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Molkki 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi speaks to the kids

Molkki 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kids ask haathi where she is. Purvi gets emotional. They ask her how she is. She assures them that she is fine. How are you two? They reply that they are fine. Tell us where you are. We will come to find you right away! Purvi says I don’t know where I am but I promise you I will be home soon. Are you both fine? I am really worried for you. Manas says are not fine at all. Anjali Chachi had locked us in the cell!

Anjali is headed to kids’ room. I should make sure they are not up to any mischief again! Mama ji scolded me for no reason. Does he not respect me at all?

Juhi asks haathi when she will come. Manas complains to haathi about Chachi. She dint even give us food. Purvi tells them not to cry. She asks Juhi to wipe Manas’s tears. Juhi does as told. Where are you though? Purvi says I don’t know. Where is Baba? Please let me speak to him once. Manas shares that he is not at home. Juhi says we only know he went out for some work. Purvi realizes that the goons coming are coming. Shush! I must end the call now. Don’t tell anyone that we spoke. I will otherwise be in trouble again. They nod. Anjali is about to open the door when Preeti asks her something. Purvi requests the kids again. They promise her. Purvi says be near your laptop in the evening. I will try to contact you again. Please stay around. Manas assures her about it. Purvi sends them flying kisses and they hug her virtually. Love you, haathi. Purvi shuts the laptop.

Anjali opens the door in shock. She finds the kids praying. Laptop has been shut down as well.

Purvi is pretending to sleep again. Goons tell her to eat food. She does not move so they leave from there.

Anjali asks the kids what they are doing at this hour. They share that haathi had taught them to pray to God before going to bed every night. We were doing that only. Anjali tells them to sleep when they are done. She turns to go but Juhi calls out to her sweetly. We cannot sleep till the time haathi tells us a bedtime story. She is not here so can you do that for me? Manas asks her if she wont. Juhi tells him it’s ok. We can call Dadu. They shout Dadu in unison but Anjali agrees to tell them a story. She hears Jyoti’s voice and takes her inside. She tells the kids that Jyoti Massi will tell them a story tonight. She begins to go thinking she will sleep in peace but Manas asks her to give them milkshake before sleep like haathi. Anjali folds her hands. It is over. Manas says Dadu can get it. Juhi shouts Dadu again. Anjali tells them not to wake him up. I will make it. She tells Jyoti to tell the story. Jyoti starts her story telling.

Next morning, Anjali brings food for the kids. Manas calls it boring. Juhi says we wont be able to eat it at all. Manas asks for sandwich. Anjali tells them to eat what’s made or go to hell. Manas asks his sister if they should go to Dadu instead. Anjali panics as soon as they shout Dadu again. She readily agrees to make sandwich for them.

Kids scream to wake up Anjali from her sleep. She asks them what happened. Juhi tells her to wake up. We have to go to school too. Where is our dress? Anjali tells them to take help from Bhuri instead. They shout Dadu again hearing her refusing to help them. Anjali gets exhausted while helping them get ready. They make her run around the house for errands. She tells them to go to school now but Juhi sends her for another work. Later, Anjali tells Jyoti press her legs well. there is no corner of the house where I wasn’t today! Jyoti says you haven’t done anything till date but they could make you work so much in a day! You were so lazy and useless before! Anjali looks at her in shock.

Prakashi tells Anjali that Preeti knows a lady named Suman. She can fix my sprain. Anjali tells her to go. I will manage everything. Kids say bye to their Dadi. Anjali decides to take revenge from Purvi as she couldn’t do anything to the kids. Her jewelry is still in the house while she isn’t! I deserve her jewelry. I will steal them today. Jyoti asks her who will do it. Anjali says we both will. Jyoti is hesitant but Anjali tells her that she has a plan. We will get out of the haveli and we will later come back in disguise. Our faces will be covered. No one will be able to recognize us. Jyoti gets excited. They high-five!

Teachers greet Manas and Juhi (the same teachers who the kids had troubled). Manas has high fever. Teacher sends him home with the peon. Juhi tells Manas to go home and rest. Tell Dadu to take care of you.

Manas is missing his Didi. It is no fun being here alone. He picks up his binoculars and sees 2 guys coming to their house. They seem to be thugs. They are trying to get inside the haveli. There is no guard too. What should I do? He notices a couple stopping by and calls out to them for help. They hear his voice but don’t see anyone so they drive away after attending the call. Manas wonders how to stop the goons. What will I do alone? Who should I tell? He decides to call haathi. She will surely help me. He closes the door of his room and switches on the laptop. He calls haathi back.

Purvi gets startled as she hears the ring. She picks it up. Manas tells her about the thugs. No one is at home. I am all alone. Please come over. Purvi wonders how he can be alone at home. What if they try to harm him? She tells him to calm down. She tells him a plan next (in mute) and they end the call.

Juhi wonders whether Manas is fine or not. Neither Baba nor haathi are at home. I must go to him somehow. Teacher asks for her book. Juhi walks up to her but pretends to feel dizzy. I think I am not well either. Maybe I got infection from Manas only. Teacher sends her home with peon as well. Juhi mentally tells Manas she will now stay with him and will look after him.

Purvi tells Manas to take the drone to every room’s window now. Show me what’s happening. No one should catch you though. He nods. He starts flying the drone around rooms. Manas tells Purvi that the thugs have gotten inside the house. They haven’t picked up anything though. Purvi tells him to follow them. They shouldn’t find out anything though. Manas shares that the thugs have gone to her room. Purvi tells him to take the drone closer. Manas does it carefully. They are looking for something in your room. What should I do? Purvi tells her to stay there only. Just keep showing me what’s going on. He agrees.

Jyoti pulls the mask off Anjali’s face for a moment but her back is facing the came so Manas does not see her. Anjali asks Jyoti what happened. Jyoti asks her about the jewelry in low voice so Anjali tells her to speak loudly. Jyoti speaks very loudly next time. Anjali scolds her again. Jyoti falls down. Anjali says you will get caught and you will get me in trouble too. Jyoti reasons that she is not spiderman who can look through these small holes well. Anjali calms down. Let me find what we came here for. She opens the cupboard.

Manas tells Purvi that they seem to be looking for something. Purvi asks him if he can show her their faces.

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Update Credit to: Pooja

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