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Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update – Pundalik is disrespecting his parent’s too due to his wrong path.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Pundalik shouting his nephew telling him that to go away because of you all my routine is disturbed & also my devotion. His nephew leaves taking his bag thinking that I shouldn’t tell his parents or they’ll shout him.
Punbdalik is telling his Prabhu that now you must have understood what I wish & which you are not liking it hence I’ll turn you from watching me & he turns his Prabhu’s idol facing backwards while Rukmini feeling shocked & also his Prabhu who tells her that human thinks he can hide his wrong path but he doesn’t understand that Prabhu understands everything without watching his devotee.
Pundalik’s friends call him as he is dreaming while he gets bugged on them for disturbing but they instead encourage telling him about the woman & he gets attracted.
Pundalik’s parent’s ask his nephew has Pundalik told you to go out of his room & he tells them the truth hence Pundalik’s father decides to alert him about his wrong path & goes near his room to call him but he hears & immediately runs with his friends but his father keeps calling him & finally enters the room but he isn’t there & also sees Prabhu’s idol being turned on other side hence he keeps it properly & pleads Prabhu to forgive him due to instigated by his friends.
Rukmini asks Shri Krishna that will you also leave your devotee alone to go on wrong path but he tells her how can I do this as Prabhu can see wrong thing happening but will have to try bringing him on right path.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that Prabhu also has watch on his devotee for bringing him on right path & never ignores him but tests him.
Pundalik is taken to garden lifting him by his friends while his parents are discussing for trying to bring him on right path.
Pundalik is enjoying dreaming about the same woman sitting in the garden whom he had met. He comes home while his friends who are praising him are also alerting him about his parent’s anger. Pundalik’s mother is reminding him about his devotion towards his Prabhu which he has forgot & also alerting him of losing his right path but he instead tells her that he too has his life for this kind of enjoyment to get hence he is doing the same like others. Pundalik also tells his nephew to also enjoy this kind of life & not always to get involved in devotion but his father shouts him & he goes inside.
Pundalik sees his Prabhu’s idol being turned again & he tries to again turn but does not thinking why he should get scared & he keeps a cloth on the idol which is seen by his Prabhu & feels bad about it.
Ganeshji explains Pushapdant that devotee always at one time may lose his right path & Pundalik was the example of keeping on falling deep in the ditch of bad path but his Prabhu never forgets him but always keeps eye for someday to show him right path till time he doesn’t realize.
Pundalik’s friends are asking him who the woman is whom he is so much attracted but he tells them he is not the person whom he’ll get so easily attracted & they suggest him to meet their friend who is flower vendor & also woman’s mentor who has lots of such beautiful woman’s he knows. Pundalik immediately leaves to meet him.
A beautiful woman comes to meet that vendor who gets attracted to her but she tells him to search a person who must be rich & will keep me like a Rani & he assures her.
Pundalik is moving towards the vendor while lot of villagers see him & one of them say that today anyhow to inform his father about his son’s behaviour being changing & losing his path.
Pundalik meets the vendor who is scared of him as he had seen him punishing the thief earlier but Pundalik instead asks to show for bringing some charm in his life & he gets confused but later he understands & stops him reminding about the woman he had met some time back & he praises that woman telling about her to Pundalik & he decides to meet her at night but vendor intimates him that she needs money for enjoyment & he tells him he can do anything.

Precap: Villagers ask Pundalik’s father that the teaching you give us is just only for us or your son too & he asks why are you asking this way & they tell him that we have seen him going with the flower vendor of woman’s with whom he went to such place or may be to some woman it seems. Pundalik’s father bursts in tears & gets shattered while Pundalik’s nephew & his mother are handling him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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