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Love in splitsvillla #celebrity season# (episode- 13)

Hi friends…… Some one asked me in the commentary section about this FF. Only because of that person, I am writing these FF. And tqsm for your immense love on my ff. I will try to post my both FF’s.

After knowing the truth of Kabir and Nia relationship vansh and riddhima get shattered. Vansh sat at pool side, riddhima went to their and sat beside vansh and hold’s his hand. Then vansh hugged very tightly. It’s a consoling hug.

She take his face into her palms and said……

Riddhima :- vansh! Please don’t be like this! I know, how you are feeling know. You know what! Sometimes god take our most loving things away from us because we deserve the best when compared to what we had choosen. Loosing you means losing a golden heart person. It’s her bad luck. Look vansh! Whatever the situation or  whatever the problem is……. I am always with you and I am not gonna leave you. I am your friend right! Please share with me!!!!!!

Vansh hold’s Riddhima hand and smiled.

Vansh :- TQ riddhu for being my side. I am feeling better know. Always your presence give me positive vibes. I am really very lucky person to have a friend like you.

They both start talking about their life, ambition, family everything etc….., Like that they slept their.

Next morning……….

Host :- good morning!!!!! Last night had happened so many things, after that I think strategies had changed. Let’s see what will gonna happen! Today’s task is compatibility test. Who will win this challenge, they get a special power.

The task is…….. the partner will tied with some strings and that strings connected with a rod.  I will ask some questions about your partners, if she will say right answer, they will get a chance to cut another person’s strings, if they will wrong they want to cut their own string. If all stings will cut then that person will fall in water. Not only these, the girl who will give bad answer she will get a punishment. Some punishments are in bowl. You want to pic a chit.

Precap :- riddhima slaps Nia.

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