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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya wishes to study

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Malhar praising Khanderao for his wise decision and his efforts to make Ahilya smile. Gautama says its good you have seen Khanderao caring for his wife, but does she care for him too, she should be responsible, whatever I say about her becomes an argument. She asks Khanderao to go and sleep. Its morning, Khanderao takes Ahilya with him. He says you will also study with me from Guru ji, we got friendly now because of music, I thought to fulfill your wish to study. She says you are really good, I have told bad things to you. He asks her to sit. Guru ji teaches her to write Shri first. She sees Khanderao and tries to learn. She fails to write the alphabet. Guru ji asks her to try again.

She keeps trying. Guru ji says leave it, you can’t go. She says I will try, I want to study, I will learn. She cries. She wakes up from the dream. Harku asks her to get ready for Khandoba puja. She says you were murmuring in sleep, you wanted to study. Ahilya says I had seen my dad and brother writing. Harku asks her to come soon. Ahilya prays that her morning dream gets fulfilled. Everyone comes for the Khandoba puja. They all do the aarti. Pandit tells them to make a wish and put a flower in the water, if the flower sinks, then their wish will be fulfilled, if the flower doesn’t sink, then it means your wish will be fulfilled later on. Ahilya thinks Lord will tell me about my wish. She smiles. Gautama sees her. Everyone makes a wish. Gautama asks her not to invite the moon home, don’t make a wish that can’t be fulfilled. Ahilya makes a wish and puts the flower. The flower sinks. Ahilya says I knew my wish will be fulfilled. Yesha ji comes there. Dwarka says I like Khandoba Navratri, because everyone praises Gunu ji when he raises the flag, I feel my daughter will soon become the queen, he will become the king. Sita smiles.

Pandit says puja completed. Gangoba says we will raise the flag, its our tradition, we will complete it this year as well. Dwarka says Gunu ji will be raising the flag. Malhar says this year, Khanderao will get this right, he is the heir. Khanderao raises the flag and dances on the dhol beats. Everyone smiles. Dwarka, Sita and Gunu ji sit quiet. Khanderao gets tired. Dhana ji sees his expressions and smiles. Malhar and Gautama see the water in the vessel. Dhana ji asks Gunu ji to see, Khanderao is getting tired, he can’t do anything. Everyone sees Khanderao losing out the balance.

Dwarka thinks the flag will fail, everyone will know he isn’t suitable to handle Malwa. Khanderao drops the flag.

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