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Nimki Mukhiya 6th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki confident about her case

Nimki Mukhiya 6th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai says to Tettar that if you have to kill Dublo to make Nimki lose then do it, I hate her more than I love my son. Tettar looks on.

Nahar is talking to villagers, he says that Tettar have brought big lawyer but Nimki will win. He asks witness to be confident. Nahar says tell truth in court, you can bring truth out, dont worry about lawyer of Babbu. Nimki comes there and says I am sure Ganesh will tell truth, she says dont forget anything. Ganesh is tensed. Nimki asks him to not worry, he leaves. Nahar says why he is tensed? Nimki says all are scared of court but I am not.

Ritu says to family that our lawyer have lost very few cases, Mai says he lost another’s politician’s case. Ritu says he did crime in open but Babbu did it behind closed doors, dont worry,

lawyer Shankar turned tables, she was still his wife and he did it in room. Tettar calls lawyer. Ritu comes to Sweety and says if you try to call Nimki thenn. Sweety brings phone and calls Nimki, she says Nimki they are all scared and have sweat. Nimki says they will live in fear now. Sweety says dont worry, I am with you, all the best, she ends call and smirks at Ritu. e is stunned. Sweety asks him to handle family. Mai says nothing should happen to Babu.. She gets dizzy. Sweety goes to bring water.

Aunt says to Nimki that Tettar is scared, Nimki says nobody can save Babbu. Abhi says they will try more. Nimki says they can do anything but I have a card that cant be beaten. Abhi asks what card? Nimki says Dublo, he is ready to give statement against family, he will tell what happened at their house. Abhi says dont trust Dublo too much, he might be playing double game, why he is suddenly on your side? Nimki says he is ready to give statement against his family, he is with us.

Diamond talks to Jhariya. Jhariya is cleaning fountain and says I am scared of Babbu, what if he goes to jail? Babbu comes there and hears it. Jhariya says I lived there, its not a good place, he might go to jail for 7-8 years, after he comes out, he wont be same, people go crazy there. Babbu shouts what are you saying? Jhariya says I am worried about you. He runs from there. Babbu is tensed and recalls their words.

Scene 2
At night, Muaha wakes up and is tensed. She comes in lounge and sees Nimki throwing ball at wall. She says go to sleep, are you scared? Nimki stops and says no, I am angry. Muaha says Babbu? Nimki says no on my father, why did he get scared and leave us? Mauha gets emotional. Nimki says he shouldnt have left us alone. Mauha says we are here for each other. Muha hugs her.

PRECAP- At night, Babbu is playing chess. Ritu asks what are you doing? Dublo says you are all scared, you might win in court but how will you sleep at night? Accept that you are all scared of Nimki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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