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Molkki 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Anjali finds out Purvi’s secret

Molkki 7th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi asks Manas if he found out anything. Have they picked anything? Manas denies. Purvi asks him if he can show their face to her. Manas says they haven’t removed their masks yet.

Anjali opens the last cupboard. I am sure that Molkki has kept her treasure here! She opens it and they actually find Purvi’s jewellery inside. Anjali and Jyoti pack everything in their bags. Manas informs Purvi about it. Should I try to stop them? She stops him. Stay in your room. She wonders how the thugs knew about her room. How could they find my jewellery so easily? Jyoti notices the drone. Manas tells Purvi that they have seen his drone. What if they realise everything? Anjali asks Jyoti why she is standing like a statue. Jyoti signals behind her. Anjali panics the moment she notices the drone. It means we are being watch. Who is flying it? They approach the drone. Purvi tells Manas to get it back to his room. They should not find it. Manas does as told. Anjali and Jyoti try to catch it but Manas proves out to be better at flying the drone. Purvi tells him to hurry up. Anjali manages to catch hold of it. Manas tells Purvi that it has been caught. He cries. Purvi tells him not to cry. Anjali and Jyoti cover the drone under the duvet. Anjali says it’s gone for forever. Let’s finish what we started!

Purvi comforts Manas. Juhi returns home and calls out to Manas. Anjali and Jyoti stop in their tracks. Anjali realises that Juhi has come home all by herself and Manas was at home already. He was flying the drone. Both of them are here now! They are devils! Jyoti is worried that they might get caught but Anjali tells her to follow her plan if she does not want to get caught. Jyoti nods.

Manas hears Juhi’s voice and goes to bring her. He tells Purvi about Juhi before going outside.

Anjali and Jyoti cover Juhi’s mouth from behind and pull her in a room. Manas has seen it. He informs Purvi. Please help me, haathi. Purvi asks him if he has phone. He denies. It’s in the hall. Purvi tells him not to step out of this room till the time she tells him to. She realises that neither of them can call police for help. You have a car, right? Manas says I don’t want to play with it right now. I want to save Didi. Purvi says I am not telling you to play. Just do as I say.

Jyoti and Anjali tie Juhi to a chair and go outside. Juhi shouts for help. Jyoti praises her sister. You are amazing! You managed both the things at once. Will you let me wear this jewellery? I will wear it and everyone will be jealous of me then. Anjali says we will get caught in no time then. we stole them to sell them. Manas uses his car to push Anjali from behind. Jyoti points at it when Anjali complains. Manas hits her again. Purvi asks Manas what’s happening. Manas says both the thugs are falling again and again. He laughs. Manas’s car follows Anjali and Jyoti downstairs and keeps pushing them. The bag falls down. Jyoti tells her sister to run. Everyone will be home soon. Anjali is reluctant to leave the jewellery behind but Jyoti reasons that they can get it if they will be alive. They run outside.

Manas thanks haathi on her idea. Thugs ran away and the jewellery has been saved as well. Purvi tells her to save Juhi now. Manas frees his sister and hugs her. Juhi asks him to leave. Two thugs tied me here. Call someone for help. Manas says they ran away. Haathi told me how to tackle them and I succeeded in sending them away. How did you come home early then? Juhi says I will tell you everything. Open the ropes and let me hug my brother first. Manas keeps a condition. You will let me play video games for little longer than usual. She agrees. They take the jewellery back upstairs.

Kids call haathi best and give her flying kisses. Purvi says my kids are very brave. Juhi says we miss you very much. We love you. Purvi assures them that she will be home soon. They are not willing to wait anymore. Purvi says I want to get out of here but I am stuck. I need your help to get out of here. Will you help me? They agree. They hear the sound of a train passing from there and get curious. Purvi says this noise can be heard here often. She turns silent for a minute as she hears the sound of footsteps. Listen to me carefully. I don’t have much time. Speak to Sudha Massi and Priyu Massi. You wont be able to help me on your own. Video call me in the evening. Call them over at home by making an excuse. The kids agree. Purvi tells them to make sure no one should find out why they have been called to haveli and what they have come to do there. The kids agree. She pretends to sleep when the goons come to that side.

Juhi calls Sudha. Sudha asks Priyu to come with her. Juhi told me that she wants to tell us something about Purvi. Priyu gets curious. Sudha says she did not tell me anything. She only said that she has to tell us something important.

Anjali is unhappy to see Sudha and Priyu at the door. Why does Sudha keep visiting us so often? She asks the girls how they came over so suddenly. Sudha says we were passing from here and thought to meet the kids first. We have brought fruits and snacks for them too. They head upstairs. Anjali is sure they are up to something. I will follow them and find out the truth.

Kids hugs Sudha and Priyu as soon as they come inside. Sudha asks the kids what they want to share. Juhi and Manas close the door and windows and call Purvi. Sudha and Priyu are shocked to see her state. How are you? Purvi says I am fine. I don’t know where I am but it is an old factory where old computers are kept. Thankfully, this one computer was working so I managed to contact the kids somehow. I don’t have much time though. Take help from police and get me out of here. I cannot stay here for long. Sudha assures her they will speak to Inspector right away. Priyu says we will save you. Manas promises Purvi that they will bring her home by tonight. Anjali peeks inside from the door. She is shocked to hear Purvi’s voice.

Anjali informs Prakashi about the video call. Prakashi does not believe her. Anjali says I saw it with my own eyes. All 4 of them were speaking to Molkki on video call. Prakashi says you are day dreaming but Anjali calls Purvi smart. She found an operational laptop and is telling the kids to approach police. We will be in trouble! Prakashi calls the goons immediately. He keeps her phone on speaker. She tells them to eat poison and die. You cannot handle anything properly. That Molkki is doing video calls under your nose and you know nothing. He assures her that no laptop is in a working condition here. She has been sleeping continuously anyways. He tells his friend to check on Purvi. The guy goes inside. Prakashi says she is an extremely smart girl. Burn and break all the computers. Change your hiding place. I will kill all of you if police is able to find her. The goon agrees. Prakashi tells Anjali they must go to the godwon right away. We will be in problem if they will do anything.

Purvi pretends to sleep again when one of the goons asks her about the laptop that she has been using to communicate with her family. She feigns innocence so he starts breaking the laptops one by one.

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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