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#Riansh Born to be united.. Episode 9

Hello everyone..I am back with another episode..as you all insisted me to post asap so I thought to post it today only..as the previous episode was short also..so lets start.

Episodes starts..

Aryan was..😶😶

Sejal:- I think both Riddhu and Vansh are not in ther senses…

Dadi I think you should taste..

Dadi taste the food..

Everyone was waiting for dadi’s reaction.. especially Aryan..

Dadi:-Yes Riddhima you are right..It is..Sorry Aryan beta but it is not good as Sejal was telling us..

Vansh:-Dadi you are saying it is not good but this is not even cooked properly..

Riddhima,Kabir and Sejal was shocked they did not believe this from Aryan..

Aryan:- Wait let me taste..I cannot cook bad and this time were I have to prove myself..no never..

Aryan tasted the food..

Aryan:- What the hell I have not made this food😲

Trust me Vansh I have not made this..😰

Ishani did not able to control ..and said “Sorry Aryan this was Aksh’s plan..😂😂”

And I thought of troubling you and Siya a little bit so it was just a prank..

Flashback starts

Ishani to one of the servent who was going to help Aryan in serving the food..

Ishani:- replace the food by this bowls and keep these made by Arayn there..

Servant does the way Ishani said..

Ishani and Aksh hi-fi..

Aksh:- Now we will have some fun..

Flashback ends..

Aksh:- Mom why you said right now you spoil my plan..you should have wait till mamu’s decision..😝

Siya:- Ishani seriously this was a prank😤..and Aksh you …I will see you..😐

Aryan was shocked 😨😢

Vansh:- Thank God it was a prank or else I have to deny Aryan for the marriage …(which I don’t want)

Now I think we should taste the food made by Arayn..

Siya:- It means bhai you were also pranking us..you were agree for me Arayn before hand only??

Vansh:- yes Siya..I already know Aryan is a nice guy..and he has all the abilities and qualities to keep you happy..

So you can take it as a punishment for both of you to hide this matter from us..😉

Everyone was shocked knowing the truth they never expected that Vansh can prank even at this serious matter…

Dadi’s pov..

Thank God..my old Vansh is back..this is all because of Riddhima and her friends…

Thanking Riddhima in her mind…(God bless you beta what you have done was not easy)..

Ishani’s pov

Seriously bhai can do this ..I and Aksh have pranked so that everyone’s mood can be light and they can take the decision in a happy mood..but bhai…😳😳

Ishani:- bhai we never expected this from you..🤨

Riddhima:- Why is he pranked you all first time..I don’t think so after seeing his behaviour..🧐

Chanchal:- You will not believe but Vansh have pranked us after a long time..😳

Vansh understands that chachi can take Ragini’s name so he diverted the topic..

Vansh:- I think we should taste food made by Arayn first we all can talk later…

Ishani:- Yes bhai you all wait I will bring the food made by Aryan..

Aryan:- But this time Ishani don’t replace it as I have already got 2 Shocked and have been pranked so I am in not in a mood again to be pranked…😢😥

Aksh:- Don’t worry dude we will not give you more shock..😂

Aryan:- that’s better..😌

Sejal to Riddhima:- Riddhu do you know that Vansh is pranking Aryan..

Riddhima:- yes he told me yesterday ni..

Sejal:- Wait why only you..(cutting in between)

Riddima:-(thinking) Thank God I didn’t say night or else what will Sejal think..

Riddhima:- Because you can’t kep a secret😉

Ishani:- So here is the dish made by Aryan..

Aryan:- Wait first I will taste..🧐

Arayn tastes and say’s yes this is the food that I have made so now you all can taste it..😌

All tastes food made by Arayn..

Dadi:- Really Sejal your brother is talented..he is so nice at cooking..

Sejal:- I have told you na ..I am never wrong..😉

Aryan:- Thankyou dadi(taking dadi’s blessings)☺️

Vansh – yes it’s really very nice Aryan..

Aryan:- Thanks Vansh!!☺️..that means you are ready for our marriage na??

Vansh:- yes I was ready for the marriage yesterday only..I was just checking both of your patience level..

Aryan:- Thank you Vansh..

Siya:- Thank you Vansh bhai..

Vansh:- ☺️

Chanchal:- I am very glad that my son in law is a chief..now when Ever I want I can have some delicious food..

Aryan:- sure Aunty..

Chanchal:- not aunty…Mom.you can call me mom..

Aryan hugs chanchal..

Ajay:- So marriage is final so we can decide about engagement..

Dadi:- yes beta let’s go..

Aksh:- you all old people go..😉 we youngster we will play basketball as promised beautiful..☺️(to riddhima)

Riddhima:- hmm..done..

Dadi:- okay you all go..but don’t fight..

Ishani:- Dadi you think we will fight..??

Dadi:- yes as you son’s says you all are youngsters so as usual youngsters always fight and it is responsibility of us old people to warn you all..😉

Aksh:- Right dadi we will not fight okay!!

Dadi, chanchal, Rudra,uma and ajay left..

Vansh:- So who will decide the team..

Aksh:- Chits !!

Riddhima:- Nice idea so lets start..

Team was like this…

Team A :- Ishani , Aksh,Riddhima and Kabir

Team B:-Siya,Vansh,Aryan and Sejal..

Siya:- So captain are Vansh bhai and Riddhima..

Riddhima:- Just see Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania…your defeat is on the way..

Vansh:- you are in misunderstanding me Miss.Riddhima.

Arayn:- No Vansh Riddhima is expert in basketball..

Siya:- Wait Arayn Vansh bhai is also not less he is also expert in basketball even more expert than Riddhima..

Game starts;-

Ishani says one member from enemy team will be out after 10 points.

Both the team members are competing well…

Kabir takes the ball from Vansh and passes to Riddhima. Aksh asks Vansh mamu you will loose now as we have more strong player than you in our team..Vansh smiles. Kabir takes the ball from Riddhima and throws in the basket. Riddhu says come on Vansh, accept your defeat. Vansh says no Riddhima, its decided in the end. She scores a point. Ishani got sprain in her leg she goes out..The game goes on. Vansh looks at Riddhima and winks.. Vansh’s team gets 10 points. Ishani says Vansh bhai, tell me, whom to remove. Vansh says Aksh can rest. Aksh goes. Aryan also goes.. because he is tired…Ishani says Vansh bhai’s team scored 20 points now, whom to remove. Vansh says you, out please. Kabir goes. Aksh asks Riddhima not to lose. Riddhima scores points. Siya goes. Everyone claps…Sejal also get tired and leave the game now only Vansh and Ridhima are left..

Vansh:- I have said na I will not loose so easily..

Riddhima:- lets see Mr. You have not win yet..

Riddhima was dripping the ball when her hair get opened and vansh was lost in her thoughts..and Riddhima scored the basket..

Riddhima:- I have said na Vansh I will win..

He didn’t realise that the game was over..

Vansh:- It’s okay..You have not won by yourself.. I thought to give you the opportunity to feel what is the meaning of winning…😉 So I just missed my goal for you..

Riddhima:- Oh! Hello why don’t you accept your defeat..😏

Dadi comes..I said na don’t you dae to fight..

Riddhima:- See na dadi your grand son is cheating..he is not accepting his defeat..

Dadi:- Vansh’s what is that…you should accept your defeat..

Vansh:- Dadi I was just joking..

Dadi:- you all get freshen up..then I have to tell you one important thing about Arayan’s and Siya’s engagement..

Everyone goes to their respective rooms and freshen up ..

Precap:- Angre enters the mansion..

Riddhima seeing angre faints..

Vansh:- Riddhima !!!!

So I hope you all like it..

Do comments..

And if any mistakes is there pls bare it as I have written this episode in a very short note..

Be safe..

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