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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer couldn’t find Rani

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
The kidnapper says you have 48 hours. Get Rani sa and take this Rani. He steps on Rani’s foot. Rajmata screams. Veer is worried for Rani. Rajmata says what will happen now? Who can do this? Birju says in heart I am sure one of them did this. Veer is worried. He looks for something. He says there must be some proof. How can she be kidnapped from the house? Champa says two electricians came. Veer says what. Vikram says they must be the kidnappers. Veer says we have to do something. He sees Ran’s broken bangles and her watch. He recalls Rani said Ramo gave her the watch. Veer cries. Birju says don’t do this drama. vikram says what do you mean? He says I am sure one of you did this. Rajmata says what are you saying? He says now can she be kidnapped from this house? Kiara says how would we know? Birju says you did it. You all think your mom is in jail because of Rani so you did this to her. Veer says enough. I will bring Rani back. Kiara says kick this Birju out.

Veer sees a letter on the skeleton. Rajmata faints. Veer says bring her medicine.

Scene 2
Rajeshwari tries to sleep. She can’t sleep. She shoves the other woman. A woman says why did you shove my hand. Rajeshwari says you are stinking. The woman says this is sweat’s smell and you will smell the same. Rajeshwari says I am sure my family will get be out.

Veer gives medicine to Rajmata. He says you have to take care of yourself. I will bring both Rani and Rani sa home. Vikram says you have to heal for us. Veer asks Kumud to get the medicine and says I am giving you the responsibility to take care of Rajmata. He says dadi sa rest. I will bring Rani home. Veer recalls what Rani did for him at the village.

Birju calls Ramo and tells him Rani is kidnapped. He says this family can’t be trusted. I told you not to trust them with Rani’s life. Kiara says shut up. Don’t say a word against this family. He says who are you? She says this is my family as well. We are royals and educated people. He says yeah like you kidnapped Rani. Vikram says you are Rani’s friend. Instead of trying to find her, you’re wasting time blame, people? Kiara might not be the nicest person but she can never harm anyone like this. We trust her. Veer says if you all are done can we try to find Rani? Vikram says I spoke to the police. Veer says we can’t rely on them. Veer says I found this paper. It has an address. Veer’s man comes. He tries to find that address. Veer says thank you. Vikram says Kiara we are going. Take care of dadi sa. All three of them leave.

Scene 3
Veer comes to the place and hits a man. He says where is my wife? I will not even let you die if anything happens to Rani. He says I didn’t kidnap anyone. Veer says I didn’t use the word kidnapping. He tries to run. Veer throttles him. Veer comes to the room and says Rani.. There’s only a dummy there. He sees Rani’s bangle. Veer recalls his moments with Rani. Vikram says we will find her don’t worry. The kidnapper video calls Rani. He hits Rani. Veer says leave her. Veer says stop it. I will kill you. The kidnapper says if you try to find my place again I will kill her. You have few hours left. He hangs up. Vikram says who is doing this.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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