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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Panjiri rescues Prarthana

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pratap telling Kunti that thief will come again. Kunti asks Pratibha to call police. Panjiri gets tensed and asks what was the need? Sarla whispers in her ears that may be one of the bahu have been stealing the things. Khatru shows saree to Kanhaiya. Woman says saree is defeated. Kanhaiya says your thinking is defeated. He asks him to see how he sells saree. He tells her that this saree is worn by Kareena. Woman says you are selling old saree. Kanhaiya says I mean same pattern and design. Woman says it is faulty saree and goes. Khatru tells Kanhaiya that Dayal gave them waste material. Kunti asks bahus to search in the house. Kusum says I have found my kajal pencil. Panjiri thinks where did Didi hide the stuff and thinks where she can hide the stuff. Prarthana asks her

to search the stuff. Panjiri thinks Didi must have stolen the things in the temple. She comes there and sees box. She thinks to keep it back before anyone finds out. Kunti asks Panjiri if she found anything.

Panjiri says no. Pari says I got it. Kunti and others ask her. Pari says she got santra’s tablet. Kunti says we have to find chain. Panjiri keeps box in vegetable bag. Kunti takes it to keep it inside. Panjiri asks her to give it to her and says she will keep it. Kunti takes it and is about to go. Pratap asks where is she going? Kunti says it is my stuff. They snatch the bag. Box falls down and they see all the stolen things and doubts kunti. Kunti tells that she has not stolen anything. Pratap says you have stolen and then saying you didn’t do. He asks bahus to lock such a clever saas. Kunti asks who kept this in bag. Pratibha asks are you blaming us. Panjiri thinks I am doing this to save my Didi. Kunti says you might be hiding each other stuff to fulfill any revenge. Pratibha asks what you are saying. Kunti asks Pari if she did this. Panjiri says let it be, and says everyone got their things with Didi’s blessings. Kunti says you are very eager to end this matter. Prarthana asks Kunti on whom she has a doubt? Panjiri gets tensed. Pratap jokes.

Kunti comes to Prarthana and tells her that she wants to talk to her. Prarthana says ok. Kunti tells her that she has a doubt on bahus except her, as she is pujaran. Prarthana says no bahu can do this. Kunti says we have to lay the trap so that fish gets trapped by itself. She asks her not to tell anyone what they are going to do, and asks her not to tell Panjiri. Prarthana says ok and promises her. She asks her to come down in the night and says we will catch the guilty. Prarthana says ok. Kunti says if you want to have a peaceful sleep then have to get up. Panjiri adds medicine in Prarthana’s milk so that she don’t get up in the night. Prarthana thinks she shall go it. Panjiri brings milk and asks her to drink it now itself. Prarthana says no. Kunti thinks where is Didi? Panjiri makes Prarthana finish the glass and asks her to sleep, and asks not to walk in sleep. Prarthana asks what do you mean? Panjiri says you do chaar dhaam yatra even in sleep. Prarthana tells her good night. Panjiri goes. Pratibha comes to kitchen and gets water. She hears the sound and keeps the water bottle back.

Prarthana starts walking in sleep. Kunti thinks Prarthana came to help her. Pratibha brings Kanhaiya and says thief is inside. Pratibha catches Kunti thinking her to be thief.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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