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Choti Sardarni 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sandhya comes as nurse

Choti Sardarni 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kulwant says kids, see what I got you. Param says Harleen bua Seher isn’t Well. She isn’t getting up. Harleen and Kulwant rush in the room. Sarab says her body is cold.

Yuvi comes home. He says I won’t go to school. Param Karan and Seher weren’t there. Everyone was asking about them. Why do people die? First papa mama and now me. Bitu says Seher isn’t well.

The doctor says she has a risk of going into coma. You have to arrange a nurse for her. Harleen says Seher open your eyes. She says mama.. mama. Karan says she wants to talk to mama. Mama’s friend can talk to mama. Sarab says don’t talk about her. Kulwant says I will get the nurse. Karan says mama’s friend spoke to her.

Kulwant drives to city hospital and looks for Sandhya.

Sarab tries to arrange nurse on calls. He sees Meher. Meher says calm down first. Meher kisses Seher. Meher says I told you seher fainted once. Make soup for her.

Scene 2
Kulwant comes to bus stand and sees Sandhya going there. She says Sandhya please stop. You told me that you were nurse. Seher really needs you. Sandhya says what happened to her? She says seher isn’t well.

Sandhya says I can’t go to that house.

Sarab and kids pray for Seher. Sarab sees Meher. They keep praying. A nurse comes in with face mask. It’s Sandhya but with her face hidden. Sarab says which hospital are you from? Whats your name? Kulwant says her name is Kavita. She can’t speak hindi.

Sandhya says don’t give her this dose. Her immunity is very low. Doctor says madam said you can’t speak hindi. Kulwant says we don’t have time for all this. Sandhya takes care of Seher. The doctor tells Sarab that burse is very good. She will take care of her.

Kulwant screams Sarab…. seher is having fits. Sandhya gives her an injection. Her mask falls. Karan sees her face. Kulwant asks her to hide her face. Sarab says what happened to her? Harleen says doctor said there are chances of fits.

Sarab and Harleen go out. Karan says mama’s friend you… kulwant says this will be our secret. He says okay nani.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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