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Anuama FF – Shocker for the Shah’s. Ep: 3

Recap: Vanraj and Anupama agrees for the marriage

Pandit ji enters the scene

Dadi: Please tell an auspicious time for my boy’s marriage

Pandit ji(hesitantly):Mmmm..This marriage won’t happen

(Everyone stands shocked,Vanraj is disheartened but doesn’t express it.)

Leela: So we can find another girl

Vanraj:No way…I will only marry her.

Anupama(objecting to this): If pandit ji say so I won’t marry you

Vanraj: You are the one who told you will marry me despite of any objections.

Anupama: I never said that

Vanraj: All women in this universe are liars.

Anupama: Stop saying unwanted things about women

(The family stands startled seeing their fight)

Hashmukh: Don’t fight we were just kidding!

Vanraj and Anupama together: We are also kidding!!(both laugh out loud looking at each other.)

(Everyone starts laughing out loud)

Wedding preparation starts..

Everyone are busy preparing for the Haldi

Vanraj and Anupama secretly meet each other and have their time at the cafe.

Anupama is with her another friend Kavya and Vanraj with his friend Anirudh

They spent time while their friends get to know each other..

All the 4 quickly returns to their houses

The next day it was their Haldi and other rituals.

Precap: Wedding season

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