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Qurbaan Hua 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat enters the house after disguising herself as a young Sikh boy

Qurbaan Hua 7th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahil answers the call, Alka mentions that she is the mother of Shlok and Dua is with them in their house, Sahil is relieved thanking Allah that he has gotten the location of his daughter Alka asks if he would allow Dua to stay with them till the end of the function, Sahil mentions that they can keep her until they desire as there is no problem now that he knows where she is, they can keep her until they desire. Alka wonders how what kind of father he is as he doesnot care for his daughter, Dua asks if her father has allowed her to stay in their house, Alka leaves after smiling.

Dua exclaims that she would now help them in the decoration, she asks Neel what is the purpose of the hammer, he explains she can hit his head with it, she is about to hit him when her hair gets stuck on the hammer and she is not able to hit him, Dua ask Neel to help her comb her hair however he refuses to, she asks them how would she hit his head, he takes the hammer explaining that she is like an animal.

Shlok starts making fun of her after the words which her father has used for her, Shlok offers to help her and then combs her hair however she doesnot like it, he mentions that he only knows of a single style which is for really long hairs however Dua is not able to understand the words.

Neel asks Alka to hurry, she is coming down exclaims that she is going for shopping and they should also accompany her, Dua mentions that she really likes shopping, and they all leave.

Chahat reaches the house and exclaims that she is coming after six years but needs to find the truth and why is Neel along with the family members not doing anything knowing that Vyas je is missing, she hears some yatri’s coming and then sees Vyas je, she is shocked to see him so wonders what is happening because he seems healthy, he sits on the seat, Godamabri washes his feet saying that his feet would have gotten sore from the heat, he exclaims that there is no heat because of this is the punishment which they have gotten, he then walks inside, Chahat is worried so calls the hospital asking the nurse to show her the patient who is at the bed thirty six, she is shocked to see that he is still in the hospital. Chahat wonders what she could do so then decides to call Bophandar.

Bopho is really shocked and exclaims that he cannot understand such complicated words, she is saying that there are two Vyas je because he saw him every day for the past six years and he seemed the same as before, he asks if the person whom she met in Delhi is fake, Chahat however disagrees saying that it cannot be possible as he reacted when she had a conversation with him and they way he reacted after hearing of Devpriagh proved that he is the real Vyas je, she however questions her judgment, Chahat is adamant to enter the house and find the truth, Bopho asks how would she do it as everyone in the family hates her she sees the wig so has an idea.

Chahat comes dressed as a young Sikh, Bopho also gets happy seeing her. Chahat is worried so asks if Bopho thinks that someone would recognize her however he assures her that nothing would happen, they both walk to the house where they see Neel going in the car with Vyas je.

Chahat asks Bopho what they should do, he asks if she wants him to call Neel however she refuses, Godamabri then calls Bopho from behind asking how he is and he came after a long time, she explains that Neel has left with Vyas je and would come back in the night, Bopho questions if she doesnot get tired working by herself, Godamabri replies that she doesnot have time to think of anything else, Bopho advise that she should hire someone else like the person accompanying her, Godambari however turns saying that if he turns out to be a thief then she would be blamed so would not hire anyone.

Chahat doesnot understand so explains that if she hires him then would get her blessings, Godambari remembers the fate of her daughter so she asks him if he knows how to cook, Chahat responds as the boy that he is a really good chef, Godambari asks for his name hearing which she says that his name is Toup, Godambari explains that he is really weak, she asks if he can do the work, Chahat disguised as Toup Singh explains that he can do all the work.

Godambari asks him to come and leaves, Bopho asks how she thought of the name, she explains that one gets what they truly desire, Godamabri asks him to come and also wash the dishes that are in the kitchen.

Chahat explains that’s he would once again enter the house to find the truth about Vyas je, she starts remembering the time when she first entered the house and her marriage with Neel, she vows to protect the family so entering the house once again starts having the memory lapse of her exclamation of love with Neel, she is standing when Godamabri comes asking what is he thinking, she asks him to follow her as she would instruct the work, Chahat as Toup Sing follows her then hugs her making an excuse of turning on the gas, Godambari pushes him away asking what is he doing, he says that it happened by mistake, Godamabri threatens to send him away if he does anything like this ever again, she then orders him to make tea, Toup Singh immediately picks the bottle which worries Godamabri who asks how does he know about the bottle, Toup Singh makes an excuse and brings it, Godambari advises him to also walk just as he talks because he also has to prepare the lunch, she walks away, Chahat thinks that Godambari has gone to her room so now it is the right time to enter the room of Vyas je and find any truth to understand who is the real Vyas je.

Update Credit to: Sona

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