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RAB SE SONA ISHQ TWINJ: episode:64,65



A beautiful morning.Two couple sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms the view was so beautifully.It’s none other than Kunj and twinkle. In side bags was there. Kunj wake up he saw twinkle who sleeping like more baby.

Kunj:uff what a morning my sleeping queen still sleeping.kunj kissed on her cheeks finally we come.She will get shocked man she used to complain me I didn’t take her anywhere.She crying for goa what will be her reaction was knowing this she sleeping in Paris.Kunj cuddles her and again sleep.Twinkle moving in sleep she wake up and open her eyes see Kunj who cuddling her fully she smiled to see him.

Twinkle:aha why my head paining this much.She looking here and there.See the room and get shocked what

happened to my room why it’s looking so different haan.She open her eyes fully.Where I’m. Kunjjj.

Kunj:hmm he open his eyes. What?

Twinkle:see what happened to our room. It’s not our room.

Kunj:he giggles yes it’s not our room.

Twinkle:what where we are Than?.

Kunj:wait.Twinkle sit there only in confusion kunj too beside her.Kunj take remote he pulled off the curtains.Look at there you will get to know where we are actually.Twinkle move her eyes. Twinkle looking at window.As soon as her eyes went on window and get shocked to see.Her mouth got opened it. Kunj went closer to her.Twinkle close your mouth bee will be went inside 😂. How’s it..best view na. She turned and look at Kunj. In shocking way


Twinkle:what is this..

Kunj:what happened?

Twinkle: kunjj tell me I’m not seeing any dream.

Kunj: nope wait I’ll do something he bite her cheek.

Twinkle:ouch Kunj.

Kunj:better 😂😂.

Twinkle:Eiffel Tower keshe..

Kunj:twinkle are mad Eiffel Tower keshe man. We are in..

Twinkle:PA…RIS.. Kunj nodded his head in yes. What seriously.Eiffel Tower view coming from their room window clearly.

Kunj:yes we are in Paris.

Twinkle:keshe Kunj.Paris uff I’m so happy she get up and went in balcony and see Eiffel Tower was in front of her eyes.She was hell happy Kunj can see in his eyes.Twinkle twirl pointing her hand towards Tower.

Kunj was sitting on bed on his elbow. Twinkle turned and see she went towards him and lay down beside him.Kunj is it true.

Credit goes to Anusha

Kunj:yes my love.. are you happy.

Twinkle: yes very much Kunj went near her face she smiled closed her eyes Kunj peck on her lips both watching the view. By the Kunj how we come I didn’t remember anything haa? Kunj remember and giggles you toh taking me somewhere na.


Twinkle:how this happened.How we come here I didn’t remember.

Flash back..

Kunj reaches airport with twinkle.He mix sleeping pills in her coffee so she can sleep peacefully due to medicine dose.

He planned everything already.Lie with her they will go after 2 days. Private aircraft was waiting for them.Kunj take twinkle inside and place her on recliner chair.Sit beside her next morning you will get surprised hope you will get happy. Sorry for everything.What they think they all went and my wife will stay here no fun pagal ladki 😛I was just waiting for a perfect time so we can spend time together alone 😛😂no disturbance.After long hour they reached finally Paris still twinkle sleeping.They reached early morning paris.Kunj book hotel where the iconic towel view coming from there room perfectly. He went hotel with her went in their room and he sleep with her.

India is 3 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Paris,France.After listen this all things twinkle get hell shocked.

Twinkle: what she sit. And looking at Kunj in shocking way she is lost of the words. Kunj get worried.

Kunj: what happened you didn’t like my surprise haa tears escaping from her eyes heyyy twinkle sorry.She

immediately hug him.

Twinkle:kunjj why you saying sorry haan.I never thought you will do something like this for me. Who told you I didn’t like idiot my sadu. Infect I love it in my dream I never think someone did something like this for me.

Kunj:why someone haan your husband will do for you.He hugged her back. I’m so happy to see your happy I just wanted this only. They break the hug.

Twinkle: but why you didn’t tell me haan?

Kunj:because I wanted to give you surprise that’s why. After telling you I didn’t got this smile on your face she smiled Kunj kissed on her forehead.

Twinkle:I love you.You know from starting i wanted to come paris but wouldn’t take time.

Kunj:hmm see na I bring you.

Twinkle: yup. Thanks.

Kunj: acha thanks for this huhu. Now you will not complain me.

Twinkle:hmm let’s think 😂😂. Chalo let’s take view of this city.

Kunj:yup we will.

Twinkle:for how many days we will come.

Kunj:hmm. Why you asking. He pulled her this 6 days & 7 nights will be best days of ours I’ll make it.😛.

Twinkle:aww I’m so excited.

Kunj: acha what about me don’t forget about me arching his eyes.

Twinkle: acha you just think about that only we aren’t come here for your romance .

Kunj:who told you this we are😎😛.

Twinkle:hehe.Let’s see.

Kunj:you cant escape from me here. Pulled her cheeks.

Twinkle:lets go and get freshen up.


Twinkle:that’s why twinkle lets do our packing sadu.Pinch on his nose.First I’ll get freshen up.

Kunj:shall we together.😛.

Twinkle:nope ji.I’ll can manage.She take her clothes.And went in washroom.Kunj smiled and went in balcony Oder breakfast for them in room. He calls Avantika.


Avantika:So reach?

Kunj:yup we reached?

Avantika:great what will be her reaction. Kunj tell Avantika about twinkle aw.

Kunj:she toh shocked like anything.😂.

Avantika: good now enjoy don’t think about here.

Kunj:hmm if anything message tell dadi I’ll call her afterwards she will get angry.

Avantika: between you dadi dad and pota planned together na?

Kunj:hmm my dadi and dadu best in things 😛😂.You even hotel too dadu decided.

Avantika: acha they went na.

Kunj:hmm using their own experience 😛.

Avantika:tu bhi na.Okay bye take care of yourself.

Kunj:yeah bye.Kunj keep his phone in side.He take the view. Chal Kunj leave everything just you and twinkle winked. He went in room see twinkle come she getting ready in front of dressing table. Kunj take his clothes.

Twinkle: Kunj see me.She turned Kunj look at her head to toe.How I’m looking. Can I wear if you don’t mind. She wear jeans and top looking pretty.

Kunj: why I’ll mind in this haa😛😛.

Twinkle:I thought you get jealous easily and possessive 😛😝.

Kunj:yup don’t fly here.He went in washroom.Twinkle get ready fully just than room door bell ring she went and open the door and see breakfast she understands Kunj must be Oder. She take closed the door. She Arrange on table Kunj come and get ready.

Twinkle: come let’s have breakfast.

Kunj: haan. He went and sit twinkle remember bring his medicine.

Twinkle: first take this medicine than have your breakfast.

Kunj: aha you bring here also how you remember.

Twinkle: haan I can forget myself but this medicine never I packed this before anything else now take did you forget what happened last time.You giving me medicine didn’t remember yours.She sit beside him.Kunj open his Mouth.Twinkle give him medicine with her hands.


Twinkle:super.They both having their breakfast.After breakfast.They lock the room and went downstairs holding each other’s.They come out of the hotel.I’m so excited Kunj.

Kunj:bas.They walking and seeing here and there twinkle holding Kunj elbow.

Twinkle:it’s so beautifully.

Kunj:less than you😛.

Twinkle:don’t be cheesy.They were on bridge.Kunjj see na.

Kunj:haan I have eyes.

Twinkle:lets click pics here na.

Kunj:okay both looking super cool.Kunj give someone his phone.Please one photo. Sure man said.They both standing together the towel was behind them.Click photos.

Kunj take his phone back and thanks to the man.

Twinkle:nice one.They reached towards towel see the crowd twinkle just run like butterfly Kunj smiled and making her video. Song play in bg.muskurane❤❤.

Kunj come na.Twinkle pulled his hands. See this view.Twinkle and Kunj take the tour of this place than they sit Kunj bring snacks famous one of the place. Twinkle see the couple they proposing. She smiled Kunj see her. Kunj sit on his knees.

Kunj:hii twinkle.She turned and see Kunj who sitting on his knees and get confused.

Twinkle: heh Kunj what is this why you doing?

Kunj: I’m proposing she smiled. My legs are paining 😛😛. She went near him. Kunj forwarding his hands.If beauty were time you would definitely be an eternity she giggles.

Forget about spider man batman or superman I’ll be your man. She closed her eyes give her hand in Kunj hands Kunj kissed on her hand. Kunj get up. Both holding each other’s.

Twinkle:nice Kunj.

Kunj:see I propose you again.

Twinkle: acha.

Kunj: I need return back something. Patting on his cheek.

Twinkle:have some shame we are in public place.

Kunj.Here is everything is going on 😂. She giggled and pulled his cheek peck on his cheek.Twinkle sitting on grasses Kunj click her photo.

Like this they both roaming on few places.Than they went to Louvre Museum they take the tour of this beautiful museum click many photos.

Twinkle playing with water fountain. They both dancing like crazy.


Than they in horse carriage. Twinkle resting her head on Kunj shoulder.

Twinkle:wowo Kunj we enjoy today lot.

Kunj:hmm.Twinkle closed her eyes she sleep in Kunj arms Kunj see and wiped cuddles her.Kunj see Rahul message.He giggles.Kunj post his and twinkle photo in status.with love from #Paris.

In goa#..

Every was enjoying at beach in goa.they saw a couple was making sand house.

Rudra:see they are making sand house…i also want to make it..

Rohan:lets have a sand house making competition.but it will in a team .team will have one boy & one girl.what say 😂

Soumya:nice idea…

Rahul:whispers in rohan ear saale.competition ke bhane se apna matlab nikal raha hai rohan made puppy eyes in pleading manner….😛😛😝.

Rahul:haan haan lets have.i know only me and anjali going to win.we are the best couple.

Rudra:G we will see…first make team na….

Rahul:so rohan & prinku will be in one team.rudra & soumya om & mahi.how’s it .

Rohan: perfect😛😛.

Rahul:hehe.chalo lets start.

Everyone started making their sand house..

Mahi hair was disturbing her but her hand was filled of sand.so

om:may i..she noded..om side her hair and locked it behind her ears. Rudra and Soumya were teasing each other.

Rudra: applied some sand on her cheeks…

Soumya:langoor..teri toh mai.she throw sand on him and run away.

Rudra was behind her.soom he catches her.both fall at each other.they had a eye lock…

Anjali and rahul was just busy in each other..while playing with sand..

Priyanka and rohan were making very  nicely.their sand house.or u can say only Priyanka was making. rohan was just staring her lost in her.priyanka was going some to bring some shells for decorating the house …but rohan hold her hand .

Rohan:where are you going.

Priyanka:to bring some cells.meanwhile a water wave came & destroyed her house ..

prinku got sad because of this .

rohan:its ok…we will made it again….

Priyanka:no i will not she started going from there. Rohan bring some sheels from beach & made beautiful necklace of it.he goes to Priyanka.

Rohan:prinku see…

Priyanka:what ?

Rohan :this is for you.

Priyanka:wow so beautiful.you made it ..?

Rohan:haan you were sad na.so i made it for you.

Priyanka:so sweet .but why ?

Rohan:because because we are friends na..so if one friend is sad then other one should make her happy na ….

Priyanka:friends ? Ye kab hua…😝.

Rohan:mean you don’t like me..i mean we can’t be friends kya ?

Priyanka:arey its nothing like that .i just ask randomly…

Rohan: so lets start our friendship..so miss priyanka sarna will u be my friend….

Priyanka: smiling…yes mr rohan ..

Both were smiling each other shaking their hands…

Rudra and Soumya came ..so who is the winner….G ..

Rahul look at his and anjali sand house.it was not completed…

Rudra::G you are toh not definitely while laughing..

Soumya:om & mahi are winner see.how beautiful they had made.

Rahul:om you take care of them me & anjali are going had some work.

Om:i know which work you must be

having.go and enjoy..😛😂.

Rudra:chl O there is some dance party is going on .lets join them.

Rohan:good idea.lets go

Soumya:yeah chal Priyanka mahi.

Mahi:you guyies go.i will not.i will sit here.i want to see sun set.

Om:you 4 of go.but be careful and Rudra take care of Priyanka you know na how she is.as well of soumya also.

Rudra:ok but why you are not coming…?

Om:bas wese hi man ni ha.you go and enjoy.Mahi started walking on sand …

Om:can i join you.


Both were walking on beach.water waves were hitting their feets.

Om was just lost in each other.mahi room some water in her hands and threw it on him.

Om:comes in sense.ye kya tha mahi.

Mahi:itni der se tumhe bula rahi thi .don’t know where were you lost. so i threw water on you.

Om:acha ji.now who will save you from me.he too threw water on her.Both were playing with water.after some time.Both were sitting.watching sun set.

One girl came .you look cute together

please take this fire sky lantern.

Mahi took it..Om help her in flying it.mahi look at the lantern flying in the sky.

Mahi: beautiful isn’t it om…..while om looking at her..

Om:hmm very much beautiful..she look at him.he was looking at her.both were lost in each other ….

Other side Rudra and Soumya were dancing each other. Rohan and Priyanka were enjoy with rohan.as their new friendship started.4 were enjoying each other company….

Rahul had planned a candle lighy dinner for anjali so they went their.both were enjoying each other company..

Dancing romantically..then had their dinner.Later all came to their hotel.everyone had a great day & enjoyed a lot…

Kunj and twinkle went back to hotel.

Kunj place twinkle in bed he went in washroom.Twinkle wake up and smiled Kunj come out of the washroom he is shirtless.

Kunj:wake up how much you sleep haan?

Twinkle: sorry na I find so peace in your arms get sleep..😊.Kunj went towards her and lay down beside her. Come top of her. Kya hai?

Kunj:now it’s my time.

Twinkle:Kya time.

Kunj:I’ll show you.

Twinkle:nope.Encircled her arms around his neck.. now what you planned for me.

Kunj:what I’ll planned for you I did enough for you. 😂😂.

Twinkle:sadu sarna huhu. In mind huhu he is so bad he didn’t remember.

Kunj:where you lost haa your hero is here.

Twinkle:acha ji. I’m hungry.

Kunj: eat me 😂. Baby.

Twinkle:hehe stop act like mad haan now you really changed after me

everyone saying even I too find.

Kunj:he giggles.WhAt to do after you I forgot everything just remember you 😂.

I love you.

Twinkle:aww even I love you.She kissed  on his chin.

Kunj:acha sun you go and get ready we’ll go for dinner and we will see today paris night out life.

Twinkle:really thanks baby.Kunj arching eye. 😂


Twinkle: Kya.

Kunj: it’s sound comedy 😂😂.She hit on his chest.And push him and get up.She take her clothes and went in washroom.

Kunj went and take out something from his bag.He place in side.5 minutes later twinkle come out she wearing bathrobe.

Twinkle wear this one na.

Twinkle:which one.Kunj handover her parcel and went in washroom.Twinkle open the parcel.What is this??She open the parcel and found a dress.One short dress hot dress she see and smiled twinkle take dress in her hand place on herself check out. Hmm Kunj choice is so beautiful really I love it. She wear the dress and started getting ready in front of mirror Kunj come out and see twinkle he get mesmerising to see her he went towards her and give her back hug.

Kunj:aww today someone looking so beautiful i never knew this dress beautiful will increase more and more after you wore it. 😘😘. She blushed she make high pony. Kunj rest his chin on her bare shoulder. Looking gorgeous twinkle I must say today everything is less in front of you.

Twinkle:acha you just saying this always.I’m not only the one.

Kunj:for me you are after you my eyes didn’t wanted to see anything else. Kunj slightly kissed on her shoulder she shivered and closed her eyes.Twinkle turned towards him.

Twinkle: what’s your plain haan looking hot don’t too much she mess up his hairs if any girl dare to eyes on my husband I’ll kill you. Kunj giggles.

Kunj:jhalkukdi😂😂.Twinkle look at watch.Chal let’s go.

Twinkle:hmm they both went from there. They went in hotel Kunj arrange dinner for them.Kunj pulled chair for her they both sit the place was really beautiful.


Twinkle: nice place Kunj.Waiter come.

Kunj: what you wanted my foodie..

Twinkle:hmm let me think she see menu and give Oder.Kunj take her hand in his hands playing with her fingers.In mind Kunj really don’t know what is tomorrow😩.Soon their food come they both started having food.Feeding each other’s with their hands smiling like anything.Kunj my dessert.

Kunj:this we will have later.Okay. They pay the bill went from there.Kunj take her in some club they went in casino.

Twinkle:Kunj let’s play.

Kunj:sure don’t waste my money 😂.

Twinkle:huhu.They went and started playing casino.A girl come stand beside Kunj. Twinkle and Kunj playing casino Kunj winning against twinkle a girl get impressed with Kunj she keep her hand on his shoulder twinkle see this.Kunj see her expression smirked let’s teased her. Whenever Kunj win she and he hifi.

Twinkle didn’t see the game just wasting her money. Kunj win the game.A girl hugged him.

What’s your name handsome she asked? Twinkle throw the poker coin on Kunj and went from there in anger.

Kunj:shit what I have done it. He went behind her. While twinkle walking in anger she took alcohol bottle in side and taking sip and going out. Twinkle wait for me na. She jerked his hands

Twinkle:you go away from me sadu sarna get it.

Kunj:Leave this bottle you will lost your sense. Kunj take and throw in side.

Twinkle: you go to that b*t*h haa badi hassi aarahi ti I’ll break yours and her teeth’s there only. Now don’t come to me.

Kunj: no I’m just teasing you. You know na I’m one women man.

Twinkle.Chalo chalo this I wouldn’t come in your talks. She get frown and went from there.

Kunj: what I have done babaji now this girl take so much time to get convince uff my honeymoon went in this only noo. Let’s go Kunj where she going she don’t know anything about here this siyappa queen keeping siyappa in backup. 😂. Kunj run behind her.Twinkle walking on Paris streets road. Kunj coming to her while running. Kunj think something.

Kunj started singing O Meree Jan Naa Lele Ke Meree Jan – (2)

Tere Ada – (2)

Jan Jala Na Tujhe Pe Dewaana – (2)

Me Hu Fida – (2)

Gustakhi Maf Karde, Abb Toh Insaf Karde

Apna Dil Saf Karde, Kehna Toh Man Le

O (Jane Bhee De Jo Bhee Huwa, Jane Bhee De -4).

He went to twinkle and pleasing her while she showing him anger and going ahead Kunj running behind her. He brings ice cream for her and give to twinkle she take and throw in side.

Gussa Teraa Jhutha, Jhuthee Muthee Berukhee Hai

Janu Mai Toh Janu, Teree Naa Me Ashikee Hai) – (2)

Ai Sanam Naa Kar Sitam, Tujhko Khuda Kaa Vasta

Hey.. Gustakhi Maf Karde, Abb Toh Insaf Karde

Apna Dil Saf Karde, Kehna Toh Man Le

O (Jane Bhee De Jo Bhee Huwa, Jane Bhee De -4)

Kunj pulled twinkle cheeks and holding his earlobe’s twinkle giggles inside in her heart to see Kunj who singing for her in cute way but she didn’t show him.

While walking they come near Eiffel Tower there night lights making the view more beautiful twinkle went from there in side and sit on staircase which was on height. Kunj went towards and sit beside her.

Kunj:acha sun na sorry I’ll do whatever you wanted.

Twinkle: next time you’ll do na something like this I’ll kill you surely.

Kunj:okay sorry I’ll not.Kunj see the time in his ears. He went near twinkle ears. In low voice 10,9,8,7,6, she get confused 5,4,3,2,1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINKLE. She get shocked in Side lights work happened.

Twinkle: what?

Kunj:haa happy birthday today is your birthday na see the time.Twinkle see the time.

Twinkle: Haan my birthday but how you know about this my birthday.

Kunj: what do you mean by this your birthday. I’m your husband obviously I’ll remember na when my wife birthday is. 😛. She look at him.

Twinkle: means your remember my birthday.

Kunj:yup my love Chal let’s celebrate after all it’s your first birthday after wedding.

Twinkle: huhu.

Kunj:now don’t do this one your birthday.He take her in side Kunj arrange everything there only for twinkle a man come with cake.Twinkle get shocked to see all arrangements.

Twinkle: cake?

Kunj: yes let’s cut it.

Twinkle: hmm. Twinkle blow the candle Kunj clapped for her sing happy birthday song. She hold his hand and cut the cake Kunj feed her. She too him.

Kunj:happiest birthday to you twinkle you just stay happy like this. Kissed on her forehead.

Twinkle: thanks Kunj. But this all when you did I don’t know anything.

Kunj:I’ll tell you. Come first with me. Kunj apply cake cream on her cheeks and lick as well 😂.She blushed they see people flying lantern candles. Kunj bring one for them. He lit the lantern. Shall we?

Twinkle:haan both wish something in their hearts than fly the lantern in sky and see the sky fully covered with lanterns. Just than a dog was barking badly and running towards twinkle and Kunj. Twinkle see and get scared. Kunj dog she hold Kunj hand both started running from there while dog wasn’t behind them. But behind someone twinkle and Kunj runs lot and get tired then Kunj see the Dog and look at twinkle.

Kunj:twinkle yaar see the dog he wasn’t behind us but with someone.

Twinkle:but I thought behind us. They both sit and taking the night light view of city. Both cuddles each other’s. Now tell me na.

Kunj: what I’ll tell you.

Twinkle: when did you planned this all.

Kunj:I know you must be thinking I didn’t remember your birthday. This is all is my

Surprised for you.

Twinkle: means.

Kunj:I knew it you wanted to go París. So plan for you this all things dadu and dadi helps me.

Twinkle: what even they too.

Kunj:yes without them I can’t they are more romantic than us😂☺.

Twinkle:hehe.Nice I love it kunj best birthday ever really. My baby. Cuddles him Kunj kissed on her cheeks.

Kunj:I love you.

Twinkle:where is my gift.

Kunj:what gift I give you na 😂.

Twinkle:na I wanted gift Kunj.

Kunj:acha I’ll give you in morning.Now let’s go it’s too late.

Twinkle:let me sit na.


In Goa they all sitting together and having fun after dinner and outing.They doing hookah (shisha).rahul checking his phone just than his eyes went on Kunj status.

Rahul:what this saala post haa maybe office face😂😂.He tap and his status load Rahul see twinkle and Kunj pic. What is this than. Rahul call Kunj. He see his call and smirked he already knew it.

Kunj: see Rahul call.

Twinkle: they must be shocked.

Kunj:haan I already put chilli. 😂😂. Kunj put the call on speaker. Haa.

Rahul: aur bhai. How’s you.

Kunj: great. In irritating voice. 😂just for him.

Rahul: what happened itna chid kyn raha hai moment break kr diya kya .

Kunj:haan i was so engrossed in wife.😂but you always behind my moment. Twinkle giggles

Rahul :here your brothers are breaking my moments.what about this haan…

Wese what’s going on?hitler toh full class le rha hoga na😂.

Kunj: haanchal be….i m enjoying my honeymoon😂😂.

Rahul :with shocking expressions. what ? How i mean.

Kunj:kyn lga na shock.now enjoy with full paltan..I will enjoy with my wife alone.

Rahul:means I didn’t get it you are in Amritsar na.

Kunj:hmm😂😂.Twinkle too giggles.  Didn’t see my post.

Rahul: yours and twinkle photo what new in this?

Kunj:acha see clearly. Again😂. Rahul again open and seeing than Kunj click his and twinkle photo and send to him. Rahul get notification and he see their photo his eyes went in side Eiffel Tower in background.

Rahul: what is this Eiffel Tower doing editing haa.

Kunj:I’m not like you na. 😂.I’m in Paris bro with twinkle 😂😛.

Rahul: what😳😳.

Kunj: yes thanks you take my babies so I can plan about my lil babies😂😂. Twinkle hit on his chest playfully.

Rahul: abey I’m looking idiot haan.

Kunj: yes I come for honeymoon.

Rahul: heeh tera honeymoon 7 months later really till now honey also get expire and moon too😂😂.

Kunj:hehe very lame what about you who went every year give tag of honeymoon.

Rahul:nothing changed real reason was something else 😜😜. My honey is Anjali 😂😂.

Twinkle: Hoo closed her mouth.

Kunj: chiii. Than do whatever you wanted it’s true I’m in Paris you can asked anyone. What did you think you will play a game with me Leave all work on me and went goa and take di with you because of you my wife get sad I’ll leave you all nope even I get golden chance you all haddies went away I and twinkle alone and come together and you went like taking students for picnic😂😂😂.

Rahul: sala kya strategy banai.  Meri billi mujhse hi meaw karne lag gyi …..😏😏

Kunj:chal na.chal ab phone cut kar let me enjoy.

Rahul:haan haan but do the mail .i had send you

Kunj:ok bye ….

Rahul :bye janeman.enjoy giggling. Rahul see Kunj and twinkle photo he hold his hand baster he went and see this baraat😭😭😩. They all having hookah.

Rudra:dhumrapan sehat ke liye hanikarak hai 😂😂😂.

Rahul: Acha you all wait I’ll call tej sir he will tell you what hanikarak. Isska toh pata nahi tera bapu sehat ke  bhut hi hanikarak hai 😛😛😏.Rudra inhale the smoke of hookah and went near Rahul face and throw it on his face 😂😂.While yuvi play song hookah bar.They all started dancing Rahul get irritated with this.Rudra pulling Rahul cheeks while Omkara and Mahi sharing eye locks. Yuvi pulled Avni in side.

Avni: Kya hai?

Yuvi: I want one kiss.

Avni: no.

Yuvi: please.

Avni: okay. She peck on yuvi lips and run from there. Rudra and Rohan pulling Rahul shirt they all started behaving like mads while Rahul taking out his frustration on them he too started pulling hairs and beating mess up all things.

Rahul:maaro maaro loudly while all chanting this behind Rahul.maaro Rahul push Rohan while he pulled Rudra T-shirt.Anjali make their video they lost in this nonsense.Yuvi and Omkara hold Avni and Mahi They run from there while saying maaro maaro😂😂😂.

Mahi and Omkara come in pool side both sit and dip their legs inside the pool.Both laughing loudly. Omkara admire Mahi. She too.

Om:Kya hua??

Mahi:kuch Mahi you look so good while laughing.

Om:even you too.

Mahi:this all is crazy.

Om:haa they trio is like this.

Avni and yuvi lay down in sleeping hammock.

Yuvi:wow she cuddles him.

Avni:this holiday is best.

Yuvi:because of me na😛😛.

Avni:hatt.He kissed on her forehead.

Both entangled their legs and enjoying in hammock. Love me thoda aur song in bg❤💕.


Mahi slightly throw pool water on Omkara she giggles he see her she get up and run Omkara run behind her he catch her hold her hand and pulled Mahi towards himself she landed on his chest.both look at each other’s.Omkara Tucked Mahi hairs.Omkara going near her face she closed her eyes…..


# kunj and twinkle sitting both laughing.

Twinkle:you and Rahul is so cheap.

Kunj:he started 😂😂.They all get shocked. 😂. Saala.

Twinkle:hatt. Chale..

Kunj:haa already it’s too late. Kunj get up twinkle making puppy face and forward her hands to him. Kunj smiles.

Twinkle:I can’t.

Kunj:aaja meri shizuka😂😂.Kunj lift her his arms in bridal style.Kunj walk out from there.

Twinkle:Kunj you know about here how?

Kunj:because I already come here?

Twinkle:when with whom girlfriend?

Kunj:na Arey I was too small when I come with mummy and pa. Than due to some work.

Twinkle:aww mummy ji and papa ji roam?’

Kunj:Lot I was lucky in childhood when I was one than I didn’t leave pa so went with them everywhere even Rahul as well. Pa take mummy for holidays after Priyanka and Rudra become Hitler 😂.

Twinkle:hehe.kunj and twinkle reacted

They went inside lights were off.Why this darkness haa.Kunj on the lights as soon as lights on twinkle awestruck to see the room whole room decorated beautifully everywhere balloons and twinkle and Kunj photos handing.Kunj place her down she just freezes.She walk balloons blast she closed her eyes and smiled like anything twinkle touch everything and hooting wow.She twirl fully Kunj smiled to see her. Kunj aww I love this.

Kunj:acha you love only this more me haa.She run towards him, jumped on his arms hugged him.

Twinkle:I love you like anything.For this amazing surprise thanks Kunj.Wow. Laughing loudly.Kunj cupped her face and kissed on her cheeks.They went toward bed and jumped on bed.Looking at each other’s twinkle come upon him. My sadu become so romantic.

Kunj:yes😂😛.Lock his hands around her waist.He rolled her come upon on her.Now it’s my time you enjoy lot. Moving his finger on her face sensually twinkle bite his finger.

Twinkle:you know I love you in without shirt. She started opening his buttons. Kunj arching his eyes.

Kunj:hoo even I too you 😜😛without anything😛.She closed her eyes blushed so much Kunj removed his shirt nuzzles his face in her neck kissing her

passionately she moaning his name cuddles him Kunj open her hairs remove her earrings kissed on her shoulder bite her collarbone they entangled their legs.

Kunj lock his lips with her.Both share deep passionate lip lock.They doze off while romancing.

In [email protected]

twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully. Kunj wake up and look at twinkle he kissed on her forehead.

Kunj:happy birthday my love.Kunj see miscalls he connected everyone in video conference call.Twinkle wake up she look at him and smiled both sit.Kunj on the tv he connected phone with tv.

Taneja’s and sarna’s even all goa one.

Twinkle and Kunj composed themselves cuddles blanket call come he pick up everyone come twinkle see. They all together happy birthday loudly she smiled,

Twinkle: thanks.

Rudra: bhabhi happiest birthday where are you. Rahul giggles.

Rahul: your bhaiya take his wife for honeymoon 😜. Alone Paris and send you all bhavre with me 😂😂.

Tej: happy birthday twinkle beta.

Twinkle:thanks papaji.

Avantika:so happy for you.Enjoy your day. Haa we’ll give you gift don’t cry.


Kabir:yes twinkle Kunj leave her there only😂😂.


Anjali: you are so bad Kunj didn’t tell us about this.

Prithviraj:Arey Anjali beta he plan everything for twinkle birthday 😂.

Lata:haa first time he was so excited for birthday Kunj giggles.

Leela:my Kunj is the best.

Yuvi:aye birthday girl did you get birthday bomb 😛. Kunj give her from my side.

Rahul:he will give are you think he is mad twinkle will hang him with tower only 😂.Between they both were same 😛😛😂..

Om:haa he cant after all he love his wife Lot.Went on dadu😂.

Rudra:dadu and dadi ki baath hi kuch aur hai.Bhaiya this is not fair.

Tej:hoo everything is fair in love and war.

Rt:Kunj beta what you both doing.

Rahul:this he will not tell us uncle 😛😜. They talk for sometimes than end the calls.And laughs out.

Twinkle:I love I have amazing family.So Mr.Sarna today is my birthday you will do today whatever I want.

Kunj:huhu taking advantage of your birthday.Kunj went in washroom while twinkle talk to her friends.After sometimes later they get ready beautifully.They their breakfast after they went to roam more.They walking on roads Kunj and twinkle take cycles both cycling and holding their hands while cycling.

After this they went few more places and enjoying. Twinkle get tired she sit on road. What happened?

Twinkle:Kunj I can’t walk now anymore.

Kunj:what I’ll do. In side father taking his  daughter on his back. Twinkle look at him and smirked don’t dare to think of it you panda.

Twinkle: huhu on my birthday you can’t do anything for me 😭😭fake one. Kunj hold his head.

Kunj:this girl today didn’t leave me. Huhu Kunj lift her on his back.Twinkle cuddles him.Lock her hands around his neck.Kunj Carry her and walking on roads.


They reached near church both went inside.They both stand in front of god and Kunj back hugged twinkle both fold the hand  Kunj keeping his hands on twinkles.They pray and roaming in while church.Lappta song in bg.Kunj and twinkle went for lunch they had amazing lunch Kunj bring big cake for her they cut the cake.Lastly they went for watch one drama.Whole day they passed in this.Twinkle and Kunj get tired they went back to hotel.

Twinkle: maza my legs uff.

Kunj: think about me twinkle my hands and back paining now 😛😏.

Twinkle:you have for life time. Kunj you didn’t give me my gift till now.

Kunj:I give you so many cake lunch so expensive than you wanted to watch that drama.

Twinkle: huhu you counting 😏😏. Went towards dressing table and get angry. Kunj giggles he went towards and give her backhugged Kunj place a beautiful diamond necklace on her neck she feel something and see in mirror and get shocked touch Kunj smiled.

Kunj:how’s it.

Twinkle:what is this?

Kunj:your birthday gift.

Twinkle:this beautiful necklace for me.

Kunj:nahi for our neighbour 😛😛.

Twinkle:sadu.Kunj tie the necklace in her neck.Twinkle and Kunj see each other’s through mirror.

Kunj:perfect place for this necklace.She smiled.

Twinkle:lets dance na.

Kunj:why not Kunj play song in his phone.Kunj and twinkle dancing romancing.Kunj and twinkle lay down after change Kunj holding heart pillow while twinkle rose.He give her she smiled and pulled his cheeks.Happy birthday last time.Twinkle see the time just 1 min is left to end her birthday.

Twinkle: thanks making my birthday so special she having tears in her eyes.

Kunj:bas my crying queen he wiped her tears and cuddle her. Twinkle lay down on him.

Twinkle: you will love me like this whole life Kunj.

Kunj: maybe more 😛😛.

Twinkle: you are my life.

Kunj: even my too you are. Just than Kunj phone ring he see Rahul call he pick up. Bol.

Anjali: hi.

Twinkle: di.

Rahul: haa. Aur Kya Chal raha hai how’s your day.

Twinkle:amazing from last night.


Kunj:where is other’s.

Rahul:they all is mad Kunj here they behaving like mad..

Kunj:let them just record everything show afterwards 😂😂.

Twinkle:so mean.

Anjali: haa he just gritting his teeth at them.

Kunj: haa he will do this only 😂😂😛.

Rahul:haa Saale you will say this only you you romancing peacefully what about me 😂😂.

Anjali:shame 😂😂.

Kunj:he can’t di. They talk for sometimes

Anjali: chalo let us sleep you both too.

Kunj:hmm bye. End the calls.

Twinkle: now sleep.

Kunj:hmm very tired.They both sleep quickly. Like this twinkle and Kunj enjoy 3 days in Paris now today they have to go Prague. Kunj booked train.

Twinkle:now where you taking me.

Kunj:chale na fast why you asking so much question haa.They pack their things fastly.They left for station. How’s much you shop haa 😛😛.

Twinkle:we come Paris and didn’t shop from here it’s crime 😛😂. They reached station come out of the car went inside.

You still didn’t tell where you taking me.

Kunj:wait? After some minutes later train starts Kunj and twinkle take their seats.

We are going to Prague 😛😛.

Twinkle:really why?

Kunj:because I wanted.


Kunj:see you wanted to come Paris and I wanted to take my wife Prague 😛.

Twinkle: Kya Bol rahe ho.

Kunj:see afterwards I didn’t get time when I don’t know so now taking you so you didn’t cry 😂😂.

Twinkle:aww. Tell me Maa told you about this?

Kunj: hmm.

Twinkle: I understand know everything.

Kunj: what to do I don’t know and I get diary in that you write you wanted to go 😛.

Twinkle: yes. For my wishes you taking me it just I ans Chinki or Asha did.

Kunj:I don’t know about this but my wife wish to go ill fulfilled her all wishes.

Twinkle: aww Kunj don’t love me this .

Kunj: I can’t my heart is all yours ❤❤. She blushed and hugged him. Ready for new adventure.

Twinkle: yes😛😛. They both stand near door and see the view mountains cool breeze coming.

Episode freezes on their happy face..


Next in) Prague  lots of fun and masti romance,,)

how was the episode?hope you all like the episode how’s Kunj surprise for twinkle birthday 😂😂. Other’s masti in goa??😂poor Rahul Kunj smart player 😎😎.give your views please. Bye love you all no proof..

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