Kunj: acha mahi kaha hai😝😝..

twinkle: what’s going on there?

Mahi: just come now after tired day.

Twinkle: acha 😂.

Mahi: di hows ansh.

Ansh: fine massi.

Mahi: good.

Ansh: massi when your baby will Come.

Yuvi: wait soon. 😛.

Ansh: uff mamma even I too want sister give me too baby like Amira. Twinkle and Kunj shocked after hearing this 😝😝. Yuvi and Mahi laughing.

Twinkle: ansh sleep.

Ansh: why I don’t have any sibling. Kunj smirked.

Kunj: haa even me too😛😛. Twinkle give him death glares.

Yuvi: between Ansh I’m with you 😂. I too want someone plays with my baby too.

Twinkle: shut up 🤐. Twinkle show eyes to Ansh. He got scared and hide in blanket.

Kunj: how was the function.

Yuvi: amazing.

Kunj: good. How’s is Aayat. Yuvi don’t know what To tell them. They will get tensed.

Yuvi: awesome I’ll send you our pictures.

Twinkle: Aacha good she is enjoying. Mahi and Yuvi were looking at each other face.

Twinkle chance Ansh he slept. Kunj pat his hand on his forehead.

Yuvi: hmm what you both were doing alone in whole house ha. You both get privacy awesome.

Twinkle: Kuch Nahi hai.

Yuvi: I know everything. Now you both whole house for romance just fulfilled Ansh wish and Kunj too😝😝😝. Kunj enjoying it twinkle just drenched in shyness.

Twinkle: Mahi see your husband. I don’t want now new baby. I m done with this two.

Kunj: huhu she always said this only she done with this two. You know Yuvi today Afzal comes with her little baby. She is so cute when you will Come we both will play with her.

Mahi: aww di see Jiju poor soul.They talk for sometime later they ended Their calls.

Twinkle:this husband and wife made. 😏.

Kunj: you will say this only bas.Twinkle what wrong in baby ha.Twinkle lay down. Kunj too. Kunj pulled her near him.

Kunj: Arey Twinkle listen to me once.

Twinkle: Kya hai. What you wanted.

Kunj: Baby 👶 😛😛😛..

twinkle: huhu😒😒😏😏.. why baby Kunj.

Kunj: I want someone to play.

Twinkle:Acha.She gestures on Ansh.

Kunj:even he too wanted baby.

Twinkle:now you stop.Twinkle resting her head on kunj chest Kunjj. I want to tell you something.

Kunj: what?? Twinkle get tensed how she will tell him.


Kunj: Bol na..

Twinkle: I’ll tell you afterwards.

Other side.

Maya and Anant talking with each other. Maya filling Anant ear against twinkle and Kunj about Aayat. Aayat comes in room. She stands in corner.

Anant: where are you Aayat?.

Aayat: woh I with Dadu. 🙂.

Maya: see your daughter Anant I call her many times, but she didn’t come. Ha just insulting me.. maya started shouting on Aayat. She started sobbing. Slightly. Aayat too yelling on maya back. Anant left the room.

Aayat: Kya hai why you shout at me ha.

Maya started arguing with her. On any shilly topic. Give me my nightdress.

Maya: why I’ll give go and take it from your chachi..

Aayat: why. Why you behaving like this with me ha…. you love everyone expect than me why I’m your daughter still mamma.

Maya: tu Mera khoon nahi hai. Tu toh us twinkle chachi ka khoon hai😡😡😡…

Aayat doesn’t know what does mean of this. She gives stress on her mind.

Aayat: Kyu me aap ka khoon nahi hu.. twinkle chachi ka Khoon Keshe??? Tell me.

Maya just went in washroom. Left Aayat alone. Aayat take her night dress in out of the room. Maya words echoed in Aayat ears that she is not her blood instead of twinkles. Sit in lobby and cried for sometime. Other side twinkle jerk in sleep. She wake up and look at Ansh and Kunj who sleeping beside her.

Twinkle: why I don’t feel good baba ji. Hope my Aayat is fine please take care of her. Leela come there and see Aayat. While sitting Aayat sleep there itself on side chair. Leela went near look at with questions eyes as well with pain too. Leela lifted her and her with hers. Twinkle feeling bad uneasy she doesn’t know why? She gets up and take Aayat pics and admire her photo.Cuddles tightly near her heart. Episode end on twinkle face or Aayat..

Precap: Aayat get sad due to maya words. She falls done. Other shocked in wedding. 

Let’s see what will happened when twinkle and Kunj come to know about her, 

Let the count down begins 😍😍😍. 

Some more left.. can’t say anything how many episodes are there it’s just depends on Story.. bye 


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