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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 16

Hello everyone i m back bt i m so disappointed that my previous episode didn’t get comments as usual plz do support guys.. as i m going to end this soon…

So episode starts

Scene 1

Vansh – now he will face VR’s wrath
Angre – i was dying to take my revenge

Vansh – he raped my sweetheart and tried to molest my sister i won’t leave him😬

Angre – he will wish for death but won’t get it so easily😣

Vansh – we are coming aryan..u will regret why u got saved that day…😬

And suddenly thhhhhddddd!!!!

Aaryan zinda hai….

Vansh – riddhimaaa!!! Tum yaha…😦

(She drop the tray of breakfast from her hand)

Angre – ishani u here…😰

Riddhima,(scared) – he is alive why did u lied vansh😵

Ishani – how can u keep him alive angre

Vansh – becoz death is small punishment for him

Ab use apne paida hone pr bhi afsos hoga..

Angre – u  two stay here..
We are going

Riddhima – i will come with u..

Ishani – so will i..

Vansh – no !!! U wouldn’t be able to see that

Riddhima – he just saw my weakness now he will see my fierceness

Ishani – now he will get to know what girls can do..

Scene 2

Aryan is tied up at chair with all around darkness

Riansh and ishangre come

Vansh – welcome to VR’ s hell aryan…

Now u will see my torture

Riddhima – let me do the honour vansh…

He is lying there with so many wounds on his body.

Riddhima goes near him and slapped him until she broke down.. And started crying

Vansh holds her..

Angre goes near aryan and started cutting his fingers

He is wrenching in pain and shouting loudly…

Angre (angry) – u have used this fingers to touch my  sona and ishani.. now they are of no use..

Then Vansh come to aryan and started pouring hot water on him

Vansh (fierce) – u tried to harm my princess and my sweetheart now regret

Vansh and angre started beating him very much

Riddhima is crying and ishani is consoling her..

Ishani – u wanted to have s*x na

Now see what will we do..

She signalled angre and angre nodded his head firmly

He goes to aryan and chopps his private part with sharp tool

Aryan is wrenching in pain and his voice is echoing at whole place

Blood is ozzing from his body..

And riddhima shouted and hugged vansh…

Vansh – shhh!! Sweetheart he got his punishment plz don’t cry

Riddhima – no vansh..i m not weak..i was waiting for this moment since ages..

I wanted to show his that girls are not weak…

(Guys i m using a poetry her i wrote this few months ago at the time of priyanka reddy’s rape case of UP i don’t know why i m using this here I hope u all like it..)

She says with fierceness

Kyu bebas khada hai aj sara hindustan

Jab sare aam taar taar ho rhi hai kisi ke ghr ki shaan

Ek taraf jise maa kaali smjh kr pujte ho

Dusri trf use hi hawas bhri nigaho se ghurte ho

Andhere me lut kar kisi ladki ki aabru..

Tum kaliyug ke dushasan kehelaoge

Yaha toh bach gye pr kya upr wale ke adalat se bch paoge

Tum kaliyug ke dushasan ho to me bhi kaliyug ki draupadi kehe laungi

Bhale hi na aye mere govind ..me apni laaj swayam bachaungi

Tum nazare uthao me tumhe jala kar raakh kr dungi

Apni laaj ke khatir tumhe mitti me mila kr khaak kr dungi

Har galti pdegi tumhari tum pr hi bhari..

Kyuki aaj ki naari vinashakari

Tum kalyug ke ravan ho to me bhi kalyug ki vaidehi kehe laungi

Is bar me sita agni pariksha tumse hi dil waungi

Kab tk tumhari darindagi pr me nirbhaya kehe laungi

Kab tk me tumhare haatho bewajah hi maari jaungi

Kese me apna dard kisi or ko sunaungi

Is gunge logo ke desh me kese me apni awaz uthaungi

Kyu khade ho chup..bacha lo apne desh ka maan

Kahi bin aurat ho na jaye pure sansar ka vinash


And he takes her out from there…

Ishani is crying very much…

Angre comes near her and she hugs him

Ishani – i can’t see this angre i m so weak..😭

Angre (consoling her) – sshh!! Don’t cry u r so strong he is gone now…

And they both leave too

Scene 3

VR mansion

Vansh – everything is fine now…

Riddhima – yes vansh and i m soo happy

He kissed her forehead and they both hugg each other..

Riddhima (hitting his chest) – i m angry with u..😬

Vansh – for what😒

Riddhima – becoz u tried to end ur life..what if something happened to u that day

Vansh (banged his head) -u r angry on that..uff tum ladkiya bhi na…

BTW i was not trying to end my life sweetheart i just went there for some peace nothing else but when i saw u i thought to play along so that u would confess ur feelings and see it worked😎

Riddhima( started hitting him) – u… Cheater….i don’t want to talk to u..go.😣

Vansh pulls her by her waist…

Vansh – u r not permitted to go away from me.. Sweetheart…

And she kissed him on his cheeks

Riddhima (blushes) – i don’t want to go..away from u…

Scene 4

Ishani’s room

Angre knocks the door

Ishani – come !!

Angre (hesitantly) – ishani i want to talk to u..can i

Ishani – is this the thing to ask angre go ahead…

Angre – i know ishani what happened yesterday was not right plz forgive me i don’t know what happened to me..i lost my control and..

Ishani ( holding his hands) – don’t be sry angre we both were at fault equally i too lost my control..after seeing u..u were looking so hot.. And i

And she stops keeping her palm on her mouth..

Angre (smirking) – so was looking hot that u couldn’t able to resist urself

Ishani (blushing and hitting his arm) – shut up angre i was just…

Angre – its ok ishu..i understand

Ishani – hey what’s these ishu…

Angre – nickname yr….like boss calls sona sweetheart ..

Ishani – then give some lovely name na what’s these ishu..

Angre (winking) – ok jaan😉

Ishani (glares) – u…i won’t spare u..

And he run away from there…

Done for today guys the is longest epi according to me..

Plz do more m more comments and shower ur love..

And that poetry is not meant for the scene i just wanted to show u all my master piece that’s it..

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