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Teri Laadli Mein 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Surendra Shocked With Yash’s Behavior

Teri Laadli Mein 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Daadi over video call asks Yash to return home soon as Surendra has arranged a her birthday party. Pratap enters, and Yash disconnects call. Pratap says if he wants to justify his yesterday’s act. Yash reminiscing the vent apologizes him. Pratap says his doubt was right that Yash wants to become ghar jamai and says he will help him with that if he leaves his family. He shows him coins and notes and asks to choose one. Yash chooses note bundle. Pratap smirks and thinks now he will take revenge from Surendra.

Bitti thanks Raju for helping him get a new job. Raju says its okay. Akshat with Sakshi stops car near a roadside coffee shop. Sakshi says they will choose a white theme for their wedding. Akshat senses Bitti’s prepared coffee smell and orders a coffee. He sips it and asks waiter who prepared it. Waiter points at Bitti. Sakshi says new job, nice. Akshat angrily pays bill and leaves. Sakshi signals Bitti to pick money and leaves. Akshat return to office canteen and asks Raju if he got Bitti’s job. Raju says yes. He asks how is the place and boss. Raju says he need not worry as its a good place.

Urmila prepares cake and dishes for Daadi’s birthday. Daadi plays game with Surendra and her friends and says once her grandson comes, he will make her win. Surendra looks at door and continues playing. Gauri reaches home and meets Urmila and Bitti. Her husband Rajat calls her and orders to ask money from her parents. She says her papa doesn’t have money now. He warns to arrange money somehow or else he himself will come there to take money. Bitti walks to her and signals what happened. Gauri says she is fine and leaves wiping her tears. Bitti brings snacks for Daadi and her friends. Daadi asks friends to have snacks and not complain later. Bitti video calls Richa. Akshat takes phone and says he has problem with his phone, so he asked Bitti to call him on Richa’s phone. Richa leaves Akshat warns Bitti to stay away from his sister or else he will not spare her. Bitti stands crying. Urmila sees her and asks if Ammaji taunted her. Bitti says no as these are happy tears seeing her papa and daadi happy after many years. Urmila asks to wipe her tears and rejoin them. Daadi and Surendra eagerly wait for Yash. Her friends say that Yash will not come, so she should cut cake as they need to return home soon.

Surendra says he will bring Yash and walks away. Bitti follows him. Yash enjoys snacks and thinks he lured Richa for this lavish life. He is about to bite a cake when Surendra hits his hand and making him sit asks if anyone told anything, he will handle them. Yash reminisces Pratap’s warning. Surendra holds him and asks to speak. Pratap pushes Surendra away. Bitti waits for Surendra near gate. Pratap asks Surendra not to create drama at his home, why is he bothering if his son wants too stay here. Surendra holds his collar and warns not to interfere. Bitti sees a Muslim saint and requests to pray for her father. Pratap asks Yash if he can see his father misbehaving with him. Surendra gets more angry and manhandles him. Yash pushes him away and shouts to go away from there. Surendra stands shatterd seeing that. Yash ask shim to return home. Akshat enters and asks what happened. Surendra holds Pratap’s collar again. Akshat asks him to leave Pratap and calls security. Surendra continues venting out his anger on Pratap/ Yash warns him to dare not speak ill about Pratap as he is like his father. Surendra stands shocked. Pratap sends Yash away and warns Surendra that he will take revenge via his son. Surendra reacts again. Yash orders guards to kick him out of house. Guards drag Surendra out while he warns Pratap that he will take away his son from here for sure. Akshat says Yash that he wants to kick him out, but cannot for Richa’s sake. Guards beat Pratap brutally. Bitti seeing that breaks lights and beats guards. He then helps severely injured Surendra get up. Surendra seeing her face pushes her away and walks away himself. Bitti stands crying.

Precap: Daadi leads Yash to come to police station and tell police that his papa is innocent. Yash says he will not, let papa suffer for his act and pushes Daadi. Daadi falls. Bitti holds her and slaps Yash.

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