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Our Limitless Love (A Riansh FF….) Character sketch

Hello guys,

So this is my first FF…..

Dear Reader…. Please support and do share your comments

So this is the…

Character Sketch

Vansh :-A stern and strict business man(same as show)

Ridhima:- cute girl with spreading happiness around her she is a doctor and also has a secret profession and has a secret and a past promise.

Angre:- Vansh’s right hand loyal and honest to him (same as the real show) .

Daddy :- same as show nice (not dadi 2.0) .

Kabir :-Ridhima’s elder brother, cop and know about Riddhima’s past promise and everything about her( in love with Sejal gonna to marry her)

Siya:- Vansh’s sister (same as real show) but can walk.

Sejal:- childhood friend of Ridhima and Kabir and her to -be- bhabhi.

Aryan:- Ridhima’s , Kabir’s and Sejal’s childhood friend (in love with ishani on first sight but hasn’t Revealed)

Ishani :-younger sister of Vansh and Siya she is nice (in positive character) .

Other characters will be revealed in the story….

Hope u like it…. And it would be full of action, suspense , emotions.

Thank u

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