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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 18

I don’t know what happened to me…but I am not getting interest to write my ff..

The episode starts with:

Riddhima was continuasly crying.. Sejal and anika felt bad for her.. they went to anika’s room. Sejal decided to call vansh.

At RS Mansion:

Vansh was sitting in his room with Ishani, sia Aryan shivaay and angre. Suddenly he recieves Sejal’s call.

Sia: bhaiii…your saali(sister in law) is calling…ohooo(teasing).

Vansh: shut up sia.

He was about to pick up the phone but shivaay snatched it from him and put it on speaker.

Vansh: hellooo..

Sejal(crying): sir..sir.. Riddhima..

Vansh: what happened to Riddhima..tell me.

Sejal: dad came to know about you both..he locked Riddhima and she is continuously crying…

Vansh: oh god I am coming don’t worry…

Everyone was shocked listening to Sejal.. vansh left from there. He entered malhotra mansion..

Aayush: why are you here??? Mr vansh..

Vansh: uncle don’t do this with Riddhima please..she loves me..you are snatching her happiness..

Aayush: I know what is right for my daughter..she is at the age where she must pay attention on her studies and become a successful doctor…

Vansh: but uncle…she is studying..I will not become an obstacle in her studying..I promise you she will become a successful doctor…but for that she needs love…

Aayush: I don’t think she would be able to study if she gets in these love matters..

Aastha: Aayush I guess vansh is right…somewhere..they are not going to marry..they are just living as lovers..our daughter knows the value of education..

Aayush: but…

Aastha and vansh pacify Aayush for a long time..they get succesful.

Aayush:ok I think you both are right..

Vansh smiles.

Aayush: but how come you know about this?

Vansh: actually uncle..

Sejal comes there..

Sejal: uncle I informed him..

Anika: yes dad..

Aayush: thank god..you both did something good for the first time.

Anika and Sejal (in unision): dad/uncle!!

They all laugh.

Vansh: uncle now unlock Riddhima..she must be crying..

Aayush: yes yes come..

They leave to riddhima’s room.. Aayush unlocks it.. the door opens and everyone got shocked..

Vansh (shouting): Riddhimaaaaaa….

Done for today guys..sorry for a short one..and see I am posting at this strange time 😂😂. I usually post it after 10 and it gets available for you all after 2 mins..today I don’t know what am I doing 😶😂

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