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RadhaKrishn 6th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha, Krishna Team Up

RadhaKrishn 6th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sponsor asks Radha where is agreement paper. Radha says it is safely with her. Sponsor shows papers with him and says she failed to protect papers, how will she return their loan, so they all 3 will take over Barsana right now and want Barsana vasis vacate Barsana right now. Krishna interferes and says they cannot do that. Sponsor says they will get Kans’ help and kick out Radha and her whole villagers. Krishna says he himself told that around 108 villages, if someone misbehaves with mukhiya/chief, he should be jailed for 4 years, he insulted Radha Rani by calling her name instead of addressing her Rani, so they all 3 should be ready for punishment. Radha says Krishna is right and orders Ayan to put them in jail. Sponsors apologize Radha and say they will give her 1 week to repay her loan.

Radha agrees and lets them go. Ayan praises Radha for solving such a big problem. Radha feels overpride and says just like she now solved this problem alone, she will find pay loan soon.

Sponsors return to Kans and apologize for failing in their plan and say they acted according to the situation, plead not to punish them. Kans says he does not like failures and does not spare whoever fails and ordering to kill them thinks he has to do something else now.

Barsana people get tensed when noone visits mela whole. Radha says she is sure people will come tomorrow. Once Radha leaves, Balram vents out his anger that Radha’s plan was a failure from before, etc. Radha hears their conversation and fumes. Krishna alerts Balram. Balram gets tensed. Radha challenges Balram that her plan is fool proof. Balram says if she fails, she has to accept herr plan was lame. Radha says if her plan works, he has to accept his failure and be ready for punishment. Balram agrees.

Radha returns to her room at night and seeing Krishna there and asks what is he doing here. He says he came to speak to her and knows she is also tensed that people did not turn up for mela and can express her feeling to him. Radha thinks she is really tensed, but should not show her weakness. She asks why should she be tensed, she is sure tomorrow people will turn up and asks Krishna to go now. Krishna walks towards door while Radha thinks she is a queen and cannot show her anxiety.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that if they want to taste success in life, they will find 100 people who will give different ideas on determination, practicality, timing, etc.. for hours, but one has to discuss about failure, two people fail in life, one who just things and does not act and other who just acts without a plan, so if one plans well and acts on it, they will taste success for sure.

Precap: On second day, public enters Radha’s navratri mela. Radha asks Krishna to call Balram and asks Balram if he is ready to accept punishment.

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