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Imlie 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Malini Confronts Aditya

Imlie 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Nidhi, Dhruv, Rupal, and Nishant challenge each her and bet money. Elders walk in and ask what is happening. Nishant says they are betting how soon Mrs Chaturvedi will create a drama, so he told 10 minutes and Dhruv told 15 minutes. Nidhi says 10-15 min are too long. Elders scold them. Tauji says Anu has pooja, so she may not create drama for 20 minutes and bets. Aparna scolds him not to encourage children. Malini and Adi walk in ready. Aparna says Malini is looking very pretty and gives Adi a gift to give it to Malini’s parents. Malini says Adi doesn’t like to give or receive gifts, so she will give it to her parents. Imlie enters. Her and Sundar’s nok jhok starts. Aparna stops her. Adi says Imlie serves Chaturvedis a lot, but Anu insults her always. Aparna warns him to respect elders. Adi orders Imlie not to touch Anu’s feet as she doesn’t deserve respect. Malini confronts him. He says already Anu insulted Imlie a lot, even now today she may. Aparna stops him. Malini thinks Adi would have discussed this issue with her alone, but he is insulting mom in front of whole family instead; he never felt bad about mom’s words earlier. Tauji asks them to stop and attend pooja.

Adi, Malini and Imlie attend pooja at Anu’s house. Pandit asks Adi and Malini to extend their hands and pours holy water on them. Imlie smiles at Adi. Anu notices that. Daadi says she called Panditji from her village and he even does palmistry. Anu says she doesn’t believe in it. Malini says she wants to and asks Panditji to check her and Adi’s palms. Panditji checks their hands and says Adi will marry twice. Anu shuts him up and asks Daadi from where did she call this fraud. Imlie says its all superstition and giving her village parrot card readers’ example apologizes Panditji not to believe him. He says its okay, he doens;t mind if they believe him or not. and leaves. Dadi thanks him for coming and says let us all have food. Servants inform Imlie that Anu ordered her to have food with servants. Imlie thinks Adi is already irked with Anu, so she doesn’t want to create any more issue; she walks away with servants. Malini asks where did Imlie go. Anu says she ordered special bhindi for her. Dev calls Imlie. Anu changes topic. Adi fumes and walks away to search Imlie. Malini follows him.

Imlie sits with servants on floor and enjoys food. Adi walks to her. Sjhe says she sat here with her wish, so he shouldn’t create any issue. He sits on floor and has food. Malini walks in and asks what is he doing. He ignores her and asks Imlie to sit with him and have food. Imlie says she is happy here and wants to have food with her friends, so he should go and have food with family. Malini sadly thanks Imlie for explaining it to Adi as he doesn’t listen to her nowadays and listens only to Imlie after she saved his life. Adi asks her to go and have food with whom she likes. Malini leaves. Adi asks Imlie to start eating and after finishing food thinks he gets Imlie insulted by Anu always, why Dev doesn’t confront Anu for insulting his daughter, he should talk to Dev about it.

He walks to Dev and hears him apologizing Mithi for not following father’s duties 19 years earlier and even now, he is weak and helpless and don’t know what is happening. Adi thinks if he questions Dev, thee would be many questions more and he shouldn’t let anyone question Imlie. Malini walks to him and asks him to accompany her as she needs to talk to him something important. He accompanies her and says he cannot agree as even she knows what is happening here. She says she is not talking about today or Imlie, she wants to talk about her or else there would be more differences between them, he should tell if she made any mistake. He says she didn’t make any mistake, thinks she was always good and mature; he thought he loves her, but he just liked her and didn’t love her; if he had realized it earlier, he wouldn’t have married her and given her pain, now he cannot tell her truth and give her more pain. Malini requests to break his silence as she wants to know what went wrong between them, he used to call her Moon and is calling her Malini since a few days, he should fight with her but speak what is going in his mind. She cries hugging him. He reciprocates. She says she just wants to be his moon.

Imlie enters suddenly and stands disheartened. Malini says she should have knocked and come in. Imlie says Anu sent her lassi, so she came here, but didn’t know she is not alone. Malini says its okay, she should knock next before entering and asks why did she bring lassi instead of servants. Adi says Anu must have ordered her to work. Malini asks Imlie to tell them that she ordered her and asks not to enter her room without knocking. Imlie says she enters everyone’s room at home uninformed. Malini says she shouldn’t even at home and intrigue anyone’s privacy. Imlie apologizes her and says she will not interfere between them or enter anyone’s room even unknowingly and walks away crying.

Precap: Adi tells Imlie that he cannot live with a lie as he, Malini, and she cannot live in peace; he has to inform truth to Malini and break her heart; asks if she wants him to forget her and live with Malini.

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