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Regretting my decision #riansh #ff (episode 3)

So the episode start at vr mansion dorbell rang and scene shift to Malhotra mansion ridhima and the man sitting at dinning table and having breakfast.
R:- Work done aku( nickname full name to know later)
A:- Ofc riddhu so finally ur free (smirking)
Ridhima was sad but this was needed .
Vr mansion
Servant gives a parcel to vansh and say this was sent to u and the man is waiting for u to return it after seeing this and left. Vansh open the parcel and see some paper and it was divorce papers send by Ridhima.  He felt pain in his heart but he also wanted to end his relationship with her so with heavy heart je signed the paper and asked the servant to give this to the courier boy standing outside.  He left for his office to make himself distract from ridhima thoughts but nothing was working he got frustrated.
Malhotra mansion
Here aku was trying to cheer up ridhima and she was giving him fake smile
A:- Ridhima till when will u be sad I can’t see u like this pls smile for ur akshay ur aku.Pls (with puppy eyes)

(Pearl V Puri asAkshay Malhotra. A well known and powerful businessman.  Owns Malhotra group of companies.  India’s best businessman.  Competitor of vansh.)
R smiled at one of the worst puppy face in the whole world a d said u know how ugly u like while making this face. (Smiled and akshay also smiled and hugged and said finally u smiled huh but now we are going outside so get up and ya this is an order ok. Ridhima smiled. They went to their rooms and after sometime came downstairs to leave but the doorbell rang .
A:- Main dekh ke aatu hun kon hai . (Opened the door and received the parcel and smirked) So finally madam u r free I know u will be very upset but riddhu try to understand that he didn’t deserved u he should have listened to u na but he huh now he will see the real ridhima.
Here ridhima was on the verge of crying but didn’t wanted to fall weak as this thing was totally right but her heart was not ready for this step but it was indeed needee. Aku saw her state and tightly hug her.
A:- Ridhima sometimes u have to take some decisions which are not acceptable by heart but important for ur self-respect.  So pls my baby stop crying.
Ridhima hugged him tightly amd sobbed
R:- U know na aku how much I love him but still he …. (she was unable to speak further like the words stuck in her throat .
Vansh just thank to god that u r still not on bed and working properly if it was not ridhima I would have beaten u brutally.  But just bcs of her I am leaving but still I can’t forgive u vansh. Bsc of ur stupidity ridhima is suffering but now she will always smile I know it will take time but she would again be back to her old self and this is my promise to myself. (With determination in his face)
POV end
A:- Chalo ab ke pandit ji ko bulanu muhrat ke liye(lightning the environment)
Ridhima wiped her tears and smiled and both left to enjoy their day out.
3 in afternoon
R:- huh aku today na u I will kill u like itni ghatiya movie thi .
A:- Sorry par ab toh tera mood theek ho gya khana khane ke baad (laughing) bhukkad. (Laughing)
R(makes a side pout)
A:- Accha ab ghar chalte hain raat ko bhi bahar jana hai toh rest kar lete hain.
R:- ok babes (giggling)🤭
At VR mansion
D:- (on phone call)Vansh tu jaldi aa siya ko hosh aa rha hai doctor keh rhe hain ki usse ek ghante mein hosh aajayega tu bhi jldi aa.
V:- (smiling while having tears) Dadi main abhi aata hu. Bas abhi office se nikalta hun (thinking) finally ridhima tumhare dhoke ke baad kuch accha hua .
Here our ridhima got a call
Unknown:- ridhima sia ko hosh aagya hai.
R:- (smiling with moist eyes) what finally pls uska dhyan rkhna main vaha nhi hun par tu hai.
U:- hmm(sadly) ridhima kaash ye aahna ka drama na hua hota toh sab theek hota par but u can meet sia na sabke saamne nhi par baad mein akele toh mil skti hai. Pls aaja am missing u pls riddhu
R:- sorry main nhi aa skti I can’t u know na and don’t worry hum toh milenge main vr mansion mein nhi hun iska matlab ye thodi na hake hum mil nhi skte .
U:- ok as u say but take care haan I know u so just take care. Bye
R:- bye
After around 1hr sia was opening her eyes and someone was updating ridhima about sia. Vansh was also present their
V:- Sia pls open ur eyes fastly ur bhai i waiting sia( moist eyes)
Slowly slowly sia opened her eyes and vansh immediately hugged her and sia also hugged him back.

So guys well it’s no father figure an and am confused like the way they were talking in last episode show it that ofc it’s not father figure and many said that kabutar is the prsn no way yaar😂. I was laughing actually don’t mind me and guys hope u all are finding my story interesting but don’t know why I don’t think so and if u don’t find it interesting I would like to emd it earlier not giving much pls share ur views on this as am feeling like that. Take care. Luv u all 💕

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