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Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) Episode-14

Uttara comes to kitchen where ragini was making halwa..
Uttara:what r u cooking bhabi..
Uttara:halwa..bhai ka favourite
Ragini smiles..
Uttara:bhabi ek baat poochu
Ragini:haan uttara
Uttara:u loves bhai so much naa
Ragini says in mind i never thought i would have fallen for sanskar..but its happened..haan i love ur bhai so much..
Uttara:bhabi bolona
Before ragini could speak..
Sanskar(who came there):whats going on ladies..
Uttara:wo bhabi is telling how much she lo..
Ragini(interrupts):vo..kuch kaas nay…
Uttara looks at ragini who is nodding as no..
Sanskar:kuch tho hain
Ragini: vo.tomorrow holi Hain naa..we are talking about that..
Sanskar:holi!!u knw i love to play holi..bahut maja ayega..
Ragini smiles seeing him..
Uttara:but bhai ,bhabi doesn’t want to play holi..
Ragini:Nay uttara ,yesterday i thought to not play holi..but now i want to play..
Sanskar(not understand what she meant):matlab
Ragini murmurs buddu..
Ragini:kuch nay..
Sanskar:bolo naa
Ragini(forwarding halwa to him):eat
Uttara:haan..bhabi made for u..
Sanskar looks at ragini..
Ragini:vo..vo.uttara come..we have to go shopping naa..chalo
Saying she drags uttara along with her..
Sanskar smiles nd eats halwa..
Ragini takes white saree from wardrobe..she recalled how sanskar admired her When she wore this saree first time on her first karwachuat..she blushes recalling the way he looked at her..she hugs the saree nd start dancing happily being lost in sanskar thoughts..she sees sanskar coming into room..she walks to him nd looks at him lovingly..sanskar looks at her puzzled..she caresses his face..sanskar widened his eyes..
Ragini cups his face nd looks deep into his eyes..
Ragini(came to sense):vo..vo..u r real..(she thought it was her imagination)
Ragini:vo..vo..kuch nay
Sanskar:tum teek tho hain naa
Ragini nodded as no then yes..then no..then yes..
Sanskar:kya hua ragini
Ragini in mind bolo ragini say that u love him..but how can i say he is considering me as a friend..
Sanskar:ragini..kya hua
Uttara(knock knock):bhabi
Sanskar:lo agayi haddi
Ragini smiles..
Uttara:bhabi..badimaa calling u..
Sanskar:tell to badimaa she will come..
Sanskar:now tell
Ragini:vo..vo..badi maa must be waiting for me..i have to go..
Saying she goes..
Sanskar stood puzzled by her behaviour now a days..
Ragini comes to room where sanskar is getting ready..
Ragini:still u r getting ready..
Sanskar:haa 5min(he combining his hair)
Sanskar turns at ragini..
Ragini walks towards him..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini moves towards him nd throws color over him which she hided at her back..
Ragini:happy holi
Sanskar looks at himself nd pouts..
Ragini:bura Mat mano holi hain..
He pulls her helding her wrist nd pins her to the wall..
Ragini:nay sanskar
Sanskar:kyun nay..bura mat mano holi hain..
He moves towards her..ragini pushed him..
Sanskar:this is not fair
Ragini:not so easily mr sanskar maheswari
Saying she runs..
sanskar smiles nd runs after her her..
She runs into crowd where all are playing holi outside of mm..
Sanskar:ragini where are u
Ragini smiles hiding behind pillar..
Sanskar looks for her..
Laksh came nd hugs Sanskar..
Laksh:happy holi bhai
Sanskar:happy holi lucky
Laksh:what r u doing here..come
Sanskar:par lucky
Lakah:par var nay..come
Saying he pulls sanskar along with him
Ragini searches for sanskar,someone pulls her..she turns nd sees sanskar who is smiling at her holding glass of bhang..
Ragini:sanskar u drunk
Sanskar:holi hain can i celebrate without bhang
Ragini:fine..u enjoy
Saying she turns to go..
Sanskar pulls her nd pins her to wall..
Ragini:sanskar what are u doing
Ragini looks at him..sanskar looks at her lovingly..
They have a eye lock..
Sanskar:y r u not allowing me to apply color on u
Ragini:its not like that sanskar
Sanskar:then..dont i have right(he askd sad)
Ragini looks at his eyes..

She looks at him intensely..sanskar keeps on looking at her..she held his coaller nd pulls him close nd rubs her cheeks with his’cheeks which had color..sanskar closed his eyes..
Ragini left his coaller nd blushes..
She turns to go being shy..sanskar pulls her..she landed on his chest..
Both looks at eo nd again have eye lock..
Sanskar moves towards her nd rubs his cheeks on her neck..
Sanskar:ragini(he called her with his husky voice)
Ragini looks at him..whenever she looks at him she just lost into his intensive eyes..
Ragini cups his face nd kissed on his cheek..
Sanskar looks at her placing hand on his cheek..
Ragini feels shy..she runs smiling..
Sanskar stood smiling recalling her kiss..
Ragini runs while passing between colors nd throwing the colors in air happily..she sings nd dances..

Itna maza kyun aa raha hai
Tu ne hawaa mein bhaang milaaya
Duguna nashaa kyun ho rahaa hai
Aankhon se meethaa tu ne khilaayaa

All looks at ragini amazed as they never seen ragini this much happy before..swara uttara too joined her nd dances..sanskar stood admiring ragini..uttara drags sanskar laksh..all dances happily..
O teri malmal ki kurtee gulaabi ho gayi
Manchali chaal kaise nawaabi ho gayi
Balam Pichkaari jo tu ne mujhe maari
To seedhee saadee chhoree sharaabi ho gayi
Haan jeans pehan ke jo tu ne maaraa thumkaa
To lattu padosan ki bhaabhi ho gayi..
Ragsan dashed eo while dancing..both looks at eo nd smiles..
Sanskar:haan ragini
Ragini:i need to tell u something..
Ragini about to speak..
Uttara:bhabi mom is calling u..come
Saying she drag ragini along with her..
Sanskar looks at ragini..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini searches for sanskar she found sanskar drinking bhaang..
Ragini:sanskar again u started..
Sanskar:let me so happy today..(he gets fully intoxicated)
Ragini:enough sanskar..come..
She held his hand..sanskar looks at her nd follows her with his trembling steps..
Ragini takes sanskar to room..
Ragini:go take bath sanskar
Sanskar nodded as no nd sit on bed..
Sanskar held her wrist nd ask her to sit on bed..
Sanskar:be with me naa
Ragini looks at him ,sanskar looks at her lovingly..
Sanskar:i want to tell u onething
Sanskar(looks at her):nay..nay
Ragini:teeke..we will talk mng..
Sanskar:nay..mein abi bolna chahata hu
Ragini:ok bolo..
Sanskar looks at her..
Ragini:bolona sanskar
Sanskar:i knw it wont happen but phir bhi mein chahata hu
Ragini:kya sanskar
Sanskar:i tried myself but i could not able to..
Ragini:sanskar i dont understand what u(before she complete her sentense)
Sanskar:i love u
Ragini looks at him stoked..
Sanskar:i knw u loves laksh but phir bhi mujhe tumse pyar hogay..i tried myself to stay away from u..but i could not able to stay away from u…mein tum se bahut bahut pyar karata hu..
Ragini was very happy hearing his confession..
Sanskar:ragini plzz be with me forever
Ragini immediately hugs him tight,sanskat too hugs her back..
Ragini(brks d hug):sanskar..mein bhi kuch bolna chahiti hu
Sanskar:i knw ..u want to talk about laksh naa(he pouts)
Ragini:nay sanskar
Sanskar:u knw when u talk about laksh naa mujhe bahut jalan horaha hain..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:i love ur smile..kitn beautiful ho
Ragini(smiles again):teeke sanskar meri baat suno..
Sanskar:nay..i knw what u want to tell..mein nahi sunana chahata
Ragini:its not like that what u r thinking..i love..
Knock knock..
Ragini pouts nd goes to open the door..
Swara:maa gave this lemon juice to sanskar..
Swara gave juice nd left..
Ragini closed the door md sees sanskar who fallen asleep..
She comes to him nd
makes him sleep on bed properly..she caressed his face nd kissed on his forehead..
Ragini:i love u sanskar..

Hope u like this sry guys i will not be able to update for 1month..i will be back on May first u all 💕💕

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