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RadhaKrishn 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Promise To Tulsi

RadhaKrishn 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna tells Radha that the problem is very tough, so she shouldn’t fall into it. Radha says she has to as its a question of woman’s dignity. Krishna says Tulsi doesn’t love Shankchurn much now as she realized that Shankchurn doesn’t love her, that is why Shankchurn’s powers are decreasing and its a beginning of his end and hence she shouldn’t interfere. Radha says she cannot go leaving Tulsi like this and leaves while he tries to explain her. Radha returns to Tulsi as Madhavi. Tulsi asks if she didn’t go yet. Tulsi asks if she didn’t go yet Radha says she will not go until her pooja finished as her love is great. Tusi thanks her and asks if her prayers are reaching Shanchurn. Radha reminisces Krishna’s words and says she should remove bad memories of the person she loves like removing thorns from flowers, then everything will be good. Tulsi reminisces Shankchurn’s love for her and prays smilingly.

Shankchurn’s energy returns and starts defeating gods. He gets happy and continues attacking gods. Tulsi thanks Madhavi for giving her this idea and asks her to promise not to go until she regains her love for Shankchurn. Radha promises her. She returns to her room and tries to unpack her potli/bag. Krishna walks to her and says potli knot will not open as it became strong with her promise. Radha says only bad may happen to her and nothing else. Krishna says Tulsi reminisced moments spent with him and not Shankchurn, so if she will give him to Tulsi. She thinks she just Tulsi’s wish to be fulfilled but cannot lose Krishna at any cost.

Krishna again disguised as Shankchurn returns to Tulsi happily. Tulsi says seeing him happy, looks like he won today. He apologizes her with bent head. She requests not to do that. He says he is not ashamed to apologize him with bent head. She requests him to be like this forever and hugs him. Radha enters and gets sad seeing that. Krishna thinks he told her that she cannot tolerate the pain after her promise to Tulsi. Radha walks away.

Soldiers praises Shankchurn. Shankchurn says he is more powerful than before and they will attack all loks/worlds, all kings are afraid of him and even Prithvilok’s king Krishna is afraid of him; they will attack Mahadev’s lok Kailash as even Mahadev cannot defeat him. Gauri hearing that tells Mahadev that cruel Shankchurn wants to attack their lok and asks him if he will not confront Shankchurn. Mahadev says his aradhya Narayan will protect all looks. Gauri says she doesn’t know if Krishna can stop Shankchurn. Mahadev says its part of Krishna’s plan. Gauri gets worried for Radha seeing Krishna luring Tulsi.

Krishna walks to Radha and troubles her. She angrily asks to go away from here. He orders her to clean his room right now and should know the consequences of spoiling his room. She says he is acting like Shankchurn now and she will punish him. He says he already told her its inappropriate to stay back, so she has to watch all this. She asks if she asked him to get intimate with Tulsi. He says Tulsi was intimate with Shankchurn. She says she saw him and not Shankchurn. He asks not to fight like asurs. She asks him to go as she is staying to fulfill her promise. They throw pillows on each other.

Shankchurn walks towards Kailash saying he will win whole universe and control it. Gods thinks Mahadev is meditating, who will protect Kailash now. One god says there is one power which can stop Shankchurn. Balram thinks where did Radha and Krishna go uninformed. Gods appears and request him to protect Kailash from Shankchurn as he is attacking Kailash. Balrma is shocked and asks how is it possible. God says because of Radha and Krishna, they increased Tulsi’s love for Shankchurn and with her power of love, he is winning all worlds, so he should protect Kailash. Balram asks them to stop Shankchurn from attacking kailash until he finds a solution. Gods says because of Krishna, Shankchurn’s powers have increased. Balram assures to speak to Krishna.

Krishna asks Radha to speak to him. She says she doesn’t have waste time. He says he came to waste her time and fights with her with pillows. Tulsi walks into Madhavi’s room and seeing Shankchurn there asks what is he doing here, she came to seek Madhavi’s help in pooja arrangements. Shankchurn asks Madhavi to go with Tulsi. Radha agrees, and Tulsi leaves. Krishna throws pillow on Radha again and says if she is sad, she should tell him to inform his truth to Tulsi. She says he himself told that he will inform when time goes, she came here to fulfill her promise made to Tulsi, all this is happening because of him and cruel Shankchurn. He asks if she really thinks its all his mistake and says he will not tell Tulsi until Radha asks and will let Tulsi do whatever she wants with him. She says she doesn’t care. He asks not to blame him later. He says he should end Shankchurn. He says as she wishes.

pPrecap: Radha offers her prepared kheer to Krishna. Krishna says he will only have Tulsi’s prepared kheer. Tulsi feeds him and after some time Radha. Tulsi noticing that stops her.

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