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Anuama FF – AnuRaj’s final desicison for their marriage Ep: 2

Recap: Anupama meets Vanraj and have conversation with Devika..

Devika: So….. You liked jiju!!!!!!yayyaaaa!!Anu is getting married!!!!!!!

Anupama:Shh!!!Devika stop it.. They should also like me.

Devika: Areeyy they will fall for your food for sure!!

Scene in the main room.(All are praising the taste of the food)

Vanraj(After having Thepla): I want to meet Anu.

(Everyone mocks at him. They both have conversation.)

Anupama: This is the first time I am meeting a guy.

Vanraj: Me too..I don’t know what to say

Anupama: Then don’t say(She mocks at him)

Vanraj: You are so funny!!


Vanraj: Arey yaar let me also score yaar

Anupama: Just Kidding yaar

Vanraj: Arey I am elder to you

Anupama: Ohh sorry..Was pulling your leg like I do with my friends

Vanraj: Don’t be Sorry,even I’m your friend as well as partner from now(He starts blushing)

Anupama: Whatttt!!!!You liked me??(Amuzed)

Vanraj:Why can’t I?

Anupama:No,I am not that educated,but you are. I may not match your standards

Vanraj: It’s ok, we will find a solution for it.If you are interested in studying further you can do so!

Anupama: Is it so?? You know I have topped in my 12th and I am a good dancer. I wish to start a dance sch….

Vanraj: Arey speak slowly yaar(he laughs)

Anupama: Sorry if i start talking I will keep on talking..

(She continues speaking he admires Anupama’s beauty while his sister Dolly intrupts them.)

Dolly: Bhai, everyone is waiting for you downstairs

Bhavesh: Haa, by the way didi did you like jiju?

Anupama: Bhavesh, just stop it(she starts blushing)

(Bhavesh and Dolly make fun of Anupama and Vanraj)

Scene again in the Main room:(They are talking about their assets and so)

Dadi: Betta you seems to be happy. did u like her?

Vanraj: Ofcourse!!

(Everyone shouts excitedly)

(Kantha calls the panditji and fix the marriage date.)

Precap: Marriage season….

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