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Ye ishq nahi asan #RianshOS

Hi guys!! Hope you all are doing well. Today again I came with a different love story hope you will love the concept. Let’s start:

            “YE ISHQ NAHI ASAN”

V: Are you sure what you are saying? Will it be a good start of our relationship? If we regret it in our future then? Don’t haste sweetheart.

R: No Vansh we will not regret. I want to  be an example for others. I don’t want society’s backwardness effect fell on us. If we educated people act like uneducated people then it will mean insult of education. Insult of Devi Saraswati.

V: I get amazed by your thinking. But we don’t have any income how we will live?

R: We will try to find some job. If you want then I can steal from my house when we will elope.

V: Never think about that again. They are your parents. They are acting like silly but that doesn’t mean you will steal in your own house.

R: Then let’s do one thing we will elope after 1 week. In this one week try to find a job, I will try if I get a work in clinic. We will exactly meet after one week i.e, Monday at sharp 10:00am.

V: Perfect. Tata and love you.

R: Love too.

Riddhima give him a flying kiss and left from their. 

After Vansh reaches him home:

His mom: Do you again meet with that muslim girl?

V: Mom plz her name is Riddhima not your so called” that muslim girl”.

M: Ha thik hai. Do you meet with her?

V: No.

Vansh went to his room and searches for a job.

After reaching home Riddhima was about to enter her room when,

Her Dad: Do you meet with that Hindu boy Vansh?

R: No.

D: Speaking truth or your are lying?

R: If you want to believe then believe  it,otherwise if you don’t want to then don’t.

Saying this she went to her room and searches for a job.


After one week:

Vansh is standing there and waiting for Riddhima.

V: Where is she? Is her dad get to know everything? God please save her. Please be on our favour.

Riddhima comes.

R: I know one week is less to find a job. Do you got?  I got one.

V: I also got, don’t worry so much sweetheart. But one doubt how will we marry? I mean..

R: Marriage is the purest thing. We have many rituals for marriage but the most important is heart connection. If our heart, out soul is connected no one can separate us.

Vansh hugs her: Yes sweetheart. We are one soul. We will live for ourselves. We will live our life in which we want to.

Vansh and Riddhima use to live in rent house. After getting their salary both gift each other a ring, sign of their marriage. Their parents where very angry on them but they can’t do anything. Both the families thought that they are dead for them,but Vansh and Riddhima don’t stop they move on with their relation.

After 1 year in their marriage anniversary ( they didn’t marriage officially, when they gift each other they thought that day is their marriage)

R: Happy Anniversary Vansh.

V: Happy Anniversary to you sweetheart.

R: See we spend a whole year together without any problem. You setup your own business, I opened a hosoital, we made our own house. I am really so much happy. Now our family will complete when our child will soon come to this world.

V: Yes sweeheart I am so excited for it. I will become a father. Thanks to God he is always with us.

R: Yes God help us a lot.

Riddhima gets her labour pain and Vansh takes her to hospital immediately. Doctor went inside the OT. He cames out after the operation.

V: Doctor how is my wife? What about my child?

D: Congratulations Mr. RaiSinghania. Both mother and the child is fine and you are blessed with a girl.

V: Thank you so much doctor. Can I meet with them?

D: Yes.

Vansh literally runs in happiness towards her queen and little princess. After opening the door he saw Riddhima is lying on the bed.

V(holding her hand): Thank you so much Riddhima for this wonderful and special gift in our anniversary. I can’t explain in words how much happy I am.

R: Who thanks her own wife. See our princess.

V: She is my little Riddhima.

R: What will be her name?

V: Her name should carry our name also. Her name will be Rianshi Vansh RaiSinghania. Ri for Riddhima and ansh for Vansh.

R: Rianshi Vansh RaiSinghania, I like the name.

V: Sister please give me the prescription I have to buy the medicines.

S: Yes Mr. RaiSinghania here it is.

Gives the prescription.

S: I want to ask something please don’t mind anything. Mr. Vansh is hindu and Mrs. Riddhima is muslim then what will be your child’s identity?

R & V (in unision): INDIAN.

They both look each other and smiles.

R: Her identity will be Indian. Nor a muslim nor a hindu. We don’t want our child get these type of teachings. People made these hindu, muslim, sikh, etc. But actually we are all Indians. We should not fight with ourselves. It’s our proud that we live with different types of people. I respect all the religions. But we are only and only Indian. This is our identity.

V: Exactly correct.

S:One more thing, do your parents were agreed with this marriage?

V: No they were not, we eloped.

S:Don’t you want to go stand infront of them and want to sort out?

R: We want to sort out but will they agree?

V: I don’t think so.

S: One of my friend’s situation was exactly same like you two. But they stand infront of their parents with their child and all the problems got solved.

V: Really?(excited)

S: Yes.

R: Then we can try once.

Riddhima got discharge after that day and they came back home.

V: When we will go to meet them?

R: I think we can go after 1month because Rianshi nw only came from hospital. Let her take some rest. After 1 month I think we can grow. We have to travel so much distance.

V: Yah correct.

Both of them use to take care of their princess. Sometimes Riddhima used to get irritated as Rianshi used to cry so much but Vansh always handle her with love and care. He always wants a girl because he used miss her sister so much.

After one month:

Both of them get ready and Vansh took Rianshi in his arms. First they thought to go at Riddhima’s house.

Riddhima’s Mom opened the door and she saw her daughter is standing with her husband with a child. She can’t express her feelings. She was having mix feeling of happiness as well as scare.

R’s M: Beta you came back. How are you?

R: I am fine ammi. Where is abbu?

R’s D: You came? Why you came huh? Don’t you get happy after eloping with that boy?

R: Abbu see I am so happy after marrying him. He care so much for me. See our daughter. Won’t your heart will melt seeing her?

Her father see towards her daughter. How pure ! All child have special ability to melt everyone’s heart. So is for her father. His heart totally melt.

R: Won’t you will accept us? My happiness lies on him.

R’s D: Beta I always want your happiness. I want you to be uckiest in this world. If you want to spend your life with him then spend. I always wait for you. In my heart there is no hatred for you, there is only love.

Riddhima hugs her father.

R: I love you too abbu.

Scene shifts to Vansh’s house:

Ishani : Bhai you came back. I used to wait for you everyday.

She hugs her tightly.

Vansh’s mom: Beta you came back. Thank god now everything will be fine.

Then only Riddhima enter with Rianshi and her parents.

V’s M: What are they doing? Oh that means you came back with full family?

V: Ma they all agreed to our relation you also accept it.

I: I always wanted Riddhima as my bhabi,please ma accept them.

After requesting for few minutes finally she agreed.

Angre( Ishani’s hubby): I think we should arrange a get together party.

I: Yes we will have fun.

Everybody get ready for the evening party. All were enjoying together.

I: We want that bhabi and bhai dance in a song.

They were dancing in Dhadak song.

Marhami sa chaand hai tu

Diljalasa mai andhera

Ek dooje ke liye hain

Neend meri khawab tera

Tu ghatar hai phuhaar ki

Mein ghari intezar ki

Apna milna likha issi baras haina

Jo meri manzilon ko jati hai

Tere naam ki koi sadak hai na

Jo meri dil ko dil banati hai

Tere naam ki koi dhadak hai na..

After their dance Ishani and Angre, Riddhima and Vansh having chit-chat.

V: Ishani what about your aim? You wanted to become a writer.

I: Yes bhai now I am a professional write. I wrote some books also.

V: Oh nice. Now I will be beside you always.

I: Bhai I want a permission from you.

V: Just say it.

I: I want to write a love story about you two. I want to write a story about inter-caste marriage.

R: That’s a great idea Ishani. I always want to be example for others. And you are helping me. Write it Ishani.

I: Yes I will write it. So that others also get courage. The name will be ” YE ISHQ NAHI ASAN“.

The End.

Hope you all like the concept. Do comment about your views. Comment the part you like the most. Ignore my mistakes. Load of love💖💖. Stay happy and stay safe.❤❤

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