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A Quest for the Heart – Episode 11

Hi all, I am back, I just needed a break from writing but since all of you were so keen for me to write this episode I will update more often now. I know I am always saying that and then disappearing but this time I will try to update more often. Hope you all like this epi 🤗 and thank you for the continuous support

Epi starts..

The dust clears and Vansh was still pointing his gun at Kabir who was on the floor holding his leg.

Vansh: That was just a warning shot. The next one will be on your head.

Kabir holding his leg: How dare you Vansh, I am your half brother

Vansh: You are not my brother and you never will be. Any last words?

Kabir: Yes you haven’t heard the last of me.

He grab some sand next to him and threw it at Vansh. Kabir took his gun and nearly shot Vansh but he missed due to the wound on his leg. He managed to scrap a bullet on Vansh’s arm.

Vansh: Kabirrrrr!!! Come back here.

Vansh went out and ran outside but he couldn’t see Kabir anymore.

Vansh: Damn it!

Angre: boss he got away.

Vansh: He won’t get away for long. He’s wounded. Check every hospital. I want a location on him by tomorrow and make sure he doesn’t come back to my house or anywhere near my family. Got that?

Angre: Yes boss and how about Hang?

Vansh: Lock him in the basement downstairs where the cells are kept. I will talk to him when I get this treated.

Angre: Okay boss on it. You sure you don’t need help?

Vansh: Dont be such a child Angre I am fine and this is not the first time a bullet has scraped me.

Angre: …

Angre walks towards his car and drives away towards home leaving Vansh on his own. Vansh was holding his arm and feeling a little in pain but he knew he could bear it. He walked to his car and wanted to drive but his arm was too painful so he decided to walk.

Meanwhile back at VR mansion.

Riddhima was with Siya in her room when they heard the clock strike 11pm. Siya looked up and then at Riddhima who was lost in thoughts.

Siya: Bhabi…

Riddhima immediately looked at her: What??!

Siya: Bhabi..I called you bhabi (she giggles a little)

Riddhima: Siyaaa you can call me Riddhima.

Siya: Nahi nahi (no no) bhabi suits you better and I am pretty sure you will be my bhabi only.

Riddhima sighs and then gently laughed.

Riddhima: Umm, does Vansh usually take this long to come back?

Siya: Mhmm sometimes even longer. Why what happened?

Riddhima: Oh Umm nothing I was just wandering because it seems today he is very late.

Siya notices Riddhima was lost in her thoughts of Vansh: Are you missing him? (She winks)

Riddhima blushed: N..n..no

Siya: Haha don’t worry bhabi I won’t tell anyone. Chalo it’s late now, I am going to sleep. You take care of yourself and don’t forget to have your medicine, the wound on your hand still hasn’t healed.

Riddhima: Okay Siya you go. I will be fine (she smiled and hugs her)

Siya walks out the room. Riddhima thinks to go for a walk to clear her mind. As she got near the front door, she saw a figure approaching the gate and recognised immediately it was Vansh. She was shocked to see him walking and to see him all covered in dirt and a little bit of blood. She rushed down and opened the gate.

Riddhima: Vansh!! Are you alright?

Vansh smiles seeing her: I am fine sweetheart. Its only a scrap

Riddhima took him by the shoulders and gently walked him inside. She sat him down on the sofa in the living room.

Riddhima: What happened down there? Why are you all covered in dirt and where is Angre?

Vansh: Woah calm down with the questions sweetheart.

Riddhima: Sorry, I kinda panicked. Here have some water

She handed him a glass and watched as he drank the whole glass. She went to get the first aid box and started doing the aid of his arm. They share an eyelock with Vansh breaking the silence.

Vansh: To answer your questions, we caught Kabir for a while but he was smart and managed to escape. Don’t worry he won’t get far he’s shot on the leg.

Riddhima dropped the bandage hearing that and looked up at Vansh.

Riddhima: Yo..you shot him?

Vansh: Only by the leg, it’s part of the job sweetheart. Haven’t you heard of mafia business?

Riddhima: I have heard of it yes but doesn’t mean you have to shoot someone.

Vansh: Riddhima he was threatening me I had no choice. What did you think? I shot him intentionally?

Riddhima: N..no I suppose not.

Vansh: Dont doubt me sweetheart. It’s part of the job. Thank you for the bandage I am going to sleep now if you don’t mind.

Riddhima: Van..Vansh

She called him as he walked away and realised she might have hurt him a little by her words.

Precap: Riddhima says sorry to Vansh. On the other hand, Kabir manages to bribe a doctor to get the bullet out of his leg. He vows to destroy both Riddhima and Vansh

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