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Anuama FF – Anupama and Vanraj meets each other! Ep: 1

Scene in the Shah :

Vanraj: Dadi I don’t want to get married now! I am just 25! I want to earn.

Dadi: Betta, I am getting old consider this as my last wish you go and see “The Joshi’s” you will definitely like her.

Leela(Vanraj’s mother): Baa, if he wants he will marry don’t do this type of emotional blackmailing, it’s his life.

Vanraj: Maa leave it, I will go and see her.

Leela: Don’t ruin you life!

At the “Joshi’s”:(“Bhavesh opens the door and spot the Shah’s.He was very excited to see his to-be jiju standing outside.)

Bhavesh: Hi,I am Anu’s brother Bhavesh. Nice to meet you .(Everyone goes inside and sits.)

Hashmukh(Vanraj’s Baapuji): Hi,did Anupama reach back??

Bhavesh: Yes,she reached an hour back!

Kantha (Anu’s mother): We are very sorry. As my husband passed away i wanted to get her married fast,so she will not be able to pursue her studies.

Dadi: Its ok, even my daughter-in-law didn’t pursue her studies after marriage. We will take care of Anu.

(Anupama comes to the scene with snacks made by her. She gets a glimpse of Vanraj and goes back to the kitchen)

Dadi: She is very shy.(laughs)

Scene in the Kitchen:(Devika Anu’s friend and Anu have conversation about Vanraj)

Devika: Haaaiii, you are blushing!!Vanraj jiju is smart!

Anupama: At first I didn’t want to get married but………


Precap: Anupama agrees to get married!

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