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Naagin Season 3 6th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 6th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumitra telling Mahir that Bela was shocked as she is pregnant with human Mahir and her baby is not strong as Vishaka’s Andhka. She says if she has to fight with Vish then what will happen? Vikrant asks Mahir not to listen to her and says Vish will never harm Bela. Sumitra says Mahir is shocked as he has seen Vish’s dangerous avatar and she can do anything with Bela. She asks him to tell her where are they if he wants to save Bela from Vish. Vikrant says Vish will not do anything to Bela. Mahir says we know how Yuvi was killed. Sumitra asks if Vish killed Yuvi. Vikrant asks Mahir not to doubt on Vish. Mahir says Vish killed Yuvi thinking her to be you and tells that when she can kill him then she can kill anyone. Sumitra asks Mahir to tell her. Bela is with Vish and Andhka.

Andhka opens her eyes and black smoke come out of her eyes. She recalls Aghori Baba telling her that when black smoke comes out of the baby’s eyes then she shall not waste any time and do what he asked her to do. Bela thinks how to separate Vish and the baby. She recalls Aghori baba’s words and takes the baby in her hand. She apologizes to Vish who is unconscious.

Vikrant asks Mahir not to fall in Sumitra’s trap and tells that Vish will be fine once she delivers Andhka. Sumitra says Vish will kill Bela and your baby. She asks him to tell where are they? Mahir says she didn’t tell me or Vikrant. Sumitra asks him to think. Vikrant blows on her and Sumitra falls down. Mahir and Vikrant run away. Vish is unconscious and gets dream how Hukum kept baby inside her with magic. She wakes up and thinks she was in baby’s Andhka influence. She thinks Bela should have waited for her, before going with Andhka. She gets up and goes.

Mahir tells Vikrant that he lied to Sumitra that he didn’t know about the whereabouts. Vikrant says it is good that you had not told anything to Sumitra. Sumitra is hearing them. Mahir says bela told him something to find her. Bela is walking when the vultures attack her. she thinks of Aghori baba’s words and starts running. Mahir shows the magical rope and tells that it will tell bela’s whereabouts. Sumitra hears them. Sumitra thinks it will take us to right place. Vikrant and Mahir follow the magical rope which is taking them to Bela. Sumitra also follows them. The rope gets tied to the tree and makes Sumitra tied too. Mahir and Vikrant come there and tell that they have learnt to trick from her. Sumitra says Vish will not leave Bela. Vish searches for Bela and asks her to wait, and says don’t move on to front. She thinks how you will face Hukum, he will follow Bela. She prays to Bholenath to protect Bela. Bela jumps in the river holding baby in her hand above the water level. Three giant snakes come out of water and ask Bela to handover Andhka to them, let them touch him. Bela says I will never give you this child. She fights with the snakes with her tails.

Andhka is looking at the sky. Bela bites the vultures coming near her. She manages to swim and reaches the other end of the river. She tells Andhka that they have no danger now. She sees big crocodiles and hits them with her tail. She says I won’t let anything happen to baby.

She comes up and sees Hukum standing infront of her. Hukum says today I have won and says thank you Naagrani for bringing Andhka in this world. He hits her and leaves. He comes home and calls Sumitra and others. He tells them that Yuvi sacrificed his life to save his Andhka. He says I can’t believe that my Andhka is with me. He asks Alek to invite all big people and asks Rohini to bring cradle for the baby. He tells baby to look at Sumitra, and says she is so far from outside, but black from inside. Rohini asks Hukum when our work will be done. Sumitra reminds him of their deal and says you said that you will help me to become naagrani of all vansh. Hukum asks what did you say. He puts baby in the cradle. Sumitra says you have to help me and take me to Bela so that she give me the throne and naagmani. Hukum asks who had promised you? Alek says Huzur. Hukum asks where is Huzur? Rohini says you had killed her. Sumitra says Huzur said that you agreed with the deal. Hukum says whoever did the promise, fulfills it. Rohini says what will we get then? Hukum says my blessings which I never gave to anyone. He then says, that he is joking and tells that he will make her get Naagmani and asks her to smile.

Bela gains consciousness and starts walking. Mahir comes to Bela. Bela hugs him and tells that she couldn’t win from Hukum. Mahir says everything is happening according to the plan. Bela asks where is she? Vikrant says she is here? Andhka is holding some other baby and tells that his Andhka will take just 5 days to take his Vikraal avatar. He says Andhka will behead you. Alek says why will he kill us. Sumitra says we are his family. Hukum says Andhka will not kill me only, and then asks them to go and make arrangements of Jashn.

Sumitra tells that haveli will be safe for baby. Baby in the cradle becomes a snake and crawls out. Rohini sees and tells others. Hukum says my Andhka was never here, she was a snake. Bela tells Vikrant that she had said and will come here. A fb is shown, Juhi helps Bela and tells Vikrant not to worry. Juhi becomes baby and comes in Bela’s hand. Andhka eyes spit black smoke. Bela says they have to reach Shiv temple before sunset and do all the rituals. Mahir says Vish was not in the cave. Bela says I forgot about her. Vikrant says she might have come out of Andhka’s affect. Bela says they shall go back. Mahir says you can’t go in this condition. Vikrant congratulates them. He takes baby in his hand and tells baby not to worry, says your father and mother will make you a good person. He asks them to go to other way and search Vish.

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