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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: the villagers rescued Bhima.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 7th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

In this episode the villagers were purifying the Murti, upon taking Maharaj’s permission the Murti makers started its construction. Baala and Anand crossing by were stopped hearing Seth ji’s voice telling them that once the temple is inaugurated everyone will be compelled to have its blessings, the lower cast will stay outside the temple while the member of his community will be worshiping inside. Meanwhile, the villagers grabbed stones. Anand came forward questioning about the creation of a new God when they already have so many. Infuriated, villager started throwing stones at Baala and Anand. They both fell down, injured. The villagers asked not to be lectured. Maharaj and the villagers called them names, made fun of their father and brother Bhima. Anand and Baala wanted to fight but were stopped by Puranjan and taken away from the scene.

Meera inquired Anand and Baala’s absence. Ramji considered them being busy in getting fruits. Tulsa happily told everyone that the fruits they get are equally distributed and enjoyed. Jijabai wanted Bhima to drink the milk whether it’s made by his mother or a step-mother. Bhima drank he milk. Puranjan bought both the boys home, he told them everything. Bhima left to question the villagers.
Seth ji was addressing everyone to be prepared for Bhim’s arrival and stone him unintelligibly hard enough that may cause his death. Bhima ran, followed by Ramji and his elder siblings. As soon as he arrived everyone started throwing stones at him. Puranjan and his fellows gave him cover with shields. Once they ran out of stones, they lowered their guard and hailed Bhima. Bhima wanted Seth ji to look at the stones they threw at Bhima which now belonged to him. His companions can do what was done to them. Anyone who gets hold of the means of hurting can do so, but that person cannot get hold of the anything else. Pandith questioned their audacity to hurt them. Ramji came forward, as his fellows don’t lack the courage to fight someone but don’t intend to do so, they’re unlike other villagers. Bhima wanted the villagers to continue constructing the Murti as per decree, but he will oppose the injustice and uncultural conduct even if he is stoned to death. Bhima was grateful to Puranjan and his fellows for saving his life, Anand took Bhima in lead and left.

Ramji was proud of his son and his achievement. He has earned his peoples respect by self-determination and hardship; it is not the result of some prayers. He continued to tell Jijabai that she must think on why Bhima must not be praised. Jijabai thought to herself that Ramji’s limitless attention towards Bhima will deprive her from becoming a mother.

Puranjan advised Bhima to have someone with him for protection. Bhima asked him not to be afraid. Puranjan said he is not afraid, he wanted to protect Bhima to safeguard the future of his people. Since Bhima is an exceptional in his community he must be guarded at all costs.

According to Maharaj, to save the future Hell must be passed. Efforts are useless! In order to gain something, they must change their course of action. Maharaj made them feel guilty for their defeat in front of Bhima, as he was able to out rule the majority. All fights will come to an end once Bhima dies. Maharaj asked the villager to do so.

Ramji wanting everyone to find their purpose in this fight otherwise the enemies will understand their weaknesses. Puranjan and his fellows agreed with Ramji asking him to take care of Bhima. They left.

Bhima’s strength and power can be used against him. He must not let anyone use him for wrong purposes. Ramji asked Bhima to make his decisions wisely. His decision to fight the villager alone was wrong. He advised him to be conscious of his action and learn to be patient.

Maharaj told his people to make Bhima’s courage their strength and use it against him.

Ramji hugged and kissed Bhima on the forehead.

Maharaj wanted everyone to kill Bhima.

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