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Raja Beta 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ramesh reveals reason for his hatred for Vedant

Raja Beta 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Pankhudi thanking Dr. Vedant for becoming her friend. Vedant says I will leave and asks her to take care. She opens the cupboard and gets her finger injured intentionally, and shouts calling him. Vedant asks what did you do, and bandages her finger. He asks her not to put finger in water. Pankhudi asks him to stay for coffee. Vedant says coffee is due to you. He leaves. Gomti takes Sanju’s mobile and says I will show you what to do. She downloads dilbar App. Radhika comes and says you were looking good yesterday in wig. Gomti says it was on rent. Sanju says he don’t want any App. Gomti says you had fire in you that night. Radhika teases him. Sanju tells Gomti, now I know why you want to marry. Pankhudi is in her room and thinks of her moments with Vedant. She thinks to record

a video for him. She says when you will be watching this day, we will be united. She says she is shifted to staff quarters, and they will have a coffee date and then they will marry. She says I love you so much. She calls Vedant and his phone is off. She thinks if he is with Di and thinks this can’t happen. She calls Purva. Purva says I was about to call you and asks how are you? Pankhudi says I am fine and emotionally blackmails her. She asks if she is busy with Vedant. Purva says he didn’t return home. Pankhudi gets relieved and ends the call.

Narendra and Sumiti call Radhika to their room. Sumiti says we have decided that you will not go out after 8 pm. Radhika asks what happened? Narendra says the world is bad. Sumiti says your papa will drop you to college. Radhika says I am not a kid and goes.

Dadi comes to Purva’s room and says you are taking anger on Vedant. Purva says this pillow is better than Vedant. Dadi says Vedant went for work and asks her to come with her. She says she will make her drink lemon water. Sanju calls Purva and asks how is Pankhudi? Purva calls him shameless and asks how he can ask about her. She asks her not to take her sister’s name. Sanju says I love Pankhudi very much and says Tripathi family DNA have love in it and says even Dada ji used to love Dadi so much, and says Vedant doesn’t have their genes. Dadi asks him to stop his nonsense and takes Purva from there. Sanju gets his friend’s call and he tells that he is reaching there.

Manjula is in the kitchen and working. She thinks of Purva’s words. Dadi and Purva come there. Dadi asks why is she looking worried? She asks her to take out her feelings. Manjula says I am worried and tells Purva that she wants to say something. She thanks her and apologize to her. Purva asks why? Manjula says it was my mistake that I asked Vedant to bring Sanju home, and tells that his move brought distance between them. Purva says she can understand when he support her. Manjula tells that she is happy that Vedant has such honest and daring wife who can speak and not like her. Purva says if she doesn’t speak then she will suffocate. Dadi tells Purva that Vedant is divided between wife and family. Purva says I like that he supports his family and says he shall understand that I am his family also.

Gomti comes to Ramesh and sees him looking at Sanju’s pics. She tells him that Sanju misbehaved with her and is getting mad seeing Pankhudi’s pic. Ramesh says Pankhudi will be handled with love and patience. Sanju shows Pankhudi’s pic to his friends and asks how to woo her. They ask him to have a romantic dance with her to convince her. He imagines romantic dance with Pankhudi. Imagination ends. Sanju tells that he will see who stops them from getting united, and says he will take the bride. Ramesh tells Sanju is his son and will understand. He says who will not understand is Vedant and blames her. Purva comes and hears him accusing Vedant. She says I don’t believe that he is wrongly accused. Ramesh scolds her for hearing their conversation. Purva says Vedant loves you all as he thinks you all are his family. She says when she can see his love for them being an outsider, then why can’t she see. Ramesh tells that Vedant came to snatch his love which is for Sanju only. Purva asks did you ever love Vedant and says what did he snatch from you. Dadi asks Purva to leave it. Ramesh scolds her. Purva questions her why he hates Vedant so much? Ramesh says Vedant is a murderer and had killed my first child.

Precap: Purva tells that she don’t believe this, and asks Dadi to tell it is a lie. Gomti says he will be a murderer always. Manjula and Dadi cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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