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Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Alukik finally catches the thief after disguising as a Mannequin

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Asthik questions why are the tieing him, Sargam reveals that when the theif would pick the mannequin he would be dragged, then Asthik is dragged to the door, Sargam along with the family rush to the gate however are not able to walk outside because Asthik is trapped and they decide what to do, he says that they should cut the rope however Chedilal refuses to allow them to cut the rope exclaiming that it is not of anyone’s use, Asha advises to break the glass door but Chedilal says that he is saying of breaking a five thousand door for a mannequin worth five hundred rupees. They are finally able to walk outside but the thieves have run away with the mannequin.
Chedilal comes back with the new mannequin, Munna places it on the front door and then demands the money, he gives him five hundred rupees, Munna asks for the money to deliver it but Chedilal says that because of him, he has been able to sale a lot of mannequins however munna requests for the money however Chedilal orders Appu to take him out of the house.

Chedilal says that he is thinking to ask Appu to lift the mannequin as it would save his money, Sargam exclaims that he has spent a lot of money for the sake of catching the mannequin, Asthik asks what would they do now because the thief would steal someone else’s’ mannequin, Chedilal refuses to take any more risk as he cannot lose any more mannequin, Sargam and Appu explains that they have changed the plan and they would place a mannequin outside the shop however it would not be the one which he has brought but Alukik, Chedilal also agrees.

Sargam is preparing Alukik, Appu and his brothers exclaim that he is looking like a mannequin, Chedilal exclaims that it is the best idea as the thief would come and try to take him but would be caught, Alukik asks if they would feel bad if anything happens to him, Asthik mentions that they would feel bad because if the thief steals the mannequin once again then it would cause a lot of problems. Alukik asks he is asking how they would feel if anything happened to him, Asha asks him to not move, Sargam finally finish then asks him to not move, he says that she is finished then why should he not move, Appu explains that she is asking him to act like a mannequin because they do not move under any circumstance. Sargam asks him to go and take the blessings of Grandfather, Alukik explains that he would have to move for that which delights Sargam then he moves.

Appu and Asthik are fixing Alukik when Chedilal asks them to wear their shoes as the time has come, Eklawya demands new shows but Chedilal says that he is asking to create more expense, he calls Appu and Asthik to come and discuss, Alukik also comes but is stopped by Chedilal who says that the meeting is for him.

They walk to the other side when a customer comes and starts looking at Alukik, they demand that they give her the sarree however Appu explains that the saree is not for sale but the lady demands the same sarree, then when she is about to hand them a money, another customer comes demands the same sarree however they try to request them when Alukik asks Chedilal that they should take out the pack of cards to ascertain who would get the sarree, the customers get tensed upon hearing his voice, Chedilal explains that he is not the mannequin and there is a fancy dress competition so his sister in law is helping him get ready. They all request the customer to come inside however the leaves, Chedilal orders Appu and Asthik to take him to the location otherwise he would scare more customers.

Asthik and Appu lift him but get tried just when they reach the shop of Gupta je, he comes out mentioning that life would not let them live and he would not let them die, he orders them to take the mannequin elsewhere when Asthik asks him to not worry, he gets scared, Appu and Asthik place him around the corner of the street.

Alukik is standing, Asha mentions that the thief would not come however Eklawya is convinced that he would surely come, a dog comes and starts biting the sarree at which Alukik asks him to leave and they would talk in the night, he leaves, Chedilal says that even dogs listen to his words which he cannot understand, the thief arrives and after circling Alukik picks him up, he catches them both, they are shocked to see that he is Munna and the auto driver.

Chedilal asks Munna that he stole the mannequin which he bought from him, Sargam also says that the auto driver is also stealing, Munna along with the auto driver explain that Chedilal is a minimizer and doesnot even give them proper money so they were forced to become a robber, Sargam mentions that they should not have become the robber, Chedilal says that there is a punishment for robbery, they then make them both promise to never steal, they also ask Sargam to make Chedilal promise that he would not be such a minimizer, they both leave and get tensed after seeing Alukik Grandfather exclaims that Sargam says that they should not be such a minimizer, Chedilal starts explaining when they all leave.

Alukik comes out of the bathroom and Eklawya brings the shampoo for him, Chedilal questions why did he have to bring a shampoo worth five rupees when Sargam comes, Alukik hides and then Sargam hands him the shampoo, she asks Eklawya to drink the milk which he drops, she is about to wipe it off when Chedilal calls Alukik asking him to take bath from milk but he rushes back inside, Chedilal exclaims that he would be really happy after seeing the mirror.

Precap: Alukik says to Chedilal that he has a feeling something wromng would happen if he walks out of the house, Chedilal gets hit by a car and a whole bucket of blue paint pours over him, he starts yelling at the lady not knowing that she is Sargam’s mother, she exclaims that she would find the person which worries Chedilal.

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