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Our Limitless Love (A Riansh FF….) The saga starts… Ch. 1

….. I am posting now because many of u requested …….Here we start…… Please comment at 10-15 comments should be there… Please guys…. So let’s start…..

………..The Saga starts…………

It was raining heavily in Mumbai everyone without umbrella were walking fast to stand beneath something to prevent them from getting wet but to others amazement a girl was enjoying getting wet in the rain. A girl with medium has cute face and was looking happy yeah you all got it right it was our Ridhima…

A car is in full speed was coming towards her but suddenly someone pushes her and they both for on the side of the road. The man is revealed to be Kabir .They stood up……

Kabir:-(angry) have you lost your mind! What if the car would have hit you… !!

Ridhima:- sorry bhai , I am really sorry (saying she hugged him and they went back home…and went to there room when aryan called ridhima)

On call

Aryan:- Hey, U remember n??


Aryan:- then it’s good that I called you otherwise you and your brother would have eaten me up tomorrow… (Chuckles) Sejal is coming back tomorrow!

Ridhima:- oh ya… Sorry I forgot… Gud that u called otherwise I would have received a long emotional text from her tomorrow….. (Laughs)

Aryan:-You are right! (Giggles) . By the way when to meet tomorrow… To pick her up?

Ridhima:- Pick me up tomorrow at 10 am …. We will buy some gifts for her then have lunch out. Then we will pick her at 4pm from airport. What say??

Aryan:-Ok done! But ask yourdear brought, will he come to pick his fiancee or… (Laughing)

Ridhima:-shut up Aaryan! .. It’s obvious that bhai will accompany us…. Now bye.. Good night.. Don’t be late tomorrow!!.

Aryan:-Ok, ok, bye and good night..

So that’ all for today…. Hope u guys like it…. Do comment below ….Stay Safe… 😇

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